5th Electricity Price Forecasting and Modelling Summit 2021
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Pedro Bernardo TemploPedro Bernardo Templo
    Managing Director
    EnergyMAX Energy Forecasting Solutions
  • Sumeet BhartiSumeet Bharti
    Lead Consultant – Energy Trading & Risk Management
    Wipro Limited
  • Abhishek MozaAbhishek Moza
    Joint Director
    Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Victor VanyaVictor Vanya
    Co-Founder & Director
    Energy Market Analytics (EMA) Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  • Vibhuti GargVibhuti Garg
    Energy Economist – Lead India
    Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis (IEEFA)
  • Roderick Ike VillanuevaRoderick Ike Villanueva
    Founder and Managing Director
    iEnergy Australia Pty Ltd.
  • P.K.AgarwalP.K.Agarwal
    Former Director & CISO
    Power System Operation Cooperation Ltd.
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You Need to be at this Leading Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit!

Established as the world’s foremost and leading event of its kind, Equip Global is pleased to announce the dates for the leading 5th Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit 2021 that is set to happen LIVE ONLINE! Backed by demand, this annual summit is the best platform for global experts across all power utilities companies, to gather and have countless networking and learning opportunities about how you can develop effective strategies to understand and improve on your company’s electricity price forecasting techniques and strategies in the current volatile market conditions.  

Renowned industry experts will share insightful knowledge about leading industry practices such as identifying the latest trends within the supply chain of buying, selling & trading electricity, devising effective strategies to improve electricity price forecasting techniques in the current volatile market conditions, introducing smart grids and renewable energy  producers/sources that can be game changes, data management for improvement of price forecasting and supply predictions, discussing issues related to fuel costs, weather conditions, emission allowances, transmission capacity & new modelling options, how to overcome regulatory changes and challenges, new innovations and technology that will impact future infrastructure development, energy storage, investment opportunities and funding schemes, as well as tackling electricity load and price forecasting problems and methods.

This is WHERE YOU NEED TO BE AT if you oversee or are involved in electricity price forecasting techniques and strategies! A conference truly worth experiencing and cannot be overlooked by Energy and Utilities professionals!


  • Open Discussions – Hear Case Studies on How Leading Power Utilities Companies Effectively Strategize their Forecasting Models for Electricity Prices in the New Normal
  • Gain Insights on How to Leverage the Use of Technology & Digitalization to Modernize Metering Systems & Data Management for Improved Market Integration & Accurate Information
  • Learn about How Your Company Can Effectively Adapt Your Forecasts to Regulatory Changes that will affect Power Purchase Agreements, Future Infrastructure Developments, Investment Planning & Funding Schemes
  • Hear about the Latest Developments in Energy Storage, Distributed Generation and Demand Side Management Advancements in Modelling Weather Volatility
  • Devising Effective Strategies to Latest Trends Within The Supply Chain Of Buying, Selling & Trading Electricity, Devising Effective Strategies To Improve Electricity Price Forecasting Techniques In The Current Volatile Market Conditions, Introducing Smart Grids And Renewable Energy  Producers/Sources That Can Be Game Changes, Data Management For Improvement Of Price Forecasting And Supply Predictions, Discussing Issues Related To Fuel Costs, Weather Conditions, Emission Allowances, Transmission Capacity & New Modelling Options!
  • In-depth workshops – attend 4 pre- & post-summit workshops led by only the best world leading banking/finance experts on how you can Develop Statistical Approaches towards Modelling & Forecasting Electricity Prices amongst other challenges!
  • Networking Opportunities – Discussion opportunities to debate real-life challenges encountered by professionals and key decision makers from the Power & Utilities Sector!

Take advantage of the early bird discount and reserve your seat today to not miss a chance to be involved in the 5th Electricity Price Forecasting & Modelling Summit 2021! Endless opportunities for first-hand updates, networking and discussion on global strategies and discovering new innovative solutions with only the best in their field!

Who Should Attend?

This event has been developed for Power/Electricity Utility Companies and is tailor-made specifically for top decision makers, VPs, Directors, Heads, Managers, Analysts of the following divisions: 

  • Power Market
  • Market Integration/Development
  • Market Coupling
  • Electricity Rates
  • Forecasting (including Electricity Forecasting)
  • Weather Modelling
  • Pricing
  • Trading
  • Valuation
  • Origination
  • Portfolio Management
  • Capacity Markets
  • Economics
  • Energy Models & Risk Metrics
  • Structuring
  • Power Purchase Agreements


Like more information?

Email us at enquiry@equip-global.com! 


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5th Electricity Price Forecasting and Modelling Summit 2021
28 June 2021 - 01 July 2021
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