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Our Speakers/Trainers

  • Sheikh Anser AzizSheikh Anser Aziz
    Mayor of Islamabad & Chairman,
    Pakistan Capital Development Authority (CDA)
  • Triwandy Jumidal JamalTriwandy Jumidal Jamal
    Chief Agency Officer,
    Sinarmas MSIG Life
  • Hoy Yen ChanHoy Yen Chan
    Research Fellow,
    Solar Energy Research Institute, Malaysia
  • Happy ParinghadiHappy Paringhadi
    HR & GA Director,
    PT Elnusa


" Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas World Summit 2015 will be a good networking opportunity, keeping up with ongoing and new products available especially to address the best practices of improving operational excellence " – Mohamed Daoud, Manager (Projects Quality Management), ADCO
" A comprehensive agenda with hands on practitioners as keynote speakers sharing case studies on best practices of improving operational excellence for both upstream and downstream oil & gas. Must attend event! " – Sharul A-Rashid, Principal Engineer, Instrument And Control, Petronas Penapisan
" Gained a lot of practical knowledge from attending this training course " – Pharmacovigilance Manager, Celltrion
" 10/10 for this training course and I learnt a lot " – Drug Safety Manager, Novartis
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