5th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • François BourienneFrançois Bourienne
    Commercial Director,
    Glasgow Airport
  • Ahn Sang JoonAhn Sang Joon
    Vice President-Commercial,
    Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL)
  • Ramdan PradarmaRamdan Pradarma
    Vice President Airport Services,
    PT. Angkasa Pura I (Persero)
  • Ireneusz DylczykIreneusz Dylczyk
    Commercial Director,
    Lublin Airport
  • Dina El SherifDina El Sherif
    Commercial Development Manager,
    Egyptian Airports Company
  • Hyun LeeHyun Lee
    Advertising Media Concessionaire,
    Seoul-Incheon International Airport, Korea
  • Deema AnaniDeema Anani
    Commercial & Customer Service Director,
    Queen Alia International Airport
  • Jon VadenJon Vaden
    Norman Y. Mineta San Jose Int’l Airport
  • Karen BenderKaren Bender
    E-commerce & Marketing Director,
    Copenhagen Airports
  • René DroeseRené Droese
    Property Director,
    Budapest Airport
  • Haroon JeenaHaroon Jeena
    Group Executive: Commercial,
    Airports Company South Africa
  • Mohamed Al-AghaMohamed Al-Agha
    Senior Business IT Manager,
    Abu Dhabi Airports
  • Rekha NairRekha Nair
    Head of Airport Services,
    Mumbai International Airport
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Traditionally, airports rely heavily on aviation revenue. However, as passenger traffic increased, airport operators realized the opportunity to turn passengers’ buying ability into delightful experiences and cold hard cash. In many ways, airports have become large shopping malls and go beyond their primary scope of providing a transportation service to the community. Burdened with ever increasing operational costs, airports seek to increase their profitability by enticing passengers to spend more, thus boosting their non-aeronautical revenues. A recent research found out the non-aeronautical revenue contributed as high as 49% of the total revenue for airports income. Airports are now evolved to a sophisticated market entity with diversified revenue streams. Non-aviation revenue has, therefore, become a key contributor to the financial success of airports.

How will non-aeronautical activities evolve in the future, and how should the industry tap into these great untapped opportunities in a fast-changing world? 

Be sure not to miss out Equip Global’s leading 5th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2017, taking place 9-12 May 2017 in London UK. It provides an exclusive platform that brings together global airport operators to discuss on the strategic planning for innovative non-aeronautical services, build understanding of customer profiling to maximise airport commercial revenue as well as assessing the latest technologies, innovation and applications that could aid in elevating airport commercial activity and revenue.

Armed with a real-time understanding of current trends on the non-aviation revenue business, this summit is the exclusive platform that brings together global airport operators & aviation authorities to discuss the most practical commercial planning and development of non-aviation activities and bring your airport experience to a whole new level with real time sales results!


Hear What Past Attendees Said!

" Excellent Summit! Provided us with a lot of useful insights." - CFO, Ghana Airports Company

" The summit provided great networking opportunities and the platform for airport authorities and operators globally to share project case studies and strategies which are practical and result-oriented." - Chief Commercial Officer, Winnipeg Airports Authority

"  Great Conference. Lots of interesting discussions and I am looking forward to the next event!" - Senior Manager, Non-Aero Business Performance, Angkasapura Airports II


Key Benefits of Attending!

·         Case studies on current & future large-scale and small-scale Airport Commercial Planning & Non-Aeronautical Maximization projects across Europe, South Africa & UAE including London, France, Finland, Switzerland, Dubai, Doha, South, Nigeria, Turkey, Denmark, Belgium, Egypt, Sudan, New Zealand, US and more…

·         Interactive Discussions: Join exclusive panel discussions featuring Award Winning Airport Operators to share their challenges and perspectives in generating greater profitability through concession management, DFS, retail strategies, e-commerce, customer profiling, evaluating purchasing patterns, property leasing, car parking and other ancillary services.

·         Eye-opening Presentations Gain strategic insights from over 16 industry experts who will share their knowledge & practical experiences on understanding major factors contributing to maximizing non-aeronautical revenue including the implementation of latest technology, commercial activities, product branding, as well as advertising in car parking, driving revenues through retail offerings, food & beverage, travel services, media and other forms/services

·         In-depth Workshops Attend the 3 Expert-Led Pre-Summit Workshops to grasp the nuts and bolts in maximizing non-aeronautical revenue for your airport

·         Network with decision makers, airport operators, commercial/non aeronautical revenue planning professionals from different global airports to enhance your opportunity of improving your existing or future commercial plans.

Who you will meet 5th Maximizing Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2017?

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operation Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers and Senior Personnel of the following divisions:

·         Retail

·         Retail Operations

·         Commercial

·         Concession

·         Corporate Planning

·         Revenue Management

·         Customer Experience

·         Customer Loyalty/CRM

·         Airport Auxiliary Services

·         Sales & Marketing

·         Brand Management

·         Terminal Operations


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5th Maximising Non-Aeronautical Revenue Summit 2017
09 May 2017 - 12 May 2017
London UK
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