Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Maria VassilakouMaria Vassilakou
    Executive City Councillor for Urban Planning, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation,
    City of Vienna (Austria)
  • Peter NeundlingerPeter Neundlinger
    General Manager,
    Wohnservice Wien (Austria)
  • David SilkeDavid Silke
    Director of Research and Corporate Affairs,
    The Housing Agency (Ireland)
  • Jarrad SavageJarrad Savage
    Development Director,
    SHC Group
  • Matthias HelbleMatthias Helble
    Senior Economist & Co-Chair of Research Department,
    Asian Development Bank Institute
  • Naveed AnwarNaveed Anwar
    Executive Director,
    Asian Institute of Technology
  • Mohammad Abu SadequeMohammad Abu Sadeque
    Housing and Building Research Institute
  • Vineeta HariharanVineeta Hariharan
    Mission Head – National Rurban Mission,
    Ministry of Rural Development (India)
  • Nigel HindmarshNigel Hindmarsh
    General Manager Commercial Operations,
    Department of Communities (Australia)
  • Greg CashGreg Cash
    Assistant Director General – Housing,
    Department of Communities (Australia)
  • Anjali Karol MohanAnjali Karol Mohan
    Head of Research and Policy,
    Indian Housing Federation (India)
  • Bhawana ChhetriBhawana Chhetri
    Deputy Chief Urban Planner,
    Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (Bhutan)
  • Loay GhazalehLoay Ghazaleh
    Portfolio Advisor – Major Infrastructure & PPP,
    Ministry of Works (Bahrain)
  • Roderick IbanezRoderick Ibanez
    Assistant Department Manager,
    National Housing Authority (Philippines)
  • Deddy S. BratakusumahDeddy S. Bratakusumah
    National Planning and Regional Development Planner and Trainer,
    BAPPENAS – National Development Planning Agency (Indonesia)
  • Angelito AguilaAngelito Aguila
    Director – Policy Development, Legislation & Special Projects,
    Legislation & Special Projects, Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
  • Kwan Ok LeeKwan Ok Lee
    Assistant Professor - Department of Real Estate,
    National University of Singapore
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With a growing urban population in Asia, cities need to provide new housing for a large number of new residents yearly. About a quarter of the total urban population in Asia is living below the poverty line where people live in precarious housing without tenure and access to basic services like water, sewerage and electricity. The lack of housing access is one of the most serious and widespread consequences and causes of poverty in Asian cities. Authorities often find themselves struggling with challenges to house their poorest citizens or to provide housing at a reasonable cost for low and middle income populations.

Access to decent, affordable housing provides stability for vulnerable families and helps prevent homelessness.

Equip Global’s Leading Affordable Housing Asia Summit will take place on 8 – 11 May 2018 in Singapore to address the challenges in accelerating the development of affordable houses in Asia. The conference will feature projects from government, public and private sectors on latest housing regulations, initiatives and solutions to poverty housing issues and promotes affordable housing as a driver of economic growth.

Expect to hear strategic presentations that analyse the current housing landscape from perspective of funding and policy options and developing a sustainable housing finance mechanism that could be beneficial for the private sector in order to ease the strong reliance of government funding. On top of that, there will be case studies on land use policies, designing amenities and neighborhood centers for integrated residential development and innovation of new technologies that increase construction productivity and efficiency in order to make housing affordable. 

Key Takeaways of Affordable Housing Asia Summit

  1. Analyse the best practices and lessons learn in the housing projects across Asia to overcome the challenges in providing affordable housing
  2. Ensuring the availability of developable land and remove uncertain property rights to encourage housing markets
  3. Establishing clear definition of affordable housing and enforcing regulations to execute development projects
  4. Providing an environment that encourages banks to gives more people access to housing loans
  5. Developing policies to lower housing financing cost by granting mortgages at lower rates
  6. Promoting housing policies that aims at improving living quality and reducing environmental impact
  7. Gain insights on various funding mechanism in expediting and delivery of affordable houses
  8. Lowering building cost by providing alternative building materials or technology that is sustainable, environmental friendly, resilient to natural disaster and affordable
  9. Improving Public-Private Partnership by having structured and long term PPP arrangements to increase the delivery of housing

Who Should Attend Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2018

This event is tailored made for authorities and agencies in charge of National Development, Housing Policies or Infrastructure, Real Estate Developers, Construction , Engineering and Architecture Contractors, Financiers and Service Providers of

  • Housing
  • Affordable Housing
  • Housing Development
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban and Rural Planning
  • Special Projects
  • Project Management
  • Planning and Development
  • Infrastructure and Investment
  • Building and Construction
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Sustainability 

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Please email for more information on the agenda, registration rates and full speaker profiles.


  • AVPN
  • AsianNGO
  • Property Hunter
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Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2018
08 May 2018 - 11 May 2018
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