8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Adam GłodekAdam Głodek
    Head of SME & Mid- Corporates Management Agile Centre (Dyrektor Centrum Agile),
  • Hugues HéninHugues Hénin
    International Business Development Director,
    Credit Agricole Creditor Insurance, Italy
  • Hervé MassiéHervé Massié
    Managing Director,
    Active Assurances
  • Sadek KhoukasSadek Khoukas
    Head of Life and Bancassurance,
    UFA (Union Franco Arabe D’assurances Et Reassurances)
  • Manoj KumarManoj Kumar
    Managing Director & CEO,
    MNK Re Limited (Reinsurance)
  • Manuel Hernandez PalaciosManuel Hernandez Palacios
    Regional Head of Products & Business Development,
    Zurich-Santander Insurance, Spain
  • Peter RebrinPeter Rebrin
    Chief Executive Officer,
    QBE Brasil
  • Meshack MiyogoMeshack Miyogo
    Alternative Channels,
    Liberty Life Kenya
  • Eduardo Cardoso de MirandaEduardo Cardoso de Miranda
    Business Development Manager,
    Crédit Agricole Assurances
  • Tsukasa MakinoTsukasa Makino
    Manager, IT Planning Dept,
    Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd
  • Marton BesnyoMarton Besnyo
    Head of Retail Product Management,
  • Murat HokeMurat Hoke
    Business Development, Customer Experience and Bancassurance Director,
  • Suela NezirajSuela Neziraj
    Financial Reporting Analyst-Bancassurance,
    Sigal Uniqa Group
  • Mihkel MandreMihkel Mandre
    Head of Product Development. Member of The Board,
    Swedbank Life Insurance SE and Swedbank P&C Insurance AS
  • Joseph Priso NgalleJoseph Priso Ngalle
    Director of Bancassurance,
    Beneficial Life Insurance
  • Susanne HannestadSusanne Hannestad
    Board Director,
    Nordax Bank AB
  • Vineet Jaiswal, Vineet Jaiswal,
    Head of Bancassurance,
    National Bank of Oman
  • Taner AyhanTaner Ayhan
    EVP, Retail Banking, Small Business,
    Agricultural Banking and Insurance Anadolubank A.Ş
  • Frederic MelleFrederic Melle
    Head of Non-Life Insurance (Product & Operations),
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Summit Overview

Over the past years banks and insurance companies have been faced with an increasingly complex set of domestic and international challenges. Growth, competition and innovation and meeting new requirements are an increasing challenge for both sectors particularly when it comes to Bancassurance. Issues related to fierce competition, constantly-evolving regulations and significant variations in market dynamics are all accentuated by product offerings that may not suit the needs of consumers and divergent objectives of key banks and insurers. The global bancassurance market is a sizable and increasingly important channel for protection products, and is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.16% in 2019.

Taking place between 26-29 June 2018, 8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018 will make Europe’s premier networking and learning platform for Banks, Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies, Insurance Brokers from across the region will gather to discuss and share insightful experiences on current & future prospects/marketing strategies of the bancassurance distribution channel, utilizing data analytics to understand the infrastructural, consumer and business drivers affecting bancassurance in Europe, learning strategies to enhance existing & new Banca product development/feature and pricing, digitization and technology implementation on Banca Business Model and more!

Key Topics of Discussion at 8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018

  • Hearing case studies to managing challenges in multichannel distribution models
  • Comparing effectiveness of different distribution channel for Banca products including bank’s branch sales, telemarketing and digital platform
  • Discussing the profitability and sustainable Bancassurance revenue models in the Europe market
  • Reviewing the marketing strategies of the bancassurance distribution channel to enhance better ROI
  • Enhancing market-driven Banca products to increase market competitiveness
  • Learning best practices in building on quality of Banca products and services
  • Discussing comprehensive guide in improving data collection and data analytics process to better analysed customer database for new Banca product development
  • Addressing the challenges related to infrastructural, consumer behaviour, regulatory framework and business drivers affecting bancassurance in Europe
  • Learning strategies to enhance bancassurance growth through digital innovation
  • Hearing comprehensive guide to manage customer data and digitization without negative impact on clients and business revenue

Key Benefits of Attending 8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018

  1. Discovering recent bancassurance development and regulatory framework including IDD in Europe
  2. Revealing successful tips and tricks from Top Banca players in Europe on the keynotes and Banca essentials to address the customer experience challenges
  3. Understanding the emerging trends of alternative distribution channel from a global perspective of UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Slovakia, Austria and more
  4. Learning the best Customer Centric practices in Banca product features including life insurance, general insurance, property & casualty insurance
  5. Exploring the most innovative Banca products to maximize the investment on the billion-worth partnership
  6. Hearing successful Bancassurance Operational Models in Europe to minimize risk of partnership termination
  7. Understanding how technology implementation including Blockchain, RPA, IoT & AI improving Banca sales competency model

Who you will meet at this 8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018?

Leading Banks, Insurance Companies, Reinsurance Companies, Insurance Brokers’:

  • Heads / Vice Presidents/ Directors / Assistant Vice Presidents/ Managers of
  • Bancassurance
  • Bancassurance/Insurance Sales
  • Bancassurance/Insurance Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Partnerships
  • Alternative Channels
  • Retail/ Consumer Banking
  • Product Innovation (specifically within Bancassurance/Insurance Business Unit)
  • Wealth Management

Request for More Information

Please email us at enquiry@equip-global.com or contact us (65) 6376 0908 for more information on the agenda, registration rates and full speaker profiles.


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8th Bancassurance Europe Summit 2018
26 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
London, UK
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