Compensation and Benefits Masterclass 2024
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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-  Previously Chief Talent Office & SVP HR for several major organizations with close to 30 years of experience! - Part of Harvard's Leadership and Innovation Labs and teaches Lea..

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Be at the World's Leading Compensation & Benefits Masterclass in Singapore!

All organizations know how important it is to reward employees meaningfully. No one denies that an employee compensation & benefits strategy that combines competitive pay with recognition and rewards is most vital. This is for motivating employees, maintaining and improving productivity, attracting top talent and ensuring the retention of top talent in an increasingly competitive market landscape By ensuring that the right employees are getting the right compensation & rewards across the entire business, you can significantly improve performance and reduce poor decision making.  The correct compensation structure will improve productivity in the workforce and in turn add to your company’s bottom line.

In a competive market landscape, organization’s compensation, benefits & rewards strategy is of outmost importance in helping employees’ tide through the crisis whilst assuring company performance and employee engagement. An effective C&B strategy is also extremely crucial for the recruitment, retention and engagement of talent, especially as companies navigate the future of work and stay relevant. There is no one size fits all C&B solution however for organizations of different scales, business objectives and nature and having a successful C&B framework and strategy which aligned with the organization’s objectives and operating budgets, will require frequent assessment, reviewing or even redesigning your strategies.

Be sure to mark out the dates 1 - 4 July 2024, as Equip Global brings back the Compensation and Benefits Masterclass! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network and learn about trending topics such as the Development of Compensation, Benefits & Rewards Strategies that drive Business Performance, How to Ensure your rewards program is tailored accordingly to the future of work: Developing a Comprehensive and Competitive Employment Package that Distinguish Itself From your Competitor’s. Identifying Top Components to Strengthen and Improve Employee Satisfaction and Value Proposition, developing a System of Variable Pay Rise that Rewards Actual Goal Attainment etc, all to address the latest C&B market trends and challenges!

Gain exclusive access to valuable industry insights that will identify, analyse and forecast the upcoming trends of Compensation and Benefits practices that will help keep your organization up to date and prepared in face of adversity, Learn how the HR unit can maximise their budget allocation to improve cost efficiency, alongside with successful case studies that will showcase examples of the strategies that different organizations of varying financial positions are currently adopting, in an attempt to attract, retain and remain competitive in the market.

Reasons Why this is A Must-Attend Masterclass:

  • Global Case Studies: Learn and benchmark yourself with leading companies on how You can Ensure your Compensation & Benefits Strategy Delivers ROI and Competitive Advantage, whilst ensuring you cope with rising costs 
  • Gain insights and identify Up-and-Coming Non-Traditional Benefits as well as how you can use C&B to drive skills development to Improve Employee Morale, Productivity and Retention!
  • Grasp the Nuts and Bolts in Developing Cutting Edge C&B, Rewards Programs to attract, retain talent and remain competitive in the market for the future of work. Elevate your Summit Experience to the Next New Level!
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Ensure Your Compensation & Benefits Strategy is Applicable for The Future of Work and will help your organization Acquire & Retain Top Talent
  • Build Resilience: Find out how you can structure your C&B, Rewards strategy Post- COVID 19 Pandemic to keep your employees engaged, ensure your rewards strategy stays relevant and to help your staff tide through any crisis
  • Stay Updated: Evaluate the Latest Market Trends in Compensation & Benefits as you hear from renowned experts as they share on how you can Deliver Health & Wellness Packages, Communicate Effectively to Internal Stakeholders and Employees so as to Drive Coordination and Gain Buy-Ins for your C&B Schemes
  • C&B, Rewards Best Practices: Take away strategies which can help you Fine Tune your Pay & Bonus Practices Amidst Limited or Ambiguous Market Data in order to Benchmark Against the Best

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss your chance to be involved in the at the Compensation & Benefits Masterclass and be updated with the latest market information you will need to stay on top of the game!

Who Should Attend:

This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Managing Directors, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operation Officers, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Directors, Heads, Managers, Executives and Analysts of the following divisions:

  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR/Human Resources
  • Performance & Rewards
  • Organizational Development
  • Talent Management/Development
  • Finance & Administration
  • Learning and Development
  • Performance Management
  • People and Culture
  • HRIS
  • Benefits and Global Mobility

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Compensation and Benefits Masterclass 2024
01 July 2024 - 04 July 2024
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