Compensation and Benefits Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Yeoh Sai YewYeoh Sai Yew
    Head, people department,
    AirAsia X Berhad
  • Sow Chat GanSow Chat Gan
    Asia Pacific Benefits Director,
  • Rupak ZaidiRupak Zaidi
    HR & Management Consultant
  • Patricia Bianca ValenciaPatricia Bianca Valencia
    Networks and Partnerships Specialist,
    Birches Group, LLC
  • Aroop MishraAroop Mishra
    Director of Remuneration, Group & Corporate,
    Jumeirah Group
  • Sulaxmi PrasadSulaxmi Prasad
    Head of Performance, Rewards and Analytics,
    DIGI Malaysia
  • Chandralakshmi ThiruchelvamChandralakshmi Thiruchelvam
    Director – Asia Compensation & Benefits,
    Western Digital
  • Tarun GulrajaniTarun Gulrajani
    Head of Human Resources - Asia & Pacific,
  • Tricia LimTricia Lim
    Head of Rewards,
  • Aveenash TewariAveenash Tewari
    Regional Rewards Business Partner,
  • Khor Ling LingKhor Ling Ling
    Deputy Director of Performance & Rewards,
    Changi General Hospital
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Asia’s C&B/HR Leaders gather for a riveting learning & networking experience at the region’s most important Compensation & Benefits Summit in Singapore!

The current economic uncertainty creates various challenges for organisations that seek to retain and engage their best employees more than ever. Hence, Compensation & Benefits (C&B) decisions are playing an increasingly significant role in elevating employee engagement and retention to accommodate business growth.

With various innovative C&B packages being practiced by organisations of multi industries today in enhancing workforce engagement, perhaps the conventional “one size fits all” approach is already obsolete.

Therefore, it is vital for HR professional in scrutinising existing C&B planning to ensure effective investment optimisation on human capital. Making the most of reduced budgets through innovative C&B package design whilst boosting your employee value proposition as well as strengthening communication to build greater understanding on employees’ needs are among the key strategies in managing current multi-generation workforce. 

Join Compensation & Benefits Professionals Across Industries at this Must-Attend Summit!

What Makes Compensation & Benefits Summit 2017 A Must-Attend Event For HR Professionals:

  • Latest Trends in Compensation & Benefits Package Design Hear from the HR and C&B Experts from various industries around the globe as they share their success story in enhancing employee engagement through innovative approach as well as effective mitigation strategy in employee turnover amidst the economic uncertainty.
  • Interactive Discussions Join exclusive panel discussions featuring Compensation & Benefits Experts from Multi-National Companies and Public Sector in highlighting the proactive strategy in managing current workforce under the restrained business environment whilst ensuring the organisation is staying ahead of the market.
  • Eye-opening Presentations Gain strategic insights from over 20 industry experts as they navigate the challenges in the evolution of compensation & benefits structure especially under the complex business context as well as exploring the latest HRIS technology adoption to aid in elevating HR operational efficiency to accommodate increasing business growth.
  • In-depth Workshops Attend the 3 Expert-Led Pre-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts of Compensation & Benefit package design and implementation to elevate employee engagement as well as business performance.

Hear what others say about us!

Compensation & Benefits Summit 2017 brings together HR and Compensation & Benefits Professionals across industries globally to discuss strategy and implementation of innovative compensation & benefits package that motivate employees to deliver outstanding business performance as well as to assess cutting edge HRIS technologies showcase. Definitely a must-attend event!”

Compensation & Benefits Summit 2017 is an exceptional summit that focuses on scrutinising existing C&B planning to ensure effective investment optimisation on human capital. I am certainly looking forward to it


5 Key Benefits of Attending Compensation & Benefits Summit 2017

  1. Find out the current challenges faced by Compensation & Benefits Professional to achieve HR transformation as well as the latest trends in C&B structure design with the aid of technology driven solutions
  2. HR and Compensation & Benefits Experts from the Multi-National Companies and Public Sector globally are to be present at the summit- Grab the opportunity to share and gain new perspectives on the cost effective Compensation & Benefits structure that works best for the multi-generation workforce available today under the challenging economy
  3. Hear from Leading C&B Industry Experts with profound experience share their experiences in terms of  elevating HR efficiency and reducing departmental costs through implementation of various proactive measures through data driven approach
  4. Exclusive Panel Discussion among the HR and Compensation & Benefits Professional– Hear the winning strategies in forming a collaborative measure in strengthening employee engagement and retention strategy by emphasising on career progression as well as talent mobility to further elevate business growth
  5. Extensive Networking Experience – Meet up with high-profile decision makers as well as HR and Compensation & Benefits Leaders within Human Resource Management industry! 

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Compensation and Benefits Summit 2017
04 April 2017 - 05 April 2017
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