6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Duncan WeirDuncan Weir
    Head of Maintenance Modernisation Programme,
    Transport for London
  • Ir. Jit Shiong YeohIr. Jit Shiong Yeoh
    Senior Manager - Design Interface,
    MRT Corporation
  • Gregory LunnGregory Lunn
    Director Rail Maintenance,
    Roads and Transport Authority Dubai
  • Vipul KumarVipul Kumar
    Executive Director - Civil Engg & Rail Track Technologist,
    India Railways
  • William Wing Hong LamWilliam Wing Hong Lam
    Senior Manager, Innovative Asset Management and Governance,
    MTR Hong Kong
  • Sanjay KumarSanjay Kumar
    Chief Engineer,
    Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation
  • Dr. Richard DwightDr. Richard Dwight
    Associate Professor,
    University of Wollongong
  • Dr. Hadi SaneiDr. Hadi Sanei
    Associate Director - Rail,
  • Ivan TzanevIvan Tzanev
    Design & Maintenance Eng,
    Athens Urban Rail Transport
  • Dr. HongTao ZhuDr. HongTao Zhu
    Senior Lecturer - School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronic Engineering,
    University of Wollongong
  • Simon ThomasSimon Thomas
    Programme Director - Inland Rail,
  • Michael GarrardMichael Garrard
    Consultant - Sydney Metro Project Manager,
    Transport for NSW
  • Mark MorrisMark Morris
    Director of Asset Management, Railway Operations,
  • Dr. Sukanta Kumar JenaDr. Sukanta Kumar Jena
    Sales Director, Utilities SEA, HK and China
  • Neil HeatonNeil Heaton
    Director, Production
    Singapore Rail Engineering
  • Ajay KumarAjay Kumar
    Director - Track
    Indian Railways
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  • Improving Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring to Maximize Rail Reliability & Serviceability
  • Best Practices in Rail Asset Management for Maximizing Asset Service Life, Performance & Operational Readiness
  • Design, Engineering & Upgrading Rail Infrastructure and Permanent Way Capacity To Meet Increased Traffic Demand


Summit Background

Rapid growth in railway traffic demand has been and will be a leading factor for enormous investments on rail engineering, maintenance, upgradation, and asset management projects. Beside the cost of rail projects, serviceability, reliability, and safety have consistently been greatest objectives amongst project leaders, funding agencies including rail operators and ministries/departments of transports.

Innovations in maintenance performance, asset management as well as capacity analyses have proven to allow rail operators and rail infrastructure owners to realize economical spending on maintenance & renewal projects and are essential in meeting increased traffic demands, speed, and axle loads. While the development of practices and technologies (including predictive maintenance & condition based monitoring, asset-life cycle strategies, computerized maintenance management, new track materials, advanced sensors…) minimize degradation, uncertainty and set rail assets against higher RAMS requirements, there are pressing challenges in implementation of such practices facing rail operators. Designers, constructors, and operators are striving to identify better practices to extend rail life cycles, minimize infrastructure defects, reduce life cycle costs, set annual targets for operational readiness and maintenance performance improvements.

Returning to Singapore between 22-25 August 2017, The 6th Annual Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit will continue to be the leading platform for Global rail projects’ leaders, rail infrastructure owners & operators to share their unique sets of practices in overcoming challenges from developing sustainable rail systems engineering, maintenance and extension plans.

Key Issues that will be Addressed At 6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017

  • Track integrated Condition based monitoring (CBM), diagnostic technologies and inspection strategies
  • Implementation of predictive maintenance: condition measurement & performance parameters
  • Determination of factors affecting railway capacity and operational readiness
  • Identify measures against asset life limiting factors
  • Maintenance & renewal of legacy tracks
  • Designing & engineering permanent way to handle increased traffic and axle loads and track geometry degradation prediction
  • Digitisation approaches in Maintenance Planning: implementation, data selection and analyses of rail profile
  • Proper determination of rail profile, rail profile parameters, structural integrity
  • Rail asset predictive analyses and accuracy in life cycle estimation
  • Track surface inspection & measurement systems for defects reporting
  • Supply Chain Management Practices to improve availability of quality components
  • Case Studies on Strategic Asset Management Programmes
  • What & How - Calculation of Risks Analyses in Rail Asset management
  • Signalling analysis methods, track layouts and railway capacity
  • Applications of track-based sensors and vehicle-based sensors
  • Maintenance Requirements during design, construction phases and before operations
  • Rail electrification systems maintenance
  • Address effect of weather/climate conditions on rail operational readiness: sand, flooding, extreme cold, soil condition, geotechnical movements
  • High speed rail maintenance

Why You Should Not Miss 6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017?

By attending the 6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017, listening to the best leaders in the industry, global case studies from over 16 different perspectives, unlimited opportunities and settings of discussion, taking home the one-of-its-kind & exclusive actionable knowledge, you will gain the contributory benefits including:

  • Minimise loss of economic and time resources from time-directed, overhaul & indiscriminate preventive maintenance & replacement
  • Contributory to minimising traffic disturbances and speed reductions
  • Increase rail life cycle while minimising life cycle costs
  • Manage associated risks with rail infrastructure
  • Take control of dynamic forces with implications on asset service lives
  • Effective coordination of all corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance approaches
  • Improving effectiveness in inspection and maintenance in less time
  • Protect rail tracks against critical deterioration
  • Technology choices and responsibility of funding agencies

Who Will Attend 6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017?

  • Railway operators
  • Rail infrastructure owner
  • Rail infrastructure main suppliers

Heads/Directors/Managers/Master/ Project manager/Project engineers:

  • Track / Track maintenance / Maintenance
  • Permanent Way design/construction/maintenance
  • Asset Management & Asset Management Policy
  • Project / Infrastructure programme
  • Signaling
  • Systems Engineering
  • Rolling stock
  • Programme improvement
  • Reliability improvement
  • Performance & reliability
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Risks

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" Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit brought together experience from all over the world! It covered all important issues related to rail mainteannce and high-level keynote speakers sharing case studies on best practices! " – Senior Railway Expert, Ministry of Transportation Oman
" This event was excellent in providing us with best practice rail engineering & maintenance strategies! " – Project Manager, Mass Rapid Transit Corp

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6th Rail Engineering & Maintenance Summit 2017
22 August 2017 - 25 August 2017
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