Asset Integrity Management
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Asset Integrity Management - 9-13 March 2015 Lagos Nigeria

To open the window of experience, promote sharing and discussion on current worldwide effectiveness in developing and implementing Asset Integrity Management System considering Best Practices and competencies as practices by pacesetters such as ExxonMobil, Shell, PETRONAS etc. and compliance with key aspects of PAS 55 and the recently released ISO55000 standards.

Course Introduction

The course Asset Integrity Management covers:

·  Assessment of current performance in reliability, availability and maintenance costs

·  Comparison to pacesetters and identification of gaps. Benchmarking

·  Defining what Best Practices need to be implemented to close the gap

·  Development and management of the plan for close gaps, operation and functional departments

·  Application of Key Performance Indicator, Goal Setting & Performance Monitoring


This training will outline a comprehensive and integrated set of proven Best Practices that are intended if fully implemented to achieve sustainable reliability, availability and cost goals consistent with long-term profitability without compromising safety.

The training focuses on the effective management of all operability, reliability and maintenance performance requirements. This is to be achieved by the identification and the rapid, consistent application of proven Best Practices as outlined and documented by Facility

Course Outline

Best Practices proven in application at pacesetter sites involve consolidated know-how in design, engineering, construction, operation, reliability, maintenance and integrity of facilities, systems and equipment. Benchmark, transfer and application of Best Practices should be carried out in smart, and well thought your process in line with human resource competence expectations.


Best Practices Elements

1 Management Leadership, Commitment and Accountability

2 Risk Assessment and Management

3 Facilities Design and Construction

4 Process and Facilities Information and Documentation

5 Personnel and Training

6 Operations and Maintenance

6.1. Site Plans and Objectives

6.2 Operating Envelope

6.3 Equipment Strategy

6.4 Work Selection

6.5 Routine Work Planning, Scheduling and Execution

6.6 Turnaround/Shutdown Work Planning, Scheduling and Execution

6.7 Loss Monitoring and Response

6.8 Operator Care

6.9 Abnormal and Non-Routine Operations

6.10 Performance Improvement

7 Management of Change

8 Third Party Services

9 Incident Investigation and Analysis

10 Community Awareness and Emergency Response

11 Facility Maintenance Reliability Integrity Management System Assessment and Improvement

Key Learning Objectives

The participants will gain knowledge of Asset Integrity Best Practices, programs and methods to achieve operating, maintenance and reliability improvements to reach target performance with following results:

·  Key elements and benefits of a mature and pacesetting Asset Management Program

·  Process and requirements to establish and maintain an Asset Management Program

·  Case study practice of total integrated process and how to set the strategies and direction required to build on the current strength and experiences in Asset Integrity Management

·  Use of risk assessment to strategically leverage your Asset Management Program

·  Team work and area focus to ensure sustainability involving business teams. Assessing and managing conflicting priorities of operation, maintenance and management

·  Life cycle management of Asset Integrity considering ‘cradle to grave’ approach

·  Benchmarking with the competitors and pacesetters to ensure business sustainability and growth

·  Application and assessment of current Asset Integrity considering PAS 55 (Part 1 & 2) and ISO55000 series standards

Who Should Attend?

The course is ideal for persons with assigned responsibilities improvements in the operation, reliability and maintainability area, as well as managers who want to increase awareness of the payoffs of improvements managements.

Engineers who need to know the operation, maintenance and reliability management as they apply to developing improvement programs. Design engineers, technical specialists, maintenance specialists, operations technical specialists, reliability specialists, and product/program managers will benefit from the course.

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Asset Integrity Management
09 March 2015 - 13 March 2015
Lagos, Nigeria
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