Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Roberto CastiglioniRoberto Castiglioni
    Heathrow Access Advisory Group
  • Manish SinhaManish Sinha
    Chief Operating Officer,
    GMR Hyderabad International Airport
  • Emrah GurerEmrah Gurer
    HSE Manager/PRM Manager,
    TAV Istanbul Terminal Operation Co
  • Sara MarchantSara Marchant
    Accessibility Manager,
    Gatwick Airport
  • Mohammad AmayrehMohammad Amayreh
    Airport Ground Operations Expert,
  • Subir HazraSubir Hazra
    Vice President and Head Strategic Planning,
    Delhi International Airport
  • Kristaps TomassKristaps Tomass
    PRM Trainer,
    Riga International Airport
  • Maria KapralouMaria Kapralou
    Passengers and PRM Handling Supervisor,
    Athens International Airport
  • Nenette CastillonNenette Castillon
    Head of Terminal Operations,
    GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation
  • Tariq KamalTariq Kamal
    GM & Head - Terminal Operations,
    Delhi International Airport
  • Manon de RuiterManon de Ruiter
    PRM Manager,
  • Ilya GutlinIlya Gutlin
    Former President of Air Travel Solutions & Airport Accessibility Expert,
  • Christophe RubbrechtChristophe Rubbrecht
    Hospitality Coach & PRM Specialist,
    Axxicom Airport Caddy
  • Adam BouchardAdam Bouchard
    Senior Manager of Terminal Operations and Security,
    Hillsborough County Aviation Authority
  • Anna EricssonAnna Ericsson
    Head of Passenger Services Stockholm- Arlanda Airport ,
    Swedavia AB
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With continued passenger traffic growth, PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) has undeniably become one of the fastest-growing demographics in aviation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that airports need to strategize and prioritize the needs of this significant group of passengers to enhance the overall passenger experience, which will in turn improve your airport’s branding and achieve operational efficiency. It is also important that airports are well-designed and equipped to fulfill the objectives of Airport Accessibility. However, the industry today is still met with many setbacks that challenge the notion of an equal right and opportunity for every passenger to enjoy the travelling experience.

Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit!

The “Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit” will take place on 26th November to 29th November 2018, in Singapore. The summit, proudly brought to you by Equip Global, aims to address the Most Pressing Concerns of Airport Accessibility & PRM management in airports today, such as: Maximising your airport’s resources to Enhance your PRM Planning and Task Allocation Capabilities, Investing in Facilities and Staff Comprehensive Training Programs to Enhance your Airport’s Quality and Service, and also Collaborating with different Stakeholders to ensure a Seamless Passenger Journey without Disrupting the Operational Flow.

On top of that, hear from industry experts as they give their insights on how your can Improve your Airport’s Operational Efficiency amidst Limited Airport Capacity whilst also gaining Lessons learnt on Resource Planning and Management. Don’t miss this opportunity to Learn from the Industry’s Leading PRM Practices to stay on top of the game!

The summit aims to help Accessibility/PRM Planning Business Units thrive in this ever-changing business landscape as our Specially Curated speakers will share case studies on how you can Leverage Digital Technology to Improve on your Staffing Needs through Improved Job Planning and Intelligent Real-Time Adaptation to Unexpected Changes, alongside with Exclusive case studies that will showcase Success Stories of the different implementations that airports globally are adopting to Better Serve the Largest group of PRM- The Wheelchair Bound. 

Key takeaways from attending Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit:

  • Learning on how you can Improve their Airport Planning to Cope with the Demands brought about by an Increased Traffic Flow
  • Optimizing your Manpower Resource Planning to Better Serve your PRM
  • Optimizing the Utilization and Maintenance of your airport’s PRM Facilities
  • Understanding the Different Passenger Needs of the different PRM groups-How can your airport Adapt and Respond accordingly?
  • Mapping your Passenger Flow Layout Planning for Improved Airport Accessibility without impacting your daily airport operations
  • Improving Information dissemination by Enhancing websites and signboards to provide More Information on the available facilities and equipment
  • Defining Clear Roles and Job Profiles to provide the Best Personnel Match (Right Skills and Competencies) for your PRM
  • Conducting Risk Assessments for the Handling of a PRM and for the Operating Procedures of all assistance equipment
  • Collaborating with Customs and Immigration to better Coordinate and Complement each others’ operations when it comes to Conducting Security Checks
  • Implementing Terminal Development Plans that incorporate special lanes for your Wheelchair Bound Passengers

Who Should Attend the Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit:

This event is tailored made for Heads/Senior Managers/Managers/Senior Executives of :

  • Accessibility/PRM Services Planning
  • Airport/Terminal Operations
  • Airside/Landside Operations
  • Design & Planning
  • Customer Experience/Passenger Experience
  • Resource Planning

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  • Airport Supplier
  • Momberger
  • Voices of Leaders
  • Asian Aviation
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Airport Accessibility and PRM Services Summit 2018
26 November 2018 - 29 November 2018
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