16th Airfield Ground Lighting Congress 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Engr Muhammad AsjadEngr Muhammad Asjad
    Senior Assistant Director (Electrical),
    Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority
  • Maaz SiddiquiMaaz Siddiqui
    Airport Construction Manager (AGL & MEP),
    Red Sea International Airport, The Red Sea Development Company
  • Ashraf DemianAshraf Demian
    Director, Planning & Development,
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
  • Moukhtar BleibelMoukhtar Bleibel
    FM & AGL Manager,
    Civil Aviation Authority Qatar
    Senior Vice President – Engineering & Maintenance,
    Bangalore International Airport
  • Ismail PolatIsmail Polat
    Chief Planning Officer,
    IGA Istanbul New Airport
  • Keith CostallKeith Costall
    Director Technical Services,
    Perfect Airport Solutions
  • Siga JudsonSiga Judson
    Former General Manager Electric Engineering at NSCBI Airport,
    Airports Authority of India
  • Yousuf Sulaiman Younis Al NaabiYousuf Sulaiman Younis Al Naabi
    Senior Compliance & Certification Specialist,
    Oman Airports Management Company
  • Ing Luca SandroIng Luca Sandro
    Airfield Engineer,
    Italian Civil Aviation Authority
  • Muhammad ArfanMuhammad Arfan
    Special Airport Systems Expert,
  • Prateek VazePrateek Vaze
    Vice President Engineering Operations,
    GMR Hyderabad International Airport
    General Manager, JHUNAIR ENGINEERING Services & AGL Designer,
    New Clark International Airport
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Be at the World's Leading AGL Conference! IN SINGAPORE!

Equip Global’s 16th Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress 2023 is back again Bigger and Better, this time in person PHYSICALLY in SINGAPORE!

Join us in SINGAPORE, this coming 8-11 May 2023, as we gather Airfield Ground Lighting Industry Leaders Globally behind leading airports with State-of-the-Art Airfield Lighting Systems as well as involved with latest AGL Projects & Technological Innovation in particular LED AGL Systems & SOLAR POWERED AGL Systems around the World. This is your opportunity to be part of an exciting conference that allows you to engage in global cutting-edge conversations focusing on the development of Airfield Ground Lighting.

At the 16th Airfield Ground Lighting World Congress in Singapore, Expect to hear Industry Best Practices and Latest Technologies regarding the Design, Layout, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Operations of AGL Systems, with a HEAVY FOCUS this year on LED Airfield Ground Lighting Systems, as well discuss the nuts and bolts to uncover Regulatory Compliance Considerations, Practical Solutions, Strategies as well as discussing the impact of New Technological Solutions available in the market whilst creating a viable and systematic pathway during Implementation.


Why You Should Not Miss the Summit:

  • Hear AGL Experts from leading airports share their experiences with LED Airfield Lighting, Solar AGL Lighting, and other State-of-the-Art Airfield Lighting Systems as well as get up-to-date with Latest AGL Projects around the World.
  • Learn about Best AGL System Layout and Design Management Practices to create a Robust AGL System to Cater to your AGL Operation needs at your airport to enhance AGL Performance
  • Learn about Industry Best Practices on Preventive Maintenance for various AGL Components
  • Gain Knowledge of Procedures including Conducting Inspection, Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Hear about exciting Case studies of the Latest Technological Innovations that will enhance control-monitoring, allow for better inspection, troubleshooting and Maintenance.
  • Discuss Effective Asset Management Practices in order to maximize the Life Cycle of Airfield Ground Lighting Systems regarding existing Assets and New Upgrades
  • Investigate Practical and Technical Considerations of the Latest AGL Technological Solutions to create the best approach to Modernizing your AGL systems and Operations at your Aerodrome!
  • Examine Practice Implications of ICAO and IEC compliance and Modernization and Development of Airfields have on your AGL Design and Operations
  • Understand Best Practices Regarding Testing, Installation, Commissioning, Inspection and Maintenance of Various AGL Components to reduce Downtime and Extend Asset Life Cycle
  • Overcoming Challenges around Cable Management, Cable Layout, Maintenance, Impact of Pavement and Runway Stresses on Cabling, Smart Power Control, Backup Power Configuration, Alternative Power, and other Technical Aspects of AGL Systems
  • Find out how you can adapt to latest AGL adoption trends including the hybrid management of assets including Airport Lighting & Incorporation of Renewable Energy into your AGL operations 
  • Explore Practical Strategies to ensure the Integrity of Power Supplies to your AGL System.
  • In-depth workshops – attend 6 pre- & post-summit workshops led by only the best world leading AGL experts on how you can Adopt Best Practices in Tackling Issues related to Your Airfield Ground Lighting System Design, Planning, Maintenance & Operations
  • In-Person Networking & Learning Opportunities – Debate & Discuss Solutions to real-life challenges encountered during Your AGL Operations!
  • Facing challenges? Ask ALL the burning AGL questions during the panel discussions and networking breaks with industry leaders so that you can accelerate your projects and improve your processes & staff knowledge immediately!

Who Should Attend:

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Vice Presidents, Heads, Directors, Specialist, Technical Executives and Engineers of the following divisions including:

  • Airfield/Airport Lighting
  • AGL
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Facilities Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Engineering & Development
  • Airside Modernization
  • Airside Operations
  • Technical Services
  • Asset Management & Utilities
  • Airside Development
  • Cable Systems

From (But not limited to) :

  • Airport Operators, Aviation Authorities (Civilian & Military Airport), Air forces
  • Technologies Providers and Consulting Organizations
  • Airfield Ground Lighting/Aeronautical Lighting Systems
    • Lighting System Components
    • Current Regulators Providers
    • Visual Aids/Signage Providers
    • Consultancy in Installation/Design/Maintenance of AGL Systems

Like More Details:

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16th Airfield Ground Lighting Congress 2023
08 May 2023 - 11 May 2023
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