Accounts Payable & Purchasing Processes Optimization Training Course
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Equip Global’s must-attend Accounts Payable & Purchasing Process Optimization training course comes to Philippines and Malaysia!

Back by popular demand, the training course’s content will be tailored to fit the market context whilst retaining all the practical information and tips found in past training courses.

Today’s accounts payable departments face multiple challenges.  Duplicate, late or missed payments, unrecorded liabilities, missed discounts and poor vendor relationships are just a few of the urgent and frustrating issues you may face each day. Accounts Payable & P2P professionals like yourself need to look for ways to gain efficiencies, eliminate possible human errors, reduce manual processes, improve accuracy, speed invoice payments to receive incentives and discounts and most importantly transform accounts payable operations into a strategic function which contribute positively to the company’s bottom-line

Do you face one or more of the below 10 challenges:

  1. Weak accounts payable and purchasing processes whereby improved efficiencies are critical to you
  2. Low productivity in your accounts payable operations
  3. Poor internal controls in your accounts payable operations
  4. Need to reduce costs in your accounts payable operations
  5. An excessive number of human errors or unwanted mistakes
  6. Not taking full advantage of payment discounts and incentives to improve cash flow and company bottom-line
  7. Not sure whether to automate, what to automate, when to automate and how to automate
  8. Been told to transform your accounts payable operations from a paper pushing cost centre into a strategic asset but not sure how to do it
  9. Poor working relationships between accounts payable and procurement departments
  10. Facing a dilemma choosing a reliable service provider to work with

If you do, or you would want to improve on the above areas, you must attend this 3-Day Account Payable & Purchasing Process Optimization Training Course. Led by an expert accounts payable and purchasing trainer with vast amount of experience in this space, this course has been specially designed to provide you with practical and easy to implement solutions for the concerns that keep you awake at night:

After attending this training course, you will be able to effectively

  1. Improve process efficiency and productivity within your accounts payable and P2P operations
  2. Set, implement and track metrics for you accounts payable and P2P operations
  3. Optimize working capital and enhance cash flow management
  4. Build a successful business case for automation
  5. Know practical tips on when to, what to and how to automate
  6. Enhance controls for accounts payable and P2P processes
  7. Set up effective checks for fraud prevention
  8. Reduce costs within your accounts payable operations
  9. Accounts payable shared services – find out if your organization setup is suitable for shared services & outsourcing or if you have decided to implement a shared services framework, how can you effectively do so?
  10. Transform your accounts payable & P2P operations from a cost centre into a strategic profit centre

Click here to download the training course agenda.

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Why attend an Equip Global Training Course?

  1. High knowledgeable and experience expert course leaders:

    Our expert course leaders are pre-qualified and possess a combination of tremendous practical experience and deep industry knowledge. They are carefully selected and have to ability to adapt to your needs and ensure your individual problems are addressed.

  2. Research-led course curriculum

    The content and structure of all our training courses are thoroughly researched with professionals like yourself. We want to condense the most vital information in the training course to equip you with a valuable resource which you can practically implement in your day to day operations

  3. Excellent Course Delivery

    Through a variety of formats including group and pair work, case studies, live demos, self and group evaluations and debates, Equip Global training courses provide hands on trainings that will help you understand how you can apply knowledge in your organizational setting.

  4. Attendee number restriction

    We restrict the number of training course participants. This is to ensure you receive an optimal learning experience and maximum face time and ample attention with our course leaders.

  5. Comprehensive Documentation & Certification

    Participants will receive comprehensive notes you can refer to after the training course. Also, upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement as a record of continuing professional development.

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Accounts Payable & Purchasing Processes Optimization Training Course
19 November 2013 - 21 November 2013
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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