7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Emman SalazarEmman Salazar
    VP Human Resources
    Concepcion Industrial Corporation
  • Patricia PiniesPatricia Pinies
    Head of Rewards APAC
  • Rajesh ManikRajesh Manik
    Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Alexander NicolausAlexander Nicolaus
    Head of People, Talent and Culture
  • Chen Fong TuanChen Fong Tuan
    HR and General Affairs Director
    Samsung Electronics
  • Sahil BatraSahil Batra
    Senior Asia Benefits Manager
  • Shaun WooShaun Woo
    HR Director
  • Victoria WangVictoria Wang
    Head of Compensation and Payroll
  • Farhan Ur RehmanFarhan Ur Rehman
    Deputy Chief Learning and Capability Development
    MOL Pakistan Oil and Gas Co. B.V.
  • Gabriele FrazzoliGabriele Frazzoli
    Reward Manager South East Asia
  • Ronaldo TurlaRonaldo Turla
    Human Resources Expert Trainer and Author
  • Gigi MathayGigi Mathay
    Former HR Country Head
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In a competitive talent landscape, employers should be mindful of their total compensation and benefits programs and packages to attract the high-level, skilled talent they seek. A compensation and benefits package can position a small business as an employer of choice, helping your company appeal to higher-quality workers. A well-considered benefits and compensation package helps you attract and retain workers, and it doesn’t have to break your budget. Therefore, understanding what employees expect and what your organization can deliver, and then building packages accordingly, will go a long way in winning the war for talent.

With that in mind, the well received and highly anticipated “7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020” will set to return to Singapore, from 18th to 21st February 2020! This annual summit, proudly brought to you by Equip Global, aims to discuss some of the most prominent Developments and Trends driving the Compensation and Benefits Landscape: Alternative Health Care Benefits to Cope with Rising Cost- Best Practices and Lessons Learnt, Developing a System of Variable Pay Rise that Reward Actual Goal Attainment, Engaging in Accurate Benchmarking to Ensure Competitiveness to Market/Industry Practices and MORE!


The “7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020” is an excellent platform for HR professionals, to congregate, learn from and Thrive in this Ever-Changing Compensations and Benefits Landscape. Be part of this leading platform especially catered to professionals who are looking to improve their C&B decision making, as well as empowered to collaborate, perform, embrace trends and challenge the industry.

If there Is 1 HR event that you NEED TO attend in the year 2020, it has to be the 7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020!

Key Takeaways from attending the 7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020

  1. Identifying Top Components to Strengthen your Employee Value Proposition and Improve Satisfaction
  1. Developing a System of Variable Pay Rise that Reward Actual Goal Attainment
  1. Engaging in C&B Planning and Budgeting to Maximize your Organization’s Merit Budget
  1. Developing a Comprehensive and Competitive Employment Package that Distinguish Itself from your Competitor’s
  1. Identifying Up-and-Coming Non-Traditional Benefits to Improve Employee Morale and Retention
  1. Personalizing your Benefits Offering to Better Cater to the Needs of Employees Across Demographics
  1. Alternative Health Care Benefits to Cope with Rising Cost- Best Practices and Lessons Learnt
  1. Engaging in Accurate Benchmarking to Ensure Competitiveness to Market/Industry Practices
  1. Communicating Effectively to Internal Stakeholders and Employees to Drive Coordination and Gain Buy-Ins for your C&B schemes

Who Should Attend the 7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020

This event is tailored made for Head, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers, Generalists, Analysts, Senior Executives of :

  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Performance & Rewards
  • Organization Development
  • Talent Management/ Development
  • Finance & Administration
  • Learning & Development
  • Performance Management

A detailed conference agenda is still under development. If you wish to hear about a specific topic or from a specific speaker, please provide your feedback to: enquiry@equip-global.com

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7th Compensation and Benefits Summit 2020
18 February 2020 - 21 February 2020
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