Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Roslina SailanRoslina Sailan
    Senior Architecture Consultant,
    Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
  • Jose Ramon Armenteros PerezJose Ramon Armenteros Perez
    Project Manager,
  • Nadeem FarooqiNadeem Farooqi
    Director – E&M,
    Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
  • Antoine BonnaudAntoine Bonnaud
    Aviation Director – APAC,
  • Ozgur KayabayOzgur Kayabay
    Architect – Istanbul ATC Tower Project Coordinator,
    EAA (Emre Arolat Architecture)
  • Tansel DalgaliTansel Dalgali
    Partner – Architect,
    Turgul Alton Mimarlik
  • Murali VaradarajanMurali Varadarajan
    Vice President & Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Group,
    GVK Power and Infrastructure Limited
  • Paul KimPaul Kim
    Senior Project Manager,
  • Bernardo GognaBernardo Gogna
    Capital Programme Director,
    Schiphol Airport Group
  • Enkhbat NavaantsedenEnkhbat Navaantseden
    Project Director,
    New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Construction Project
  • Derek MartinDerek Martin
    VP - Operations & Maintenance,
    Wayne County Airport Authority
  • Kazunori KatsutaniKazunori Katsutani
    Director - Airport Facilities Advancement Office,
    Japan Civil Aviation Bureau Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
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World’s Leading Air Traffic Control Towers Summit Returns to Singapore!

Remarkable Platform Demonstrating Outstanding Designs & Engineering, Planning & Construction of World’s Astonishing Air Traffic Towers.

Join the One and Only Conference with Leading ATC Towers’ Projects Controllers, Designers, Architects, Developers and Specialists.

Contemplate Iconic ATC Towers Projects’ Progresses and Achievements – Scrutinise Challenges & Considerations in Tower Development - Secure & Learn Latest Innovative Solutions and Technologies in Designing, Planning, Engineering & Construction of ATC Towers.

Summit Overview

Driven by immense requirements for incontestable safety & meticulousness of air navigation services as well as burgeoning rates of growth in airfields’ capacity expansion and airports construction throughout the world, numerous ATC Towers (ATCT) are being added every year across countries. Whether an ATCT is being maintained & retrofitted; planned afresh and designed on a new airfield; or constructed as a replacement tower, there are critical & sophisticated aspects Projects controllers, planners, developers, architects, engineers, end-users and necessary stakeholders need to consider during every phase of construction projects. These considerations involve sophisticated decision-making aspects including heights decision & siting analysis, structural analyses and non-structural damage prevention, foundation types geotechnical examination, seismic & wind performance design approaches, constructability studies …  and undoubtedly aesthetically architectural designs with recent attention given to environmental friendliness.

As part of our Global Aviation Infrastructure event series, Equip Global would like to present the latest Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017.

Don’t miss the unique presentations, case studies, interactive panel discussions, roundtables, networking opportunities featuring the developments, progresses, considerations in planning & design, obstacles overcome throughout construction & engineering stages as well as major and unconventional feats in the making of well-acclaimed ATCTs around the World. Gain the one-of-its-kind visions into every step through development of ATCTs that you will find nowhere else and turn such unmatchable advantages into your conscientiously designed, methodically constructed and iconic ATC Towers as well as tangible, distinguishing values for in your investment in airport construction projects.

Key Matters to be Discussed at Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017

Key summit’s discussions and presentations will cover over 16 case studies, each specifically emphasizing different sets of issues and practices regarding Planning, Design, Engineering and Construction of ATC Towers which include:

  • ATCT construction project feasibility studies – projects preliminary requirements, costing analyses, materials & resources requirement, risk management, minimization of project disturbance on airport operation
  • Planning with conscience: highlighting health & safety standards and prevention & mitigation of natural hazards or human factors accidental situations
  • Best practices in construction methodology
  • ATCT Planning and constructability studies including Height & siting analyses, angle of incidence, probability of detection, recognition of objects…
  • How ATCT’s durability and sustainability can be maximized
  • Seismic standard and seismic performance design of ATCT; Wind design for ATCT
  • ATCT maintenance costs and life-cycle costs analysis
  • Designing and engineering ATCT for future extension capability
  • Geotechnical exploration & implications; soil testing & analyses; subsurface exploration; environmental contamination assessment
  • Considerations in the installation of electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Applying green building advancements in constructing ATC Towers: Benefits and approaches
  • ATCT groundbreaking, foundation types, structures, selection and installation
  • Preventing, handling and mitigating structural and non-structural damages in ATC towers
  • Understanding Effects of ATCTs’ planning and design on the performance of ATC performance

And many more

Why You Should Not Miss Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017?

  • 16+ Presentations Featuring Iconic, Award-winning and Recently Completed ATC Towers Enabling Opportunity to Scrutinise Considerations & Challenges throughout Phases of Development & Construction
  • Interactive Panel Discussions via Informal Settings: beside listening to presentations demonstrating best construction practices and glimpsing at world’s acclaimed ATCTs throughout their development stages, you will not like to miss out any of fantastic opportunity to learn from and network with the leaders and decision-makers in the field from Air Navigation Services (ANS), Airport Operators, Aviation Authorities, Ministries of Transport, Architectural Consultants, as well as ANS technologies & equipment providers and many more. Discover future ATCT projects, mutually anticipate latest progress in ANS technological applications and the implications
  • 4 Separately Bookable Experts-led Workshops with Various Topical Emphases: While allowing you to align planning & engineering expertise to ATCT’s end-users’ requirements and design aesthetically inviting tower, workshops will highlight aspects AND proven solutions through case studies including

    1) Best Project Management, Monitoring & Controlling Practices; Hazards Prevention & Mitigation
    2) Planning & Constructability Analyses; Minimising Life Cycle Costs While Maximising Sustainability; Geotechnical Examination, Subsurface Exploration;
    3) Structural Types and Architectural Design;
    4) Construction Methodology; Foundationing & Footing Issues; Equipment Installation
  • Harnessing Global Expertise and Perspectives: No other event will beat this unique opportunity to convene along with specialists, experts and decision makers globally who will gather in Singapore altogether only to discuss about the planning, design, engineering and construction aspects of ATC Towers. 

Who will you meet at Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017?

Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017 bring together senior-level professionals who develop, construct, control and monitor ATCT Projects from:

  • Civil Aviation Authorities / Agencies
  • Air navigation services
  • Airport Operators
  • Ministries of Transport and Agencies for aerospace planning & development
  • Air Navigation Services Providers
  • Architecture design companies

More details!

Please email for more information on the agenda, registration rates and full speaker profiles.


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Air Traffic Control Towers Summit 2017
25 July 2017 - 28 July 2017
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