Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Mike WilkinsonMike Wilkinson
    Revenue Protection Manager,
    RWE Energy Services, UK
  • Anton FourieAnton Fourie
    Head of Revenue Protection,
    Abuja Electrical Distribution Company, Nigeria
  • Ron BeattyRon Beatty
    Principal Advisor,
    Electricity Authority of New Zealand
  • Mohamed SelimMohamed Selim
    Managing Director,
    Extra High Voltage Research Center, Egyptian Electricity Holding Co.
  • Laurie CurroLaurie Curro
    General Manager Power Services,
    Horizon Power, Australia
  • Fernando GonclavesFernando Gonclaves
    Companhia de Electricidade de Macau
  • Abdulla Al-BishiAbdulla Al-Bishi
    Champion of Distribution Grid Modernization,
    Saudi Electricity Company
  • Bikash NandiBikash Nandi
    Commercial Manager,
    Torrent Power Ltd, India
  • Shaman SamirShaman Samir
    Revenue Officer,
    North Bihar Power Distribution Company, India
  • Hajji AsiloHajji Asilo
    Static Power Philippines
  • Muhammad Rizwan DaliaMuhammad Rizwan Dalia
    Director Finance & Company Secretary,
    K-Electric Limited, Pakistan
  • Bhavesh SwamiBhavesh Swami
    Bureau of Energy Efficieny, Ministry of Power, Government of India
  • Eng Fayez S. Al-YamiEng Fayez S. Al-Yami
    Electrical Engineer,
    Saudi Electricity Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Richard WoodsRichard Woods
    Operation Supervisor,
    Orlando Utilities Commission
  • Shri K.M. BhuvaShri K.M. Bhuva
    Director Technical,
    Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd, India
  • Toini AmakaliToini Amakali
    Formal Meter Auditor,
    Nored Electricity, Namibia
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World’s Leading Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit Comes to Singapore in July 2018!

The electricity and power industry faces countless challenges in managing electricity loss and thefts, specifically in emerging market countries.

From report, non-technical losses which make up more than 70% in the electricity losses. There are many reasons why. A large proportion is due to theft and frauds. From reports, the world loses US$ 96 billion a year to electricity theft with over US$58.7 billion per year owning the top 50 emerging markets. In the face of these challenges, even though a number of policy initiatives have been put in place, the task of reduce the case of electricity theft is yet to be achieved.  Electricity power still lose large amounts of money every year due to unlawful usage of electricity and fraud by electricity consumers. Technology oriented means for combating the problem have often showed their limitations. For example, finding effective measurements for detecting and identifying fraudulent electricity consumption is one of the major obstacles facing the electricity power utilities companies.

While for technical losses, the electric power company is facing the challenges in identify the main sources and causes of technical losses and failed to accurately allocate the appropriate methods in reduce the electricity technical losses. 

Due to the above reasons, it is particularly important that the power utilities, electricity and smart grid companies together with government and ministries of energy/infrastructure to come together to discuss the latest trends in electricity theft and technical & non-technical losses and to look at proven solutions and technologies in countering this massive issues.

Equip Global’ s Leading Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2018 will take place from 2nd – 5th July 2018 in Singapore to discuss the real challenges that the electricity power utilities companies are facing today in the region. In this summit, we will discuss and identify the effective strategies for reducing technical loss in distribution and transmission lines, effective electricity theft detection, identification & management system, improve revenue collection, pre-payment & billing system to minimize & control electricity theft, smart metering in loss management reduction, and better operation practices of revenue assurance for electricity companies. Expect to hear case studies on successfully power down electricity theft and effective methods in preventing electricity loss around the world.

What Makes Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2018 A Must Attend Event:

  • Successful Case Studies Sharing on electricity loss reduction and theft management across the world to help tackling and reduce the incidence of electricity theft whilst sharing on how proposed policy measures are being developed and introduced in the region.
  • Interactive Discussions Learn from a panel of senior leaders in Electricity Power Utilities industry on how to unravel best solutions to respond to electricity loss reduction and electricity theft in the region and identify the realistic approaches, ideas and mitigation strategies tools in order to achieve revenue assurance & improvement.
  • Eye-opening Presentations Gain strategic insights from over 20+ industry experts on overcoming major challenges in areas including effective strategies for reducing technical loss in distribution and transmission lines, electricity theft detection, identification & management, effective strategies in revenue collection, pre-payment system, smart metering & billing system, best practices in AMI & AMR management system, better operation practices of revenue assurance such as developing skilled manpower and daily operation patterns as well as grid modernization & vulnerability.
  • In-depth Workshops Attend the 4 Expert-Led Pre-Summit & Post-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in overcoming the specific challenges in reduce in technical challenges, power down electricity theft and learn effective methods in increasing revenue in a short-term period.  Elevate your summit experience to the next new level! 

6 Key Benefits of Attending Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2018

  • Practical Design Guidelines for Electricity Theft Detection, Identification & Management - Understanding the strategies to design and implementation model of electrical energy theft detection in an easy and quick ways to detect electricity theft accurately
  • Exploring Suitable Revenue Collection, Pre-Payment System and Appropriate Billing System to Minimize the Electricity Theft in order to eliminating human handling from all billing processes to prevent fraud and billing errors as a means of increasing revenue collection
  • Best ways to Securing the Metering Infrastructure to Ensure Financial Stability - Discussing how the role of smart metering technologies and standards for effective electricity distribution management and loss management reduction towards a revolution in revenue protection
  • Identify the Areas for Improvement in Achieving Better Operation Practices in Electricity Power Utilities Companies - Focus on what electricity company management can do to design, manage, implement and refine the improvement programs to have a concrete action plan to address the electricity loss reduction issue
  • Identify the Effective Methods in Reducing Technical Losses in Power Distribution – Understanding the causes of loss in a distribution network and lines and determining the best methods for reducing the technical losses
  • Extensive Networking Experience – Leverage on this golden opportunity to foster collaboration with electricity power utilities companies and government bodies strengthen the exchange of information and experience with electricity experts to address electricity theft and protect your revenue

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the early bird discounted prices! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2018 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to combat electricity theft, get first-hand updates and discover latest technologies, solutions, and techniques for revenue protection.  

Who Will You Meet At Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit 2018

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Heads, Directors, Managers, Engineers, and Project Managers and Senior Executives of:

·         Electricity Power Utilities Companies

·         Government and Energy Authorities

·         Ministries in charge of Power/Energy/Smart Grid Infrastructure

From the follow departments:

·         Revenue Protection/ Loss Prevention

·         Transmission & Distribution

·         Electrical Inspection

·         Metering

·         Billing & Tariffing

·         Operations

·         Commercial/Retails 

More Details!

Please email enquiry@equip-global.com for more information on the agenda, registration rates and full speaker profiles.


  • OSGP (Open Smart Grid Protocol) Alliance
  • Thai Electrical & Mechanical Contractors Association (TEMCA)
  • Enerji Magazin
  • Energy Global News
  • Energynewsbd
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Electricity Loss Reduction & Theft Management Summit 2018
02 July 2018 - 05 July 2018
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