6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Óscar Oliver CristiàÓscar Oliver Cristià

    Former Commercial Director, Aeroports de Catalunya; Director General, CETMO (UNECE)
  • Hyun LeeHyun Lee
    Advertising Media Concessionaire
    Seoul-Incheon International Airport
  • Mithun SinghMithun Singh
    Senior Manager Airport Landside Operations,
    GVK Airports (Indonesia)
  • Nuno M. BrilhaNuno M. Brilha
    Senior Associate,
    Strateg Consulting
  • Andrea GerettoAndrea Geretto
    Commercial and Marketing Director,
    SAVE S.p.A
  • Flip EstourgieFlip Estourgie
    Commercial Director,
    Eindhoven Airport
  • Justinas StepsysJustinas Stepsys
    Head - Nonaviation services,
    Lithuanian Airports
  • Ireneusz DylczykIreneusz Dylczyk
    Commercial Director,
    Lublin Airport
  • Rakesh SahayRakesh Sahay
    Airport Director,
    Bagdogra- Darjeeling Airport
  • Gautsil MadaniGautsil Madani
    SVP - Corporate Strategic Development,
    PT Angkasa Pura 2
  • Ashwini ThoratAshwini Thorat
    Head Airport Planning,
    GVK Group (india)
  • Ilias SalvarlisIlias Salvarlis
    Head - Retail and Landside Services,
    Athens International Airport
  • Samer AlnabhaniSamer Alnabhani
    GM Commercial Operation,
    Oman Airports Management Company
  • Tom MockettTom Mockett
    Airport Masterplanning Manager,
    Brussels Airport Company
  • Elif NordalElif Nordal
    Head of Retail & Duty Free,
  • Rachel BulfordRachel Bulford
    Head of Retail,
    Gatwick Airport
  • Nikolaos PontikisNikolaos Pontikis
    Head – Business Control, Development Unit,
    Athens International Airport
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Growing Your Non-Aeronautical Revenue Performance with Global Airports’ Commercial Leaders at 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenues Summit 2018

Representing nearly 40% of average airport’s income and generating high net profit margin, the diversified models of non-aeronautical revenues are crucial for airports’ financial health and stability. In recent years, the importance on non-aviation commercial businesses has gained even greater recognition among airport operators for their ability to mitigate the impacts of economic downturns, airport privatisation and reduce dependency on weak aeronautical revenue growth.

Returning to Singapore in 2018, the 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit is aimed at analysing, benchmarking the commercial strategies exclusively shared by leading airport operators. Over 20 case studies, presentations, workshops, panel discussions are organised in separate sessions to enable participants to acquire lessons learned and formulate successful strategies for maximising their non-aeronautical revenues.

By-and-large, despite the apparent Year-on-year growth in terms of overall global passenger traffics, there’s no one-size-fit-all model for non-aeronautical commercial success and different airports face different challenges limiting their abilities to make more money. Main factors may include the fluctuation in passenger volumes; limited capacity; poor customer experience; legal restriction, etc. Many airports, however, have been differentiating themselves with algorithms that earn greater overall non-aeronautical revenue performance, through innovative approaches that help understand end-users’ spending behaviours, maximise spending per-customer, improve passenger satisfaction, increase concessionaires’ profitability, optimise commercial spaces.

At the highly rated 6th Maximizing Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit, you will be receiving proven strategies and case studies on how you can overcome the most pertient challenges in maximizing your airport's non-aeornautical revenue stream!

Key Topics of Discussion at the 2018 Summit

  • Enhance understanding of customers’ spending habits and passenger flows
  • Adopt Business models and shared data for improving concessionaires’ profitability
  • Overcoming key challenges and issues in optimising commercial spaces in airports
  • Maximising retail and F&B performance through enhancing passenger satisfaction
  • Case studies on diversification of non-aeronautical commerce
  • Maximising revenues from land & property ownership
  • Transformation in cost structure and revenue-generating systems
  • Case studies on business intelligence solutions in airports
  • Digital applications and lessons learned in boosting non-aviation revenues
  • Innovative advertising & promotion models for airports
  • Overcoming challenges of limited retail capacity
  • Harnessing and optimising airport human capital & operational resources to improve revenues
  • Optimise revenue-generating capacity for existing airport’s commercial space
  • Improve understanding of passenger flows, distribution for targeted retail and advertisement strategies
  • Minimise opportunity losses from unoptimised commercialised spaces
  • Maximise passenger experiences at your airports
  • Discover the right technology platform to enhance airport passenger experience and improve revenues 

Who will you meet at 6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenues Summit 2018?

The Annual Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenues Summit Series brings together senior-level decision makers in

  • Non-Aeronautical Revenue
  • Commercial and Business Development
  • Airport Concessions
  • Revenue Management
  • Terminal Operations
  • Retail/F&B
  • Properties Leasing ·        

From the following sectors

·         Airports’ Operators

·         Airports’ Authorities

·         Civil Aviation Authorities


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  • Momberger Airport Information
  • Aviation Update
  • Retail News Asia
  • CRMXchange
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6th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2018
26 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
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