Airport Modernization Summit 2019
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Peter ThomsonPeter Thomson
    Digital Program Manager
    Sydney Airport
  • Simon WilcoxSimon Wilcox
    Head of Automation and Optimisation
    Heathrow Airport
  • Andrew ChanAndrew Chan
    Manager IT (Planning and Innovation)
    Airport Authority Hong Kong
  • Sarosh BhattiSarosh Bhatti
    Director Business Intelligence and Corporate Strategy
    Edmonton International Airport
  • Brian DiqueBrian Dique
    Section Head – Passenger Services
    Department of Civil Aviation UAE
  • Paolo CambulaPaolo Cambula
    Head of Infrastructure Planning and Development
    Aeroporti di Roma
  • Subbarao HegdeSubbarao Hegde
    Chief Technology Officer
    GMR Group
  • Yann Le PageYann Le Page
    Former Airside Design Director
    Istanbul Grand Airport
  • Peter MungaiPeter Mungai
    Acting Director of IT
    Kenya Airways
  • Myron KeehnMyron Keehn
    Vice President Air Service & Commercial Development
    Edmonton International Airport
  • Ashish DongreAshish Dongre
    Assistant Vice President – Corporate Finance & Strategy
    Mumbai International Airport
  • Pradeep SangalPradeep Sangal
    Assistant Vice President – Projects
    Bangalore International Airport
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Airports globally are actively embarking on modernization plans and pumping hefty investments into mega airport modernization projects in order to elevate their airport infrastructure and services. This is to ensure they transform their facilities and operations into what they envision to be expected of a market leader as they serve a growing number of passengers year on year. Operational inefficiencies, long waiting times, inadequate and aging facilities, limited retail, poor accessibility and unpleasant staff attitudes are some of the common examples of negative passenger experience encountered by travellers around the world.

The ideal passenger experience is to ensure a seamless travel experience in a pleasant environment for customers. Therefore there is an increasing amount of airports are moving towards the concept of Airport 4.0 that focuses on connectivity and real-time information sharing in one fully integrated digital ecosystem in order to provide world class travel experience as part of airport modernization.


World's Leading Airport Modernization Summit!

Equip Global’s Airport Modernization Summit is taking place on 18 – 21 June 2019 in Singapore, the summit aims to gather key airport stakeholders in one platform to discuss how you can overcome challenges while leveragingopportunities as your airport plan and implement airport modernization projects. As importantly, this highly anticipated summit will providepractical insights to you on how you can deliver a world class travel experience by transforming your airport infrastructures.


Expect to hear from renowned airport operators who have completed airport modernization projects or airports undergoing a transformation journey whereby they will share best practices and key factors in achieving a Smart & Modern airport that enhancePassenger experience while ensuring operational effeicency. If you are keen to discuss and learn the best practices on infrastructure enhancement and capacity development or how to leverage on technologies and innovations to streamline passenger movement OR if you are facing challenges in the design and planning of airport modernization, block these dates in your calendar today and join us at the summit!



  • SMART Airports – Identify the latest smart technology and innovations for building smarter airports
  • Airport 4.0 – Implement a fully integrated digital ecosystem by sharing real-time information with all stakeholders
  • Airport Capacity – Optimise capacity in a constraint airport to meet future demands
  • Revenue Growth – Generate revenue and reduce operational cost with digital transformation
  • Passenger Experience – Apply new innovation and technology to streamline passenger movement to achieve a seamless and stress-free passenger experience
  • Airport Planning – Learn practical insights on the functional designs and plans for a sustainable airport
  • Airport Operational Processes – Develop end-to-end solution to reduce long waiting time and provide a seamless and secured travel journey
  • Operational Efficiency – Analyse the key factors to achieve operational efficiency during an airport transformation journey
  • Airport Master Planning – Discover the key strategy to develop and execute a Master Plan highlighting the cost, benefits and overall impact with airport stakeholders
  • Airport Construction – Achieve minimise disruption to live airport operations during airport modernization process
  • Airport Infrastructure & Facilities – Find out how you can ensure your airside/landside infrastructure are operating at a level that is in-line with the best airports globally
  • Airport Accessibility – Learn how you can improve access in and out of your terminals with modern airport designs
  • Networking Opportunities – with up to 40 hours of networking and discussion opportunities to debate real-life challenges encountered by global aviation experts to prepare you for your airport modernisation plan


This event is tailor-made for Authorities and Airport Operators undergoing or planning for expansion or modernisation projects from the following divisions:

  • Modernization
  • Development
  • Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Construction
  • Projects
  • Operations

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Airport Modernization Summit 2019
18 June 2019 - 21 June 2019
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