5th Airport Modernization Summit LIVE ONLINE 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • James GoldingJames Golding
    Senior Strategic Planning Manager
    Heathrow Airport
  • Krystal SchumacherKrystal Schumacher
    Wayfinding Design Project Manager
    Denver International Airport
  • Jean GamarraJean Gamarra
    Program Manager/Civil Engineer
    Federal Aviation Administration
  • Germal Khera SinghGermal Khera Singh
    Director – Aviation Development
    Malaysian Aviation Commission
  • Gloria BouillonGloria Bouillon
    Airport Manager
    Beverly Regional Airport
  • Ray Laedon KangRay Laedon Kang
    Senior Manager (Environment Facility Management)
    Incheon International Airport Corporation
  • Judson SigaJudson Siga
    General Manager
    Airports Authority of India
  • Ashraf DemianAshraf Demian
    Assistant Director of Engineering
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Sunil Kumar ThakurSunil Kumar Thakur
    Airport/Aerospace Modernisation Consultant
  • Gurmukh Singh BawaGurmukh Singh Bawa
    Aviation Professional
    Airport Authority of India
  • Janhavi PoulJanhavi Poul
    Airport Design and Planning
    GMR Group Limited
  • Sarosh BhattiSarosh Bhatti
    Director Business Intelligence and Corporate Strategy
    Edmonton International Airport
  • Ann B. RichartAnn B. Richart
    AAE, Director of Aeronautics
    Nebraska Department of Transportation
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Future of Airports - 5th Airport Modernization Summit!

Established as the world’s foremost and leading event of its kind, Equip Global is pleased to present the leading 5th Airport Modernization Summit 2020 this November, LIVE ONLINE. Backed by demand from global airport operators and aviation authorities the annual summit will be the best platform for global airport modernization and transformation experts to gather and have countless networking and learning opportunities about the latest practices, best practice solutions to key challenges, major modernization trends and many more in Airport Modernization.

This summit will be covering topics ranging from discuss how you can overcome challenges while leveraging opportunities as your airport plan and implement airport modernization projects, provide practical insights to you on how you can deliver a world class travel experience by transforming your airport infrastructures, how to leverage use of technology and innovation to improve passenger experience and evaluating how to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of customers’ needs and wants while taking in consideration other aspects such as financial planning, government initiatives and environmental aspects.

Anticipate case-studies from globally renowned airport operators and authorities about how airports can overcome pertinent challenges faced when it comes to transforming your airport into a Smart Airport, moving towards the concept of Airport 4.0, key factors in achieving airport modernization that will enhance passenger experiences without compromising operational efficiency and design and planning of projects for your airport.

A conference truly worth experiencing and cannot be overlooked by Airport Modernization Professionals!

What makes It A Must-Attend Event?

  • Equip Global’s Airport Modernization Summits are established as the World’s Foremost and Leading event of its kind!
  • Open Discussions – Listen to proven case study results as how other renowned airports manage to achieve operational efficiency and excellence during the transformation journey and how to identify and maintain your airport infrastructure and facilities to be at optimised operating levels
  • Gain Insights on the Best Practices of Airport Master Planning in order to future-proof, upgrade, rehabilitate and renovate your airport from planning of retention of dividends to stakeholder management and proper project planning and management to ensure ROI
  • Hear about How to Incorporate Passenger Experience into Airport Modernization Planning and How You Can Cater to the Ever-Changing Dynamics of Passengers to achieve seamless and enjoyable passenger experience
  • Explore and Learn from Airports globally on How to Leverage Technology and Innovation towards the growth of Smart Airports and Airports 4.0 to building smart facilities and buildings and implementing a fully integrated digital ecosystem
  • In-depth workshops – attend 6 pre and post-summit workshops led by only the best world leading airport economics and finance experts on how you can develop efficient transformation strategies to ensure your airport remains competitive, sustainable and profitable
  • Networking Opportunities – with up to 40 hours of networking and discussion opportunities to debate real-life challenges encountered by global airport modernization experts to get valuable input

Who Should Attend?

Tailor-made specifically for top decision makers, Heads, Senior Managers, General Managers, Managers, Engineers, Project Managers, Planners of the following divisions:

  • Modernization
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Planning
  • Upgrade Projects/Programs
  • Operations (Landside/Airside)
  • Engineering & Maintenance

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5th Airport Modernization Summit LIVE ONLINE 2020
03 November 2020 - 06 November 2020
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