Procurement & Contracts Management for Infrastructure Projects 2017

Our Partners

  • Pacific Rim Construction

    PRC (Pacific Rim Construction) is Asia Pacific’s leading business publication related to the property market, construction and design sectors. Tabloid style, PRC is large, bi-monthly and bi-lingual (English & Simplified Chinese) and is distributed to professional people in relative industries, such as: Property Developers, Realtors, Hotel & Resort managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Contractors, Government and more. Together with an on-line version, PRC generates over 30,000 industry specific readers across Asia and beyond. 

  • WebProrab.com - the first specialized platform for the promotion of the construction of goods and services

    The platform allows for a few minutes to create a full-fledged free "building" promo site, which will be in close conjunction with a network of portals building (more than 150 city portals throughout the CIS).

    The service provides a number of tools for the effective promotion of goods and services and is designed for single master (masons, parquet floor, etc.), team leaders, organizations (commercial, industrial, services, etc.), trade press, building brands.

  • ConstructAfrica

    ConstructAfrica is a leading resource globally for timely and independent construction news, construction industry data and construction project intelligence relating to sub-Saharan Africa Construction markets. The web portal provides news and updates about construction projects,including construction project databases, country and company data, construction career opportunities and other relevant business information pertaining to African Construction Markets, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa.


    The publishing house LECTURA is he leading provider of market and price informations for mobile machinery and equipment – the price guide is for over 90.000 machines. With the help of LECTURA online system the valuation of the used machines will be much more comfortable. In only 5 steps you will get access to the valuation results including all technical details, new prices and an orientation of the used prices for buying and selling.

  • Construction Shows

    Construction Shows is an event and news information platform for the building construction and heavy equipment industry. Any business that has an interest in the construction arena and its trade shows can use the site to stay informed about important events in the construction calendar, such as conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. With a dedicated team working to keep the event calendar content up-to-date at all times, Construction Shows offers a valuable resource for conference participants, exhibitors, session leaders and providers to trade shows.

  • SupplyChainBrain

    SupplyChainBrain, the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource, is accessed year round through a wide range of ever evolving multi-media formats by hundreds of thousands of senior level industry executives. In addition to addressing the fundamental principles of supply-chain management, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, technologies and best practices, forward thinking ideas and cutting-edge solutions-and continues to write and report about these as they evolve and mature.

  • Tunnelbuilder

    Not only do you get all the worldwide tunnelling news, tenders and awards but you also get low cost, high quality advertising at tunnelbuilder websites. Your company logo will be seen by over a 1,000 visitors every day at! Our newsletter reached 220,000 people throughout the world this week. Unique company profiles designed by us reflect your corporate image and aspirations to provide an attractive interface between our qualified readers and your website. 

  • AsiaPacific Infrastructure

    The nation’s preoccupation with innovative infrastructure projects projects taking place in Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and the Waikato is showing no sign of abating. Neither is the boom in commercial and industrial property. One is a consequence of other and both are encompassed in the print and digital editions of AsiaPacific Infrastructure and Property&Build but targeted specifically in separate websites and

    Start the day right — AsiaPacific Infrastructure combinations across news, features, projects, case studies and management make it essential reading on a daily basis for all serious senior property players. A constantly changing website content is supported by free digital editions to qualified readers worldwide and by a modest subscription for printed copies.

    AsiaPacific Infrastructure is published by Media Solutions Ltd, publishers of  Property&Build and Industrial Safety News.

  • Rail Professional

    For the last 20 years Rail Professional in the UK has delivered a thought-provoking and in-depth analysis of the rail industry. We are an informative and engaging resource offering content relating to a whole range of business areas within rail.

    Exciting and major developments have taken place within Asia Pacific railways including numerous projects in development and construction, which represent billions of dollars in investment and spending.

    January 2016 saw the launch of Rail Professional in both South East Asia and the Asia Pacific region. Rail personnel working in this area will now be up-to-date with the latest industry news from a single dedicated railway business resource.

  • Afrirail

    Afrirail magazine is a bi-monthly publication aimed at communicating directly to our readers in the rail industry and the corporate world at large. Our main goal is to promote rail transport and infrastructure development as the safest and most reliable mode of transportation for travelling and trade.

  • Africa Engineer

    Africa Engineer is a new monthly publication in the market, which is aimed at communicating directly to our readers in the engineering sector and the corporate world at large. Our main goal is to promote developmental and technological advancement issues in the automotive, mining, information, communication and technology (ICT), construction and energy sectors.

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Procurement & Contracts Management for Infrastructure Projects 2017
28 March 2017 - 31 March 2017
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