12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Sung Chang HwanSung Chang Hwan
    Senior Manager Control Systems,
  • Mohammad AlShafeyMohammad AlShafey
    Head of Research & Planning,
    Aqaba Water Company of Indonesia
  • Mohamed AbdelghanyMohamed Abdelghany
    Specialist SCADA Master Station,
    Kuwait Oil Company
  • Tasnim Abdel-RazaqTasnim Abdel-Razaq
    Network Control Manager,
    South Australia Power Network
  • Peter BaurichterPeter Baurichter
    Head of Information Security,
    Maersk Oil
  • Satya GuptaSatya Gupta
    Head of IT & Chief Information Security Officer,
    TATA Power Delhi Distribution
  • Khaled DarwishKhaled Darwish
    Senior SCADA Engineer,
    Al Ain Distribution Company
  • Kitti SriprommuneeKitti Sriprommunee
    Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
  • Andrey ZolotavinAndrey Zolotavin
    Senior Real Time Systems Engineer,
    Kuwait Oil Company
  • Jason WadsworthJason Wadsworth
    Project Lead for UAV Integration,
    BHP Billiton
  • Andrew WestAndrew West
    SCADA Communications Expert,
    DNP Technical Committee
  • Faisal Al-RashoudFaisal Al-Rashoud
    Senior Network Engineer,
    Kuwait Oil Company
  • Prof Abdul Rahman Al-AliProf Abdul Rahman Al-Ali
    Professor of Computer Engineering,
    American University of Shajrah
  • Sanjay BangaSanjay Banga
    Vice President & Head of Business Development, Power Management, Projects, Engineering & Contracts,
    TATA Power Delhi Distribution
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Asia Pacific's Leading SCADA Summit Returns to Singapore!

Be sure not to miss out on Equip Global’s 7th SCADA World Summit 2017 coming 21-24 August 2017 in Singapore! It will provides an exclusive platform that brings together cross-industry SCADA Leaders and Project Owners to discuss the implementation of highly effective and energy efficient SCADA system in order to accommodate ever growing business needs.

As SCADA system becoming increasingly smart with the adoption of various innovative applications, in addition to its transition from proprietary closed networks to open source solutions, it has also caused organisations being exposed to the risks on cyber security, one of the biggest challenges face by SCADA professionals today amongst others including data management, troubleshooting and maintenance as well . Furthermore, among the other key issues include the need to integrate SCADA system within current business systems for an improved business decision making as well as implementing advanced applications within SCADA system to manage the increasingly complex business environment. With that being said, it is vital to establish a proactive management of SCADA system along with proper analysis of real time data that could lead to greater resource optimisation and total risk reduction.  

These and more will be discussed and debated at the 7th SCADA World Summit in August!

Confirmed Organizations Already Presenting Case Studies at 2017 Summit Include:

  • Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
  • Saudi Electricity
  • BHP Bhiliton
  • Tata Power
  • SA Power Networks
  • Aqaba Water Company
  • Dubai Electricity Water Authority
  • Al Ain Distribution Company
  • Kuwait Oil Company
  • DNP Technical Committee

& many more!

What Past Attendees said about this Summit?

"Lots of useful information on SCADA. Excellent Event!" "– Senior SCADA Engineer, CLP Power
“Excellent Summit with Lots of Useful SCADA Case Studies" "– Engineering Manager, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
“Equip Global's SCADA World Summit is the best event of this topic globally. A must -attend."– General Manager SCADA, Transmission Company of Nigeria
“This summit has given a lot of new and practical insights on SCADA implementation and cyber security management" "– Senior Member, Technical Staff, DSO
“Excellent Summit that must be attended annually if you are involved in SCADA Systems!” Chief Engineer, SCADA, Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd
" We gained a lot of useful business contacts from this SCADA summit. Excellent networking opportunities and lots of great speakers and case studies shared." – VP, Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
“ Our organization attend this summit to gain practical tips and best practices on SCADA Systems and I encourage everyone in the industry to attend it.” - Chief SCADA Engineer, Metropolitan Waterworks Authority

What Makes SCADA World Summit 2017 A Must-Attend Event:

  • Case Studies Hear from Cross-industry SCADA Professionals and Project Owners share their experiences in data management and accuracy, SCADA restoration, managing SCADA system integration, upgrading and maintenance within an energy efficient environment through various large scale projects globally
  • Interactive Discussions Join exclusive panel discussions featuring SCADA industry experts as they share their challenges and perspectives in eliminating cyber security threats (including ransomware and malware attacks) and adopting smart applications to elevate SCADA system operational efficiency
  • Eye-opening Presentations Gain strategic insights from over 20 industry experts on overcoming major challenges in managing SCADA system including Cyber security risk, complicated SCADA system integration and upgrade, achieving accuracy on real time data acquisition, improving connectivity between MTU and substations, data analysis and protection, reducing human errors in SCADA operation and amongst others
  • In-depth Workshops Attend the 6 Expert-Led Pre-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in achieving effective SCADA system management and tackling cyber security challenges!

Who Should Attend SCADA World Summit 2017

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operation Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers and Senior Personnel, Consultant of the following divisions:

  • Control Systems/Systems
  • Industrial Control System (ICS) Engineering
  • IT/Automation
  • Instrumentation/Electrical Engineering


From the following industries but not limited to:

·         Power Distribution & Transmission

·         Water & Wastewater

·         Transportation

·         Municipality/Government

·         Oil & Gas

·         Energy

·         Refineries

A detailed conference agenda is still under development. If you wish to hear about a specific topic or from a specific speaker, please provide your feedback to: enquiry@equip-global.com


  • SGCyberSecurity.com
  • IPPF
  • Energy Global News
  • Worldoils
  • Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN)
  • Subsea World News
  • LNG World News
  • Offshore Energy Today
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21 August 2017 - 24 August 2017
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