Coastal and Environment Summit 2017
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Dr. Yasser GeneidDr. Yasser Geneid
    Specialist - Ecosystems Rehabilitation,
    Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
  • Jesper Svarrer DamgaardJesper Svarrer Damgaard
    Managing Director - International Development,
    WYG Group
  • Ferit TemurFerit Temur
    Biodiversity - Land-Use and Co-Management,
  • Cecilia FischerCecilia Fischer
    Policy Advisor - Biodiversity/Marine Conservation in ASEAN,
  • Mehdi Ben HajMehdi Ben Haj
    General Coordinator, Agence de Protection et d’Amenagement du Littoral; Chairman, Tunisian Association of Coastal, Ports & Maritime Engineering
  • Mario Marques CebralMario Marques Cebral
    Timor-Leste Project Coordinator,
  • Rahanna JumanRahanna Juman
    Deputy Director & ICZM Programme Chair,
    Institute of Marine Affairs (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Desiree Eve R. MaañoDesiree Eve R. Maaño
    In-charge - Coastal and Marine Ecosystems Management Section,
    Biodiversity Management Bureau (Philippines)
  • Dr. Awantha DissanayakeDr. Awantha Dissanayake
    Marine Lead Advisor - MPAs - MCZ Designation & Conservation Advice,
    Natural England
  • Potlako KhatiPotlako Khati
    Control Environmental Officer - Coastal Planning and Spatial Information,
    Department of Environmental Affairs South Africa
  • Ramchurn SeenauthRamchurn Seenauth
    Head - Integrated Coastal Zone Management Division – Department of Environment,
    Ministry of Environment & Sustainable Development (Mauritius)
  • Dr. Sakanan PlathongDr. Sakanan Plathong
    Coral Reef and Benthos Research Unit,
    Prince of Songkla University
  • Urs BaumgartnerUrs Baumgartner
    Aquaculture Scaling and Partnership Initiative,
    World Fish
  • Arthur MitchellArthur Mitchell
    Team Leader - Participatory Mapping and Land-use Planning (Indonesia),
    Land Equity International Pty Ltd
  • Arturo FaburadaArturo Faburada
    Technical Coordinator – Marine Key Biodiversity Project,
    University of the Philippines
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1st Coastal & Environment Summit for Public Authorities & Private Contractors in Coastal Engineering, Coastal Defence and Coastal Environmental Sustainable Development

Public & Private Sectors’ Leading Decision-Makers in Marine Engineering, Coastal Protection, Marine Environment and Biodiversity Conservation to Gather at the Leading Coastal & Environment Summit!


  • Minimising Adverse Impacts of Human Activities on Marine Habitats and Coastal Biodiversity
  • Approaches & Measures to Restore, Improve and Conserve Degraded Coastal Ecology
  • Developing Environmentally & Economically Sound Coastal Risk Reduction Measures 

Leading Coasta and Marine Environment Summit Comes to Singapore!

Coastal and Marine Habitat Protection & Conservation have become major global agenda across national departments, authorities and ministries responsible for environment, wildlife protection, land uses and coastal zone development communities. Losses of biodiversity, disturbance of marine species, coastal erosion, degradation of natural habitat can be associated with and caused by combination of various factors including natural and man-made changes to coastal environments including rising sea levels, land reclamation, protective structures development, waterborne transportation networks, ports development oil spills, marine fragmentation, sewage discharge, poor beach drainage systems, and many more.

Such interconnections are threatening the sustainability of ecological balance of coastal zones where more than 40% World’s population as well as key commercial & industrial activities – including fishing, shipping and tourism - are nourished and thrived. Across the world, national environment protection authorities are developing integrated coastal zone management to better develop protective measures for marine habitats, while searching for fitting solutions in minimizing undesired impacts of coastal engineering projects

Contributing to the efforts of coastal development communities in conserving and protecting the coastal environment and marine habitats against negative impacts of climate changes and engineering activities, Equip Global is proud to announce the Coastal & Environment Summit 2017 – An international summit gathering the participation of key stakeholders involved in coastal environments, including marine engineers, architects, port planners, conservationists and policy-makers across the world to share and discuss results, findings and proven practices in protecting coastal environments and conserving marine habitats.

What Will Be Discussed at Coastal & Environment Summit 2017?

  • Addressing beach littering and untreated sewage washed into coastal region
  • Prevention of losses of biodiversity – site protection & species protection: determining causes and integrated solutions
  • Monitoring and assessing land reclamation’s impacts on species, habitats and ecosystem processes – sediment & materials management, permanent loss of marine habitats, changes in coastal currents, benthos organisms
  • Engineering measures to protect shorelines against storm systems and erosion
  • Practices to accompany marine development with sound environmental protection, including maritime pollution control
  • Reducing impacts of engineering activities’ emissions on marine life
  • Discussing coastal risks reduction strategies and their performance – economic costs, benefits and environmental effects
  • Marine hydrodynamic and morphologic impacts: changes and implications on coastal engineering projects
  • Coastal management and sustainable tourism
  • Case studies on Building designs for disaster & hazards prevention with coastal environment adaptation
  • Assessing and managing adverse impacts of coastal engineering projects on adjacent areas
  • Big data in coastal environment
  • Case studies on integrated coastal zone management  

Why You Should Not Miss Coastal & Environment Summit 2017?

By attending the Coastal & Environment Summit 2017, listening to the best leaders in the public and private sectors involved in marine engineering, coastal protection and biodiversity conservation, global case studies, unlimited opportunities and settings of discussion, taking home the one-of-its-kind & exclusive actionable knowledge, you will gain the contributory benefits including:

  • Solutions to address the degrading coastal & marine habitats (including coral reef ecosystems, seagrass, mangroves…)
  • Protect, Sustain industrial, commercial activities and human inhabitation across coastline
  • Minimise impacts from sea litters and debris on marine habitats sustainability
  • Develop unique coastal management activities, initiatives on national and local levels
  • Collaborate with international NGOs and funding agencies for marine protection projects
  • Develop suitable approaches in coastal engineering to minimise flood damage, adverse impacts on adjacent areas
  • Reduce extensive investments in coastal structures development and life-cycle maintenance
  • Effectively educate and communicate national agenda on integrated coastal zone management
  • Conserve coastal biodiversity against future marine engineering endeavours 

Who Will Attend Coastal & Environment Summit 2017?

General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Planners, Engineers in

  • Coast / Coastal
  • Marine
  • Environment
  • Coastal & Marine Environment
  • (Marine) Biologist
  • Conservationist
  • Marine surveyor
  • Port / Coastal Maintenance
  • (Maritime) Building & Construction
  • Land reclamation

Representing Global Departments, Authorities, Ministries, Administrations and Organisations including:

  • Maritime Authorities
  • Ministries / Departments of Environment
  • Planning & Environmental Affairs
  • Coastline
  • Land Reclamation
  • Port Authorities
  • Oil & Gas Companies 

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Coastal and Environment Summit 2017
07 November 2017 - 10 November 2017
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