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Our Speakers/Trainers

  • Karen EllisKaren Ellis
    Chief Customer Experience Officer,
    San Antonio International Airport, USA
  • International Bancassurance, Insurance Distribution & Wealth Product Development ExpertInternational Bancassurance, Insurance Distribution & Wealth Product Development Expert
    Over 30 Years of Experience in Bancassurance & Retail Financial Services Marketing
  • Liv Karin SundsvoldLiv Karin Sundsvold
    Head of Project Operational Coordination,
    Oslo Airport
  • Brian GoodsirBrian Goodsir
    Hydro Officer,
    Saudi Ports Authority


" Learning & Development World Congress 2016 will look at the latest learning and development initiatives, ideas & proven case studies globally. I am looking forward to the 2016 Congress! " – Dhanesh Gupte, Head of Learning & Organization Development, Syngenta
" A comprehensive agenda with hands on practitioners as keynote speakers sharing case studies on best practices of improving operational excellence for both upstream and downstream oil & gas. Must attend event! " – Sharul A-Rashid, Principal Engineer, Instrument And Control, Petronas Penapisan
" “Fantastic event which is content-rich and provided a lot of practical information on the technical aspects of modular construction.” " – Structural Engineer, PTTEP
" “Excellent annual event which is filled with case studies and has broadened my knowledge on prefabrication & modular construction.”   
– Senior Structural Engineer, Petronas
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