6th Port Planning and Development Asia Summit 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Eng. Mohammad A. Al DardasawiEng. Mohammad A. Al Dardasawi
    Chief Officer, Ports Development & Construction
    Aqaba Development Corporation
  • Eugene CheahEugene Cheah
    General Manager Business Development
    Fulton Hogan
  • Elvyn G MasassyaElvyn G Masassya
    President Director
    Indonesia Port Corporation
  • Davie DaiDavie Dai
    Former CEO
    Muara Port Company
  • Don KruselDon Krusel
    Managing Director Container Terminals
    Port of Quebec
  • Tony NavaratneTony Navaratne
    Manager Port Planning
    Sydney Ports Corporation
  • Mario LievensMario Lievens
    Port of Antwerp
  • John ChaplinJohn Chaplin
    Director of External Affairs & Special Projects
    The Bristol Port Company
  • Andrew VargaAndrew Varga
    Head of Planning
    Port of Melbourne
  • Natalie GuptaNatalie Gupta
    Master Planner
    Independent Port Consultants Group
  • Tim MorrisTim Morris
    Chief Executive
    The UK Major Ports Group
  • Dennis KogebohnDennis Kogebohn
    Partner & Head of Market Segment
    Hamburg Port Consulting
  • Martin MannionMartin Mannion
    Ports Director
    Mannion Marine
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Leading Port Planning and Development Summit Returns to Singapore!

The World's Leading Port Planning & Development Asia Summit Returns to Singapore in February!

At the 2020 conference, be exposed and hear about the latest insights and project case studies on port planning and development from global port operator and authorities while knowing how you can overcome pertinent challenges effectively as your port operations streamline and grow.

The 6th Port Planning & Development Asia Summit 2020 will gather Chiefs/Heads/Managers of Port Construction & Planning from global port operators/port authorities/maritime authorities, ministry of transportation to fill you with proven case studies & strategies for ports and terminals planning.

Key areas of discussion include how to overcome lagging productivity and overcapacity issues, how to develop ports that cater to future vessel trends and traffic, managing concession agreements, how to develop landside infrastructure, how to assess alternative land uses for terminal construction, port right sizing to develop high capacity terminal, cost control and risk assessment on land reclamation, incorporate automation and advance technology to improve port efficiency & expansion planning as well as rail and road transportation planning and their linkage to the port/warehouse

All in All, it's going to be a tremendous event and a must-attend for port operators and authorities globally! Block Your Calendar to Attend the Annual event!

Key Takeaways at the 2020 summit

Port Design, Layout & Sizing Issues Addressing port design challenges to adapt to uncertain demand forecasts, increased vessel capacities, new vessel designs, alternate terminal space uses, future technological trends and uncertain maritime policies in order to accommodate today’s needs as well as tomorrow trends

Port Overcapacity & Lagging Productivity Find out how ports globally are planning and strategizing to mitigate the risks caused by overcapacity and lagging productivity 

Dredging & Land Reclamation Challenges Learn practical solutions to deal with dredging difficulties, coastal land reclamation issues of flood risk, soil liquefaction, seabed level & land infrastructure to ensure port construction work is executed as per project schedule

Port Automation & Digitalization Hear world class technology/automated system implementation (automated crane system, autonomous truck platooning system) to take your port development to the next level

Port Efficiency with Increased Traffic Flow Optimizing increased vessel traffic flow planning through effective port planning to avoid an increase in congestion and turnover time

Completed Port Development Projects Hear case studies on completed port expansion/development projects across global ports from Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, US

Project Management Improve your monitoring of project cycles to avoid major delays and ensure smooth execution of construction works

Risk Assessment & Climate Change Adaption Use Adaptive Port Planning strategy to systematically deal with uncertainties that appear over the lifetime of your port planning project

Green Port Development Delivering continuous port development projects towards green port for enhanced port performance & operation efficiency

Port Expansion & Relocation Recognizing the technical challenges that need to be addressed so that your port operation is not affected during the transition

Safety & Environmental Impacts – Learn how to implement chemical analyses and characterization before construction for the entire port seabed to avoid dredging disruptions and environmental disasters

Concession Agreements - Understand how you can best manage concession and contractual agreements effectively 

Who Should Attend?

If you represent a port operator, port/maritime authority, project developer Or port engineering contractor and is involved/responsible for port design, planning and development, then this is a Must-Attend conference for YOU! You might represent one the following departments:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Commercial
  • Strategy

OR a C-Level Executive, General Manager OR Harbour Master of a rapidly growing port globally!

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6th Port Planning and Development Asia Summit 2020
18 February 2020 - 21 February 2020
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