6th Green Ports Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • H.E. Sheikh Yousef Al Abdullah Al Sabah Al Nasser AL SabahH.E. Sheikh Yousef Al Abdullah Al Sabah Al Nasser AL Sabah
    Director General
    Kuwait Ports Authority
  • Kim KelleherKim Kelleher
    Head of Environment & Sustainability
    Lyttelton Port Company
  • Valter SelenValter Selen
    Senior Policy Advisor for Sustainable Development, Cruise and Ferry Ports, EcoPorts Coordinator
  • Tran Thi Tuyet Mai AnhTran Thi Tuyet Mai Anh
    Deputy Director, Vietnam Maritime Administration
    Ministry of Transportation
  • Svetlana SamsonovaSvetlana Samsonova
    Project Manager, Port of the Future
    Port of Antwerp
  • Raul CascajoRaul Cascajo
    Head of Environmental Policies
    Port Authority of Valencia
  • Nils Kemme Nils Kemme
    Managing Director
    HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH
  • Maria Manuel CruzMaria Manuel Cruz
    Environmental Manager
    Port of Aveiro
  • Arvid GuthedArvid Guthed
    Vice President Port Development
    Port of Gothenburg
  • Jackie SpiteriJackie Spiteri
    Senior Manager ESG
    Port of Newcastle
  • Vicki BeattyVicki Beatty
    Head of Safety, Quality & Environment
    Dover Port
  • Alex RuijsAlex Ruijs
    Senior Consultant Electrical Power & Energy
    Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Dr Stephen LivermoreDr Stephen Livermore
    Senior Consultant
    Frazer-Nash Consultancy
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Be at the World's Leading Green Ports Summit! Transform Your Port into a Renewable Energy Hub!

Is your Maritime and Port (MAP) business facing pressing needs to decarbonize and reduce water and air pollution emissions? Looking to change shift to a sustainable business structure and while remaining competitive? Need to develop or redevelop your port infrastructure and processes in order to support the global demand for renewable energy generation and distribution such as the use of green hydrogen and offshore wind? Or are you pressed to look at how you can streamline OR reinvent your operations in order to reduce carbon emissions, drive energy transition and ensure you are providing/promting the use of environmentally friendly power & fuel sources?

Look no further as the 6th Green Ports Summit, taking place Live Online 17-20 January 2022 will feature case studies and best practices globally to look at the above issues and more! Don’t miss it!

The calls for the MAP industry to become more sustainable from the UN and the IMO has shown that the shift to a sustainable port is imminent. Mounting pressure from authorities coupled with the growing renewable energy industry show that MAP businesses need to change how they run their business. The 6th Green Ports Summit will grant you access to information on how to transform into sustainable business and port operations and attract sustainable energy industries and renewable energy and power companies to leverage you as a renewable energy hub for the global renewable energy transition.

With that, don’t miss out on Equip Global’s 6th Green Port Summit, taking place 17-19 January 2022, Live Online! This summit has been tailored for Head/Director/Senior Manager/Manager/Senior Executives of Ports/Maritime Authorities/Logistics Industry/Government Transport Bodies/Ministries of Urban Development/Ministries of Energy, Environment & Resoruces etc., who wants to hear from industry leaders sharing thoughts and expertise on Innovations, Benefits and technological advancements of Renewable Energy Usage and Operations as well as how you can plan and develop your Port Operations & Infrastructure leveraging Green & Sustainable Practices.

Equip Global’s 6th Green Ports Summit is an excellent platform for professionals involved in the MAP industry, to generate valuable insights of challenges and identify potential solutions in this fast-evolving industry. Expect to hear from the MAP industry’s Leading Sustainability Experts as they share on Successful Green Port implementation so that you Pivot your operations into a sustainable business.


What makes 6th Green Ports Summit a MUST ATTEND FOR YOU!

  • Increase your organization’s efficiency and cost savings by understanding how port operators have successfully incorporated renewable energy sources such as green hydrogen into your port operations and implement green & sustainable strategies 
  • Learn space planning and operational practices when incorporating renewable energy practices into your port operations and processes
  • Developing a business strategy to target transportation and distribution within the sustainable energy industry – Be seen as a Leading Renewable Energy Hub!
  • Gain a clear understanding of Greenhouse Gases & Port Sustainability Regulations and Policies around the world to forecast future changes in your industry and adapt accordingly
  • Bridging the gap between where you stand now and the ideal operating & business models to that you ensure your port operations become greener and more competitive globally 
  • Overcome Pertinent challenges that the Ports face when it comes to green port development such as wastewater management, carbon capture, reduction of carbon emissions in your operations, reducing pollution in your operations, supporting green vessels and fleet, and optimizing energy efficiency within your port operations
  • Gain insights on how you can develop strategies and infrastructure to better support global renewable energy generation including the need for specialized processes/infrastructure for hydrogen distribution and/or wind turbine transportation, LNG bunkering infrastructure for the docking LNG Fuelled vessels, sustainable ship repair, the use of clean fuel technologies, and the roll out of green port initiatives and innovation


From Across Port Operators, Maritime/Port Authorities, Logistics Companies, Government Agencies & Ministries involved in Transportation, Energy, Environment and Resources, and Renewable Energy Companies: Heads/Senior Managers/General Managers/ Managers/Engineers/Project Managers/Executives of

  • Environment
  • Environment Policies/Compliance
  • Energy Management
  • Sustainability
  • Planning/Master Planning
  • Development
  • Operations
  • Infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • LNG Bunkering

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6th Green Ports Summit 2022
17 January 2022 - 20 January 2022
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