5th Digital Bancassurance Summit 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Jatinder ReenJatinder Reen
    Vice President & National Head - Bancassurance Digital,
    TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Vikas AroraVikas Arora
    BFSI Consultant and Advisor,
  • Ishita MukherjeeIshita Mukherjee
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Bharti AXA Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Rico BautistaRico Bautista
    President & CEO,
    Etiqa Insurance
  • Andrew RickardAndrew Rickard
    Regional Transformation Lead,
    Chubb Asia
  • Ananjan SantraAnanjan Santra
    Regional Transformation Lead,
    Aon Insurance
  • Mukund KulkarniMukund Kulkarni
    Head of Underwriting,
    AXA Insurance
  • Phu NguyenPhu Nguyen
    Head of Bancassurance,
    OCB Vietnam
  • K.K LooK.K Loo
    Group Vice President,
    FWD Insurance
  • John SpenceJohn Spence
    Regional Head,
    M&A and Strategy, Generali Asia
  • Sandeep Kumar MishraSandeep Kumar Mishra
    Senior Vice President & Head - HDFC Bank Relationship,
    Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance
  • Jayraj JadhavJayraj Jadhav
    Vice President, Head Marketing & Digital Business,
    TATA AIG General Insurance Company Ltd
  • Jason CheungJason Cheung
    Head of GI, Distribution,
    AXA Insurance
  • Sharad MathurSharad Mathur
    Executive Director,
    Welmo Fintech
  • Huy DangHuy Dang
    Former Head of Retail Banking/ Chief Sales & Marketing Officer,
    SCB VIetnam/ Easy Credit
  • Robin KieraRobin Kiera
    Founder & CEO,
    Digital Scouting
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The Return of An Overcoming and Empowering Journey to Keep Up with the Rapid Upsurge of Digital Bancassurance, next February 2020!

In this modern era where computer features have become a transplant of our eyes, ears and mouth, the speed of footsteps becomes the determinant of business’ survival. The world has seen better days in physical bonding, but it has been proven that digitized interactions now take the upper hand -  whether in trading, businesses or personal life sector. This is even more apparent in the competitive financial services sector today.

The rise of digitalization amidst increased competition and rising customer expectations has weighed heavily on how bancassurers operate.

Increasingly, banks and insurers are leveraging digital bancassurance channels, and need to use digitalization to drive bancassurance sales, marketing, distribution and customer experience and relationship management both across life and non-life insurance policies.

Kicking bancassurance up a notch, digital bancassurance is now the way to place, promote and sell insurance products through its integration bank platforms. Are banks and insurance companies ready to up their game so suddenly? Are they doing enough to stay ahead of the game amongst the whole world of competitors who are catching up with the use of technology and digitalization?

Who is able to keep up and be the innovative disruptor of the market?


The 5th Digital Bancassurance Summit in February 2020 will take place as a verbal and virtual storybook of “Coring the Standards and Hidden Solutions of Digital Bancassurance to Ace the Industry Benchmarks”. We are the NOT-TO-BE-MISSED SUMMIT for all insurance companies, banks, financial services corporations, wealth management organizations, and insurance brokers to hear on proven methodologies of construction, incorporation and implementation of technology and numerous factors to succeed in digital bancassurance.


Throughout the 4-day networking event, the 5th Digital Bancassurance Summit 2020 will see you through an abundance of case studies, presentations, workshops and panel discussions sharing on wide-scaled knowledge relating to the proper means to plan, integrate, manage, execute and maintain the use of digitalization within bancassurance. Is Artificial Intelligence dominating the current bancassurance sector? How are new ecosystems built to strengthen the relationship of banks and insurers, as well as work towards the facilitation of customer journey? The globally recognized summit will be led and orchestrated by industry experts from insurance companies and banks, such as digital heads, bancassurance professionals, transformation experts, financial leaders, underwriting specialists, and much more to talk about their experiences and proven theories gathered through practical trials and error as well as digital transformation projects.

Why The 5th Digital Bancassurance Summit SHOULD NOT BE MISSED:

  • Review and hear proven solutions from leading bancassurers on the most highlighted and attention-required issues faced within the digital bancassurance sectors as you ride on the digital bandwagon.
  • Open your vision to the unexplored possibilities and new opportunities that the digitalization era have brought forward into the bancassurance industry
  • Understanding what are the regulations and compliances imposed on digitalization and how to adhere to these stipulated regulations while rolling out digital bancassurance
  • Stay up-to-date on the strategies to wisely implement Artificial Intelligence, big data and blockchain technologies into your digital bancassurance operations.
  • Identifying prime considerations while forming digital bancassurance partnerships between banks and insurance companies to ensure optimum rewards for both parties without sabotaging your confidential data and assets.
  • Improve & Optimize System Integration between Bancassurance Partners 
  • Discovering how digital bancassurance can leverage on real time information transfer platforms to create a seamless and experiential journey for customers throughout their research, decision, purchase and post-purchase actions.
  • Overcoming challenges posed by the underlying threats and risks surrounding personal privacy, data security and management issues that come with digital bancassurance operations.
  • Hear and learn from leading banks and insurance companies who have taken the initiative to develop and implement digitization within their operations and how they have reaped benefits from it.
  • Unearth the true potential of digital bancassurance beneath the initial impression of using technology and digitalization to enhance sales, marketing, penetration and venturing into new  and larger markets.
  • Networking sessions up to 16 hours - engage with industry professionals to share and exchange professionals views on the formation, integration and management of digital bancassurance.

Stay ahead of the large, aggressive competitors in this field through our informative and telling conference - your rewards are firsthand information from revealing presentations and explanatory examples within the industry changes and solutions!

Who Should Attend Digital Bancassurance Summit 2020:

This conference is dedicated to Banks, Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies and Insurance Brokers, welcoming prestigious attendances from: CEOs, Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Assistant Vice Presidents and Managers of the following divisions:

  • Digital Bancassurance
  • Bancassurance
  • Insurance Sales
  • Insurance Marketing
  • Digital Transformation/ Digital Strategy
  • Alternative Channels
  • Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Wealth Management
  • Affinity Marketing
  • Retail/ Consumer Banking
  • Product Innovation (Bancassurance/ Insurance Business Unit)
  • Underwriting

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5th Digital Bancassurance Summit 2020
25 February 2020 - 28 February 2020
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