Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Asia’s Leading SKYSCRAPERS SUMMIT comes to Hong Kong in February 2018!

Following the success of the SKYSCRAPERS SUMMIT SERIES, taking place between 27 February – 2 March 2018, Hong Kong. Equip Global is proud to announce Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018 will return bigger and better as Asia premier networking and learning platform for Government Authorities, Project Developers, Investors and Project Contractors as well as Skyscraper Solution Providers to discuss and share insightful experiences and knowledge on existing successful and future skyscraper projects around Asia. The Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018 will feature international case studies on successful green and sustainable skyscrapers, lesson learned in fire safety & disaster management on skyscrapers, best practices in innovative in planning and engineering of skyscrapers as well as identify new opportunities for your organization.  

Ride on the Skyscraper Development Bandwagon with Equip Global’s Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018!

With more than 300 skyscrapers in Hong Kong, China’s never-ending skyscrapers boom, Singapore with more than 80 completed skyscrapers, and India is set to be the next big home for the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the blistering pace of skyscrapers construction is seen around the world as a sign of how the economic center of gravity has shifted ‘East’, driven by rapid economic and demographic growth, urbanization, strong investor appetite for flagship real estate assets.

As more skyscrapers are constructed in Asia, the ‘sustainable skyscrapers’ trend continues to be a key notion in the Asia market. What exactly defines a ‘sustainable skyscrapers’? Energy saving measures, cost-cutting building processes, green features, and sustainable design techniques, fire safety and disaster management are all crucial to the construction of the new generation of ‘sustainable skyscrapers’ which will dominate the Asian skyline in years to come.

Equip Global’s Skyscrapers Summit is the must-attend event if you are actively involved in the Asia Skyscrapers Industry” – Veritas Design Group

What Makes Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018 A Must Attend Event?

  • A Proven Track Record of Quality Equip Global’ s Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2017, Singapore has a proven history of quality of bringing together the best of the skyscrapers industry in the business to tackle the issues that matter now. The format of the summit in some ways is just as important as the content. Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018 will be bringing together the best of the industry to discuss and share the latest project updates and practical solution of the industry.
  • Successful Case Studies Sharing on current & future skyscrapers projects updates across Asia Pacific including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Australia amongst others.
  • Understanding how you can overcome and tackle the challenges in building the sustainability and green skyscrapers with the support from governments authorities.
  • Interactive Discussions Join exclusive panel discussions featuring Skyscraper Project Directors share practical insights and proven best practices as well as perspectives in designing, planning, engineering, maintenance, construction, project and safety management of Skyscrapers.
  • Eye-Opening Presentation Gain Strategic Insight from Over 16 Industry Experts on overcoming major challenges in designing, planning, engineering, and construction of skyscrapers including green & sustainable design for skyscrapers, fire safety and disaster management in skyscrapers, deep foundation engineering for skyscrapers, innovations in elevator design and management for Smart Skyscrapers, innovation in facades design and technology, energy solutions for skyscrapers, wing engineering, seismic engineering, and best practice project/schedule/budget management for skyscrapers.
  • In-depth Forum, Workshop and Site Tours Attend the Expert-Led Pre-Summit Forum and Workshops & Post-Summit Site Tour to grasp the nuts and bolts in designing, planning, engineering, maintenance and construction of green and sustainable Skyscrapers and best practices in fire safety design for skyscrapers. Elevate your Summit Experience to the Next New Level!
  • Build Business Relationship & Gain First Mover Advantage!  – Meet up with not just skyscraper industry leaders but also high-profile decision makers from the government authorities/ministries and industry leaders within Asia to broaden your business network and discuss future skyscraper development plans!

Who Will You Meet At Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018?

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Senior Engineers, Engineers, Designers, Architects, Principal Engineers in charge of Tall Building/Skyscrapers/Vertical Structure Projects of the following divisions:

  • Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering
  • Projects Departments
  • Design Engineering/Design
  • Planning & Development
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Fire and Disaster Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Architects & Planning 

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the early bird discounted prices! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to further develop the industry, get first-hand updates and discover new products and solutions. 

Contact Us for More Details!

Please email us at or contact us (65) 6376 0908 for more information on the agenda, registration rates and full speaker profiles.

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Skyscrapers Asia Summit 2018
27 February 2018 - 02 March 2018
Hong Kong
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