2nd Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Tareque ChoudhuryTareque Choudhury
    Director Risk and Architecture,
    Dubai Airport, UAE
  • Eric VautierEric Vautier
    Chief Information Security Officer,
    Groupe ADP, France
  • Elmer CruzElmer Cruz
    Information Security Officer,
    Sydney Airport, Australia
  • Fazle QuashaFazle Quasha
    Manager Information Technology,
    Fort McMurray Airport Authority, Canada
  • Arnis FlaumanisArnis Flaumanis
    Head of IT Support,
    Riga International Airport, Latvia
  • Kaleby CadorinKaleby Cadorin
    Information Security Supervisor,
    Fraport AG, Brazil
  • Biju Hameed KayalBiju Hameed Kayal
    Head – Cyber Security & Resilience, Risk Management & Architecture,
    Dubai Airport, UAE
  • Urmo SutermäeUrmo Sutermäe
    Chief Information Security Officer,
    Tallinn Airport, Estonia
  • Tom BornaisTom Bornais
    Director Information Security,
    NAV Canada
  • Timo BlunckTimo Blunck
    CNS Security Expert,
    Eurocontrol, Belgium
  • Mohammed AndijaniMohammed Andijani
    Information Security Analyst,
    General Authority of Civil Aviation, Saudi Arabia
  • Dr Jassim HajiDr Jassim Haji
    Director Information Technology,
    Gulf Air, Bahrain
  • Dr Vippan Raj DuttDr Vippan Raj Dutt
    Assistant General Manager IT Department,
    Air India Limited
  • Tarun GandhiTarun Gandhi
    Senior Manager - Technology Supplier Performance & IT Cost Governance,
    Etihad Airways
  • Amine Hadj AhmedAmine Hadj Ahmed
    IT Manager,
    Tunisair Express, Tunisia
  • Amir AshrafAmir Ashraf
    Formal IT Development Manager,
    Dubai Air Navigation Services, UAE
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World’s Leading Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit is Coming back to Singapore in this coming September 2018!

The air transport industry’s combination of interconnectivity and complexity, and its weight in the economy as critical national infrastructure, make the industry an attractive target for cyber-attacks. Air transport operators today rely on complex web of IT networks and control systems to manage a diverse range of assets including utilities, security, signage, baggage solution and passenger processing system. However, in an environment of rapid growth of the industry has put air transport operators undergo a digital transformation and revolution to meet this needs such as increasingly dependent on big data, IoT, could-based system and digital technologies, which makes cyber-attacks are more frequent and disruptive.

Also, cyber-threats to air transport industry is a top concern. Cyber-attacks against airport operators, aviation authorities, airlines, and air navigation service providers could potentially be catastrophic with significant casualties, disruption to civil aviation services, damage to critical infrastructure, lead to huge number of delays, flight cancellations, making loss of passenger trust and business reputation a preoccupation for airports and airlines. This is the reason why cyber security is ranked the number one challenge in the air transport industry now by the European Commission.

This is why you must not miss the golden opportunities to be at the Equip Global’ s 2nd Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018, taking place from 25 - 28 September 2018 in Singapore which is tailored to bring together the decision makers of Cyber Security from the airport operators, aviation authorities, airlines and air navigation service providers to undertake the complexity of cyber security issues for air transport industry. This annual summit will look into the new challenges of cyber security issues from IoT, BYOD and all related IT networks infrastructures, practical strategies in preventing data breaches and protecting real time information sharing in airports and airlines, incident response plans, forensic investigations, and effective recovery plans to shorten recovery time and minimize losses.

Expect also to hear case studies on how to protect smart airports from cyber security attacks from different global perspectives. Also, gain insights from case studies on practical guidelines on how to assess cyber security maturity for airports and airlines and effective strategies on evaluating and prioritizing cyber security testing in air transport Industry to detect and discern early system or operation weaknesses to keep airports safe.

Key Highlights of 2nd Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018:

BYOD & IoT Cyber Security Management - Equip yourself with in depth knowledge to compete with latest cyber threats in BYOD & IoT in air transport industry and reducing cyber-attack risk in BYOD and IoT in air transport community

Red Team Security Exercises – Understand best practices of comprehensive cyber security maturity assessment for air transport community by leveraging social engineering and physical, application and network penetration testing to find ways to shore up your defenses in air transport industry

Effective Incident Response Plans - Providing guidance to determine the criticality of your key assets in airports and airlines, analyses the threats in air transport facilities and implement a set of incident response plans involve different stakeholders to provide and appropriate level of protection in air transport community

Data Security Breach Management – Hear lessons learned from real airports and airlines examples on the incident response during data security breach and data recovery capability in air transport community

Forensic Investigation on Cyber Security Incidents – to provide you with practical insights on collection methodologies and effective methods on forensic investigation and finally set up the preventive measures for future cyber security threats

Key Aspects in Smart Airports Cyber Security - Exchange cyber security preventive initiatives on digital transformation and revolution and cross exchange of best practices in protecting smart airports against cyber attacks

Eye-opening Presentations - Gain strategic insights from over 20+ industry experts on overcoming major challenges in address cyber security issues including outline the current cyber threat landscape, cyber security testing, airport risk system and vulnerabilities, control of cyber threats on e-enabled aircraft, lesson learned from real cyber security incidents, cyber security maturity assessment,  live demonstration of an IT system, forensic investigation analysis measure, and innovative technology solutions to modern cyber security challenges

Current Trends in Air Transport Industry – Analysing the latest and current updates and practical information on air transport cyber security management globally as well as understand the need for industry standards for methodology testing and assessment, risk mitigation, latest practices and technology to defend against evolving air transport cyber security attacks

In-depth Workshops - Attend the 5 Expert-Led Pre-& Post-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts to defend against evolving airport cyber security threats. Elevate your Summit Experience to the Next New Level!

Extensive Networking & Learning Experience – Leverage on this golden opportunity to foster collaboration with over 90% of the participants from airports, airlines, civil aviation authorities, and air navigation service providers and strengthen the exchange of information and experience with cyber security experts in building a safe airport/airline operation that resists cyber attacks

Who Will You Meet at Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018:

  • Airport Operators
  • Aviation Authorities
  • Airlines
  • Air Navigation Service Providers

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers for Head/ Senior Managers/ Managers/Engineers/ Projects Managers of the following divisions:

  • Information Security
  • Computer & Network Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Risk & Architecture
  • Information Systems/Technology 
  • ICT Airport System
  • Airport System (Airside/Landside)
  • Operations
  • Security
  • Emergency Management/Services

Want More Information?

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the super saver discounted prices! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in 2nd Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to further secure the industry, get first-hand updates and discover new products and solutions.

Please contact us at enquiry@equip-global.com for more details on the summit.


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2nd Cyber Security for Air Transport Summit 2018
25 September 2018 - 28 September 2018
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