Skyscrapers India Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Gain First Mover Advantage into the India Skyscrapers Market!

Would you like to grab this golden opportunity to present your latest innovation and services among Skyscrapers developers, project owners and government authorities/ministries and raise your brand profile within the Skyscrapers industry? Then India’s leading Skyscrapers Event -  Skyscrapers India Summit 2017 is indeed the perfect platform for you! 

A tailored sponsorship package at the Skyscrapers India Summit 2017 provides a direct, cost-effective path to help you get your message out to existing or new target clients. Once we understand your specific business objective and marketing goals, we can leverage the power of our summit brands to work to your advantage.

Who should sponsor?

If your company provides any of the following services, don't miss the chance to meet decision makers from Skyscrapers project across the globe at the event:

  • Facades Engineering Companies/Technology
  • HVAC/Air-Conditioning
  • Elevators/Lift/Vertical Transportation Company
  • Energy & Electrical Power Systems/ Consulting & Auditing
  • Lighting Systems
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Corrosion Protection Companies
  • Fire Protection Solutions
  • Concrete Reinforcement Applications/ Systems
  • Waterproofing Systems Companies
  • BIM Software
  • Design Software
  • Sealants & Adhesives Companies, Specialty Chemicals for Construction, Maintenance and Repair of Structures
  • Cables Manufactures/Providers
  • Heavy Lift/ Engineered Transport Companies
  • Coating Companies
  • Consultants 

Why you should sponsor

Construction in India, particularly Mumbai has reached dizzy new heights. More than 15 supertalls, hundreds of skyscrapers and thousands of high-rises are currently under construction in Mumbai, making it home to the largest number of supertall constructions in the world. Mumbai’s Skyscraper boom is a direct consequence of India’s economy growth and rapid urbanization going on, it is on a high growth trajectory, witnessing a significant spurt of ultra-tall buildings in Indian region.

With this in mind, service providers that are offering the latest technology to fuel the construction of Skyscrapers has becoming increasingly important for Skyscraper developers looking at its significant contribution towards the construction of Skyscrapers. 

One of the key success factors is to build understanding on industry profiling in terms of product needs, buying patterns, latest innovative technology and solutions need and so on which could fuel sustainable and smart Skyscrapers.

With that being said, according to the research conducted by Equip Global, Skyscraper developers are constantly seeking for service providers that are offering the latest technology in terms of facades design, elevators and vertical transport, air-conditioning, energy and electrical power, lighting systems, landscaping system, fire protection, waterproofing, design software, mechanical engineering, and so on to aid in the successful Skyscrapers planning and executions, which is why you should leverage this opportunity to present your latest product and services.


With top management in Skyscrapers projects and industry experts participating in the conference, sponsoring the Skyscrapers India Summit 2017 is a cost-effective and invaluable tool to directly engage current and potential clients. Equip Global can offer a range of opportunities to meet your specific budget, business requirements and objectives for 2017 and beyond. Whether you are an established player or a newcomer breaking into new markets, our team will provide expert guidance to make sure you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain preferential access to the senior executives in your target market and demonstrate your newest products
  • Meet decision makers face-to-face to leverage your product and brand building
  • Showcase your innovative technologies and expert services with a dedicated exhibition space, and establish strong relationships and make proposals to potential customers
  • Host your own workshop to personalize your approach to business development and provide a more intimate experience for potential clients

Why get involved early?

1.    Limited sponsorship & exhibition opportunities to ensure a strictly enforced buy to sell side ratio; only an early confirmation can guarantee your participation.

2.    Start the discussion with us early to find out how you can best partner with us to ensure your organisation is reflected in the best way.

3.    Gain Powerful Marketing. Register early to enjoy our 5 months extensive marketing campaign that reaches out to leading buy-side companies around the world.

4.    Reserve your slot on the agenda as we only have limited speaking and panellist slots for sell-side, vendors and solutions providers.

5.    Book the most optimally located exhibition space in the exhibition hall to ensure you are in a prime position.

How can you get involved?

Contact us now at +65 6376 0908 or email  to discuss how we can tailor our sponsorship packages to suit your business objectives.


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Skyscrapers India Summit 2017
12 September 2017 - 15 September 2017
Mumbai India
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