6th Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • James HuntJames Hunt
    Interconnectors & Cables Lead,
    Xodus Group
  • Jakub VastmansJakub Vastmans
    Senior Manager, Product & Technology Management - Service & Installation,
    NKT Group
  • Jinhwa JeonJinhwa Jeon
    General Manager - Technical Services
  • Chas SpradberyChas Spradbery
    Operations Director EAME,
    Peritus International
  • Kenneth XuKenneth Xu
    Submarine Power Cable Engineer,
    Hengtong Group
  • Aurélien ZuccariniAurélien Zuccarini
    Operations Director,
  • Dennis StufkensDennis Stufkens
    Operations Director,
    Britned Ltd
  • Martin PetzoldMartin Petzold
    Senior Expert Offshore Cable Installation,
    ZTT Cable
  • Daniele CarusoDaniele Caruso
    Head of Cables,
  • Roel VanthilloRoel Vanthillo
    Managing Director,
  • Team Lead Team Lead
    Cables, Asset Management,
  • Mohsen KavianMohsen Kavian
    Senior Consultant
  • Callum MaxwellCallum Maxwell
    Business Development Manager – Renewables
  • Rene Van KesselRene Van Kessel
    Consultant Submarine Cables
  • Mathias RavelliMathias Ravelli
    Commercial Manager Cable Monitoring Solutions
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With the expansion of offshore power production and the need to fulfil global decarbonisation goals, it is critical to maintain high-quality and reliable offshore grid infrastructure to integrate the expanding offshore power production. Subsea power cables are becoming an increasingly significant component of our energy infrastructure as offshore renewable energy develops.

Due to the numerous uncertainties and technical challenges associated with marine and subsea cable operations, Subsea Power Cable Installation, O&M, and Repair are exceedingly complex and time consuming. This impacts cable reliability which is essential to ensuring that energy continues to flow when and to where it is needed. Maintaining the reliability of the cables and minimising downtime is also an expensive and time-consuming process, with the average cost of repairing a subsea cable being massive and accounting for 77 % financial losses in global offshore wind projects.

This year, Equip Global will be bringing back our Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit series as we aim to deliver a platform for Continuous Learning and Networking Opportunities for Project Developers, Offshore Wind & Renewable Energy Companies, Subsea Cable Manufacturers, Installers and Services Providers. Because we know the current difficulties you are facing around Subsea Cable Protection, Installation, Inspection, Monitoring, Continuous Risk Assessment, as well as Cable Maintenance & Repair.

Join us at this 3-day Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit where we will be gathering key industry players & government stakeholders from Oil & Gas companies, Energy & Utilities, Offshore Wind Farm Owners & Operators, Subsea Cable Installation Companies, TSOs, DSOs, Cable Manufacturers and experts in Repair & Maintenance of Subsea Cable Assets.

In view of the global pandemic, the 6th Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit will be held entirely LIVE Online from the 6th to 8th December 2022.

Key Insights of 6th Subsea Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit 2022!

Hear from our Expert Subsea Power Cable Key Industry Leaders as they offer their views for the industry's future and gain up-to-date information on the most recent subsea cable projects.

Get a Global Perspective on the Subsea Power Cable Market, featuring high-level insights surrounding SEA, APAC, and EMEA projects on Subsea Cable Installation, Reliability, And Asset Management.

Gain Seminal Insights from Success Stories about Current and Upcoming Offshore Power Cable Developments and get Latest Project Phases Updates around the World.

Engage in Expert-led Workshops geared to guide you in embarking on a journey of Successful Contingency Planning for Subsea Cable Failures as well as gaining In-Depth Explanations on how to Improve the Reliability of your Subsea Power Cable Systems.

5 Takeaways from attending 6th Subsea Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit 2022!

Network, Reconnect & Renew Contracts through this exclusive platform for YOU to mingle and virtually meet senior decision makers & stakeholders from Subsea Cable Manufacturers, Installers and Services Providers.

Gain First-Hand Insights into Planning, Monitoring, Maintaining, Repairing and Installation of Offshore Power Cable Projects from Leading Stakeholders along the Subsea Cable value chain.

Discover New & Latest Trends for Subsea Power Cable to gain an overview of New Advances, Innovation and Technological Developments.

Exclusive Access on Subsea Power Cable Market Insights, Specialised Content Interview from Top-level Senior Executives as well as Presentation & Workshop Documentation for Continual Learning and Improvement in Installation, Reliability and Asset Management of Subsea Cables.

DISCOUNTS!! are available if you reserve your seat today and take advantage of the Early Bird Discounted Prices, or sign up your team to benefit from our Group Discount Pricing!


Who should attend

Equip Global's specially researched Summit on Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management is suitable for a wide range of Professionals in the Subsea/Submarine Cable Industry but will especially benefit -

C-Level Executives, Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Superintendents, Managers, Project Managers, Specialists, Engineers involved in:

  • Subsea power cable operations, installation, maintenance, reliability
  • Subsea power cable electrical/mechanical engineering
  • Subsea power cable project engineering/engineers
  • Asset Management/Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Wind/Tidal/Wave energy O&M
  • Subsea power cable design & engineering, commissioning, decommissioning
  • Marine Surveyors

Space is limited, so book early to avoid disappointment!


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6th Subsea Power Cable Installation, Reliability & Asset Management Summit 2022
06 December 2022 - 08 December 2022
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