6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit Live Online 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Christine VinaChristine Vina
    Project Manager - Urban Design
    VIA Metropolitan Transit
  • Dr Caroline FabianskiDr Caroline Fabianski
    Urban Specialist
    Former UITP (International Association of Public Transport)
  • Dale BracewellDale Bracewell
    Manager Transportation Planning
    City of Vancouver
  • David JonesDavid Jones
    City Development Lead – Urban Strategy
    Stellar Projects (New Zealand)
  • Graham CavanaghGraham Cavanagh
    Senior Planner- New Mobility
  • John AndohJohn Andoh
    Mass Transit Administrator and General Manager
    County of Hawai’i Mass Transit Agency
  • Mark ThomasMark Thomas
    Managing Director & Founder
    Serviceworks Group Ltd
  • Mona Noureldin HusenMona Noureldin Husen
    Deputy Head of Strategic Planning and Studies Unit - Senior Urban and Landscape Planning Specialist
    Ministry of Municipality and Environment (Qatar)
  • Nate Thanet ChanchareonNate Thanet Chanchareon
    Senior Vice President
    Magnolia Quality Developments Corporation
  • Dr V. K. GahlotDr V. K. Gahlot
    Director - Center for Research & Sustainable Development (CfRSD)
    Government of Rajasthan (India)
  • Tony ChanTony Chan
    Associate Principal, Planning Business Leader Southeast Asia
  • Sompatsorn PunyaratabandhuSompatsorn Punyaratabandhu
    Senior Vice President
    Magnolia Quality Developments Corporation
  • Naphat SuphattanakulNaphat Suphattanakul
    Senior Vice President
    Magnolia Quality Developments Corporation
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Be at the World's Leading Transit Oriented Development Summit!

Perfect Your Transit-Oriented Development Projects  - 6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2022!

As rapid urbanisation takes place, cities are getting more densely populated and congested. Poorly planned urban areas will result in a disadvantage for the people as they will be distanced from workplaces, services, and opportunities that enable them to lead high-quality lives in cities.

This will in turn also affect the economic outlook of the whole country, therefore, urban developments need to be well-thought and considerate for all stakeholders involved. It is not only limited to stakeholders involved in the planning, coordination, and implementation phases, but also the end-users, and this is when Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) comes into play.

TOD is an extremely important concept in urban planning as it helps to improve connectivity within the country with integrated transport systems. Successful TOD projects maximise the amount of residential, business, and leisure spaces within walking distance of public transport development such as Rail Systems, Metro Stations, Bus Routes, or Cycling Networks. This helps with tackling the pressing climate change issues, as personal vehicles like cars’ emissions are a major source of pollution to the environment. With integrated public transport systems, the demand for personal vehicles will decrease due to the convenience of using public transport, and in the long run, it will lead to a decrease in car emissions polluting the environment.

However, solely improving the connectivity and accessibility of public transportation is not the solution to a successful TOD project. There are other important factors like social security and safety issues that need to be taken into consideration, having a convenient and well-connected transport system but people are not able to commute safely will make Your TOD projects futile as people would still value their well-being and instead commute with their personal vehicles.

Therefore, it is important to implement smarter TOD projects to create a safer, more sustainable and interconnected environment around public transport enabling inhabitants to have more productive contributions to wider communities whilst minimising the development footprint per capita. This will also lead to huge economic, business, and political benefits for the country as a whole in the long-run.

Equip Global is pleased to announce the dates for the leading 6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2022 that will be happening LIVE Online. Back by popular demand, this annual summit is the best platform for global industry experts from Government Agencies, Municipalities, Transport operators, Project Developers, and Real Estate Companies involved in the Transit-Oriented Development value chain to gather for invaluable networking and learning opportunities on the strategies to improve the planning, coordination, and implementation process for Your Transit-Oriented Development Project.

This is a conference truly worth experiencing for Transit-Oriented Development Industry professionals! You will gain an immense amount of information and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere.

Stay abreast global treands as expert speakers and project leeaders provide a unique insight on how can you enhance Transit Oriented Development strategies within your cities through topics focused around institutional framework on policy ground rules & regulations, successful business model and finance mechanisms, best ways to integrate land use and transport planning, success factors & mixed-use components to foster equitable & sustainable Transit Oriented Development model, best practices of urban design in Transit Oriented development, pedestrian design for urban mobility, improving land management & acquisition, find out how you can get a ROI on your Transit Oriented Development Project and many more!

If you are involved OR in charge of transit oriented development project design and planning, this is the MUST ATTEND SUMMIT and the BEST GLOBALLY!

What Makes the 6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit a MUST ATTEND

  • Gain Targeted Knowledge on effective TOD methods and strategies – Understand the latest development strategies, best practice frameworks and mechanisms that help with the planning, coordination, implementation of TOD projects and how to make use of these proven strategies to improve the success of Your TOD projects
  • Comprehensive Presentations by Industry Experts - Gain insights on the major challenges, and issues faced across the industry Globally, and how You can overcome them to achieve huge economic, business, societal, and urban development benefits
  • Get Inspired by Real-life Case Studies in the Transit-Oriented development industry Globally – Learn from their success and mistakes, to make sure your future TOD plan brings greater connectivity, reduces congestion, creates investment, business and employment opportunities, and raises the standard of urban living in Your country
  • Hear about the Best Practices of effective TOD solutions and strategies done by Key Industry Players and uunderstand how other authorities and organisations successfully incorporate them into their TOD process, and use it to benchmark Your organisation against other successful organisations, highlighting areas for improvement in Your organisation
  • Interactive Panel Discussions – Gain new perspectives on Industry Best Practices and ask any burning questions or opinions you have for Transit-Oriented Development that helps in improving the quality of Your TOD projects
  •  In-depth Workshops - 4 expert-led summit workshops for you to gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues and trends in Transit-Oriented Development, and learn how others are overcoming and leveraging them with extremely knowledgeable and experienced workshop leaders
  • Networking Opportunities – Connect and converse with like-minded people and industry peers, build and expand your professional network

Take advantage oand reserve your seat today to not miss a chance to be involved in the 6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2022 Live Online!

Endless opportunities for first-hand updates, networking, and discussion on global strategies and discovering new innovative solutions from only the best in their field to further develop and incorporate effective collaborative efforts, funding strategies, and conducive frameworks to enhance your transit oriented development process!


This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers, and Project Managers and Senior Executives of:

  • Planning/City /Town/ Urban Transport Planner
  • Development
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD)
  • Projects (TOD/Urban Development)
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Transportation (Rail/Metro)
  • Real Estate
  • Investment

From Across:

  • Ministries of National Development
  • Ministries of Infrastructure
  • Ministries of Transportation /Transportation Authorities
  • Urban Development Authorities
  • Housing Authorities
  • Rail Operators/ Metro Operators
  • Bus & Other Transport Operators
  • Property Investors/ Investment Firms
  • City Planners

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6th Transit Oriented Development World Summit Live Online 2022
26 September 2022 - 29 September 2022
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