Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Bruce HaysBruce Hays
    Electrical Division Manager
    Houston Airport Systems
  • Karri LakshmaiahKarri Lakshmaiah
    Maintenance Planner and Airfield Ground Lighting Incharge
    GMR Group
  • Kim O’NeilKim O’Neil
    Senior Consultant (ORAT and Aerodrome)
    Munich Airport
  • Lawrence Vincent-EdwardsLawrence Vincent-Edwards
    Development Director - Delivery & ORAT
    Dubai Airports Company
  • Dr. Awad Khir El-dinDr. Awad Khir El-din
    Vice Head of Operations Sector
    Cairo International Airport
  • Nunzio D’AuriaNunzio D’Auria
    Head of Airfield Infrastructures and Roadways Systems
    Aeroporti di Roma
  • Moukhtar BleibelMoukhtar Bleibel
    Facility Management and AGL Manager
    Hamad International Airport
  • Chris DalyChris Daly
    Airfield Engineer
    Birmingham Airport
  • Keith JohnsonKeith Johnson
    Senior Engineer - Airfield Construction Manager
    Denver International Airport
  • Ryo MizushimaRyo Mizushima
    Visual Navigation Aids Manager
    Narita International Airport Corporation
  • Mohammad GhashghaeeMohammad Ghashghaee
    Head of Electrical and Airfield Lighting Office
    Iran Airports Company
  • Florian FlungerFlorian Flunger
    Project Manager - Technical department
    Innsbruck Airport
  • Head - Electrical Technician & Maintenance ManagerHead - Electrical Technician & Maintenance Manager

    Tambo International Airport
  • Thomas MaiThomas Mai
    Electronics Engineer – Airport Engineering Division
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World's Leading AGL Congress Comes to London!

Hear What Past Attendees Said!

“Excellent Event Focused on Airfield Ground Lighting. Gained a lot of practical knowledge.” -  Abu Dhabi Airports Company

“A very good mix of presentations, discussions and networking” – NT Airports

“I could not have asked for a better conference. It was spot on, this conference brings together knowledge and experience and provided us with solutions for problems we face” – CAA Uganda

“A very fruitful event for me and I highly recommend to all AGL Engineers” – Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

"Best Trip & Conference that I had ever” – Iran Airports Company 

Featuring Over 90% New Speakers!

The demand for air-borne traffic is rapidly rising and is expected to double by 2035, stipulating airports to continually expand their capacity and to ensure the serviceability of runways especially during night, which requires effective AGL systems. Meanwhile, the Global Airfield Lighting industry has been mainly driven by (1) requirements for safety improvement; (2) the dominant shift from conventional airfield lighting (halogen) to LED AGL; and lastly, (3) the needs for more reliable energy-efficient, cost-effective and easily maintainable/upgradable AGL systems.


Understanding the shifts and momentum in AGL industry, Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016 has been developed to expand its status as a Global Premier networking and learning platform for Airport Operators, Airport Authorities, Defence Forces and Aviation Technologies, Services Providers around the world to discuss and share insightful experiences on building a more energy-efficient, cost-effective AGL systems with maximised capacity, optimal safety that can meet future growth of Global air traffic.  

Global AGL Project Case Studies!

Beside developing agenda governed by our distinguished board of special advisors, Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016 London will continue to present new panel of expert speakers from Leading Global Airport Leaders with in-depth hands-on experiences in Designing & Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Inspecting & Maintenance of Airfield Ground Lighting systems, diversified case studies, novel perspectives and solutions, as well as recent & future projects, technology adoption and regulatory updates.


Discover the unmatchable ideas and solutions you are looking for through participating in presentations and panel discussions with expert speakers from:

-          Dubai Airports Company

-          Houston Airports System

-          Denver International Airport

-          Airports Company South Africa (ACSA)

-          Munich Airport

-          GMR

-          Birmingham International Airport

-          Aeroporti Di Roma (ADR)

-          Oman Airports Management Company

-          Iran Airports Company

-          Hamad International Airport

-          Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport

-          Heathrow Airport

-          Cairo International Airport

-          Swedavia

-          Innsbruck Airport

-          Narita International Airport Corporation

-          Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)



Key Benefits of Attending Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016

·         Improve maintenance, inspection strategies for maximising AGL                                      serviceability 

·         Review the pros and cons in implementing LED lighting systems and the key
         considerations in LED installation project management

·         Maximise capacity of Airfield lighting systems and airfield operations and                     minimise issues with AGL power line communications

·         Save operational costs and energy consumption in Airfield Lighting

·         Improve on maintenance, inspection and commissioning strategies and AGL                 serviceability

·         Design AGL systems ensuring practical upgradability

·         Adopt strategies and experiences from airports upgrading their AGL systems

·         Review the pros and cons in implementing LED lighting systems and the key           considerations

·         Join in-depth discussions on new ideas and practical strategies with other                     major airports’ AGL leaders and leading AGL systems technology                                suppliers

Who you will meet at Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016?

Head / Director / Manager / Specialist / Senior Engineer / Engineer in the following functions:


-          Airfield ground lighting (AGL)

-          Airfield maintenance / Airfield inspection

-          Technical services

-          (Electrical) Engineering Maintenance

-          Airside Operations / Airfield Operations

-          Airport Systems Engineering

-          Facilities/Utilities/Asset management

-          Airport operations


From, but not limited to:

-          Airport Operators, Aviation Authorities (civilian and military airport), Airforces

-          Technologies providers and Consulting organisations  


  • Airport Suppliers
  • Momberger Airport Information
  • Global Information Inc
  • Skytamers
  • Aviation Voice
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Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2016
05 December 2016 - 08 December 2016
London UK
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