5th Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit Live Online 2021
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Jayant SinhaJayant Sinha
    Senior Consultant (Energy & Utilities),
    Capgemini India
  • Dinesh R BarhateDinesh R Barhate
    Former Deputy General Manager,
    India Power Corporation Limited
  • Devanshu SharmaDevanshu Sharma
    General Manager,
    BSES Yamuna Power Ltd
  • Manivasagam KManivasagam K
    Senior Manager,
    BSES Rajdhani Power Limited
  • Uday DeshmukhUday Deshmukh
    Head- ICT and Billing,
    Enugu Electricity Distribution Plc
  • Vikas SrivastaraVikas Srivastara
    General Manager,
    BSES Rajdhani Power Limited
  • Joke OlatunjiJoke Olatunji
    Head of Corporate Strategy and Planning,
    Ikeja Electric Plc
  • Francisco LeivaFrancisco Leiva
    CEO, Leiva & Associates, Engineers and Lawyers & Former General Manager, EDEESTE
  • Munib KamilMunib Kamil
    General Manager Commercial – Distribution Operations,
  • Ashutosh PailwanAshutosh Pailwan
    General Manager,
    Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited
  • Sohaib QadirSohaib Qadir
    Deputy General Manager – Distribution,
  • Atif Imran RajaAtif Imran Raja
    Smart Meter Operation & Data Analyst,
  • Nasir AshfaqNasir Ashfaq
    Inspection Manager,
  • Yogesh KumarYogesh Kumar
    Superintending Engineer & Nodal Officer Smart Meter,
    Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.
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Join us now at the leading 5th Electricity Theft & Loss Reduction Summit 2021!

Electricity Theft and Losses presents a significant negative impact on the Utilities Industry that is still prevalent in many countries today. Amidst Electricity Theft & Losses, Organizations often suffered from poor power quality, unplanned breakdown, revenue loss, higher operating and maintenance cost and many more! Moreover, these Technical and Non- Technical Losses affect the Utility companies and have implications on other stakeholders including the Customer, Government and EnvironmentTherefore, Electricity Theft & Losses requires collaborative effortfrom the various stakeholders and is a pressing concern that needs to be addressed!

Come Join, Equip Global’s 5th Electricity Theft Management & Loss Reduction Summit, where we will focus on the trends, key challenges, best practices, and techniques for detecting and minimizing Technical and Non-Technical Losses. Key themes that will be discussed include Leveraging Data from Smart Meter to Effectively Detects and Reduces Potential Losses, Leveraging on Advanced Distribution Management System to Gain Visibility of Distribution Network for Early detection of Losses, Understanding the Importance of Internal and External Stakeholders’ Collaborative Effort in minimizing Non- Technical Losses and How You can Successful Replace Traditional Meter with Smart Meter with Minimum Operational Disruption.

Plus! Gain Insights on how you can Develop an Effective Electricity Theft Reduction and Management Framework, Optimize Energy Storage for Peak-load Shifting to reduce Technical Losses and Ensure Grid Efficiency, Detect Non- Technical Losses to Protect Your Revenue, Develop a Strategic Loss Reduction Framework to ensure Revenue Protection and Many More!

Equip Global’s leading 5th Electricity Theft Management & Loss Reduction Summit taking place from the 6th- 9th September 2021 LIVE Online will provide a platform for likeminded individuals a learning opportunity. Expect to Hear Successful Case Studies from Leading Utility Companies as they share their Experiences and Success Factors on Electricity Theft Management and Loss Reduction. You cannot afford to miss it!


  • Understanding Challenges faced by the Utility Industry pertaining to Technical and Non-Technical Losses and How You can Overcome them Successfully
  • Gain Insights on How You can Leverage Data from Smart Meter to Effectively Detects and Reduces Potential Losses
  • Gain Insight on How You Can Leverage on Advanced Distribution Management System to Gain Visibility of Distribution Network for Early detection of Losses
  • Understanding the Importance of Internal and External Stakeholders’ Collaborative Effort in minimizing Non- Technical Losses
  • Gain Insights on How You can Successful Replace Traditional Meter with Smart Meter with Minimum Operational Disruption
  • Find out How You can Detect Non- Technical Losses to Protect Your Revenue
  • Gain Insights on How Smart Grid improves Energy Efficiency and Reduces Energy Loss
  • Find Out How You Can Leverage Energy Storage for Peak-load Shifting to reduce Technical Losses and Ensure Grid Efficiency
  • Lessons Learned in Developing an Effective Electricity Theft Reduction and Management Framework
  • Find out How You can Detect Non- Technical Losses to Protect Your Revenue 
  • Tap on the Various Opportunities to Interact with Industry Experts during Presentations, Q&A, Networking Breaks and Panel Discussions to get your Burning Electricity Theft Management & Loss Reduction Questions answered at the Summit!
  • Participate at the 4 in-depth Workshops Led by Global Leading Industry Experts as They Share their Expertise on How you can Successfully Overcome Electricity Theft & Loss Reduction Challenges


From Across Electricity Power Utilities Companies providers, Energy Authorities, Ministries in charge of Energy / Smart Grid Infrastructure & Government Authorities:

Chiefs, Head, Senior Manager, Manager, Senior Engineers & Executives of

  • Revenue Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Metering
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Billing & Tariffing
  • Operations
  • Commercial/ Retail
  • Network Operations
  • Technical Services
  • Engineering

Like More information?

Email us today at enquiry@equip-global.com for the full agenda and speaker line up


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5th Electricity Loss Reduction and Theft Management Summit Live Online 2021
06 September 2021 - 09 September 2021
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