District Cooling Summit Middle East & Africa
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Sheikh Anser AzizSheikh Anser Aziz
    Mayor of Islamabad & Chairman,
    Pakistan Capital Development Authority (CDA)
  • Chairman,Chairman,

    Dubai Green Economy Partnership Executive Vice President for Strategy and Business Development, DEWA
  • Dr. Waddah GhanemDr. Waddah Ghanem
    Vice Chairman,
    DCCE; Executive Director - EHSSQ&Corporate Affairs, ENOC Group
  • Sanela HabbabSanela Habbab
    Chief Operating Officer,
  • Ivano IannelliIvano Iannelli
    Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE)
  • Dr. Essam E. KhalilDr. Essam E. Khalil
    Arab HVAC Code Committee; Director, ASHRAE-At- Large; International Deputy Director, AIAA
  • Anas ChakerAnas Chaker
    Head - Operation & Maintenance,
  • Adib MoubadderAdib Moubadder
    Chairman & CEO,
  • Faisal Ali RashidFaisal Ali Rashid
    Director - Energy Demand Side,
    Dubai Supreme Energy Council (DSCE)
  • Executive Director,Executive Director,

  • Thomas BosseThomas Bosse
    Head of Programmes,
    Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE)
  • Dr. Doaa M. El-SherifDr. Doaa M. El-Sherif
    Executive Director,
    Urban Training & Studies Institute (UTI); General Supervisor, Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities, Egypt
  • Robert MillerRobert Miller
    Technical Specialist - District Cooling,
  • Omnia HalawaniOmnia Halawani
    Managing Partner,
    Griffin Consultants
  • Dr. Ibrahim Yassin MahmoudDr. Ibrahim Yassin Mahmoud
    Technical Director
    Global Environment Facility (GEF) – UNDP
  • Ihab ElmassryIhab Elmassry
    Regional Director – Middle East,
    World Alliance for Decentralised Energy
  • Dr. Noman F. QadirDr. Noman F. Qadir
    Former Principle Environmental Research & Studies Specialist,
    Dubai Municipality
  • Program Manager – Energy Efficiency Technologies,Program Manager – Energy Efficiency Technologies,

    Energy & Building Research Center, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
  • Project Management Advisor,Project Management Advisor,

  • Salman ZafarSalman Zafar
    EcoMENA(Qatar); CEO, BioEnergy Consult (India)
  • Hassan YounesHassan Younes
    Technical Director,
    Griffin Consultants
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Join The Foremost District Cooling Debates Focused Around Advancing Technical, Environmental & Economic Feasibility of Sustainable District Cooling Systems with Government Authorities, Ministries Officials, Energy & Utilities Companies, Real Estate Developers and Plant Operators, Across the Middle East & African Region!

Confirmed Participating Organizations Include:

  • Ministry of Public Work (Kuwait)
  • Ministry of Water & Electricity (KSA)
  • Ministry of Housing, Electricity and Water
  • Ministry of Housing (KSA)
  • World Bank
  • Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment
    and Water Resources (Oman)
  • Public Investment Fund, Ministry of Finance
  • Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • DAMAC Properties
  • Kharafi National
  • Ministry of Public Works (UAE)
  • Ministry of Works (Bahrain)
  • Gaschill
  • King Abdullah City For Atomic And Renewable
    Energy (K.A.CARE)
  • Masdar Institute
  • Nakheel
  • Ministry of Electricity and Energy (Egypt)
  • National Central Cooling Company (Tabreed)
  • FVB Energy
  • Empower
  • Singapore Power
  • Ramboll Energy
  • Arup
  • Ministry of Environment (Egypt)
  • Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council
  • Saudi Bin Laden Group
  • Saudi Energy Efficiency Center (SEEC)
  • Griffin Consultants
  • Natinal Water Company
  • National Trigeneration Company (NTCC)
  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
  • Saudi Standard Organisation

Summit Overview

Across key stakeholders participating in influencing the District Cooling sector within Middle East & Africa region, burning issues prevail challenges faced both by Real Estate/Project Developers, District Cooling Plants & Services operators,as well as Regulators.

Equip Global ’s Leading District Cooling Summit series comes to Dubai UAE this coming March 2017, in which we will focus discussions and presentations around the MEA Market on how you can, take full control of regulatory frameworks and technical feasibility in the region to maximize opportunities arising from current & future projects through key debates relating to:

  • Middle East and Africa district cooling market growth, analyses, progress, and forecasts
  • What are Project Real Estate Developers’s Key Considerations & Deal Breakers when it comes to District Cooling Implementation
  • Regulatory & Government Policies Updates Concerning District Cooling Projects in the MEA Region
  • Building energy efficiency and standardization of district cooling level of reliability
  • Economic, technical, and financial feasibilities of new District Cooling Plant development and District Cooling retrofit on existing buildings
  • Case Studies on technical and regulatory challenges with application of thermal energy transfer and treated sewage effluent
  • Benchmarking and achieving superior service level, power security & reliability
  • National energy efficiency and Cooling demand side management, cooling demand accurate estimation
  • Key considerations in urban planning with building energy efficiency and district cooling applications
  • Fostering growth of existing district cooling market via effective stakeholders’ partnership, regulatory initiatives, legal frameworks, and sustainable cost-recovery models
  • Best practices: National agenda on decarbonisation regulation, and plants’ obligation on cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency
  • Operation & Maintenance of District Cooling plants for maximized power security and service reliability
  • Cooling demand response management & Water Conservation Issues

And many other issues!


What makes District Cooling Summit – Middle East & Africa 2017 unmissable!

1. Addressing Unsolved Issues and Exclusivity of Market Intelligence:

Equip Global’s District Cooling Summit series emphasizes on importance of relevancy and expertise of District Cooling Stakeholders, who make decisions on both regulatory, financial, projects and technical aspects across Middle Eastern & African Regions.  (1) Middle Eastern region and (2) District CoolingSummit Middle East & Africa 2017’s agenda is governed by strong research team and strict process in selecting content presenters, delivering unique case studies that enable participants to discover most emerging market landscape, regulatory initiatives, legal frameworks, business opportunities & challenges in District Cooling.

2. Best Networking and Exclusive Debates Opportunities:

Sector-specific & Cross-sector debates are highly facilitated to gather decision-makers representing different sectors, regional interests, perspectives, and knowledge. Beside discussions featuring panel of regulators and panel of DC operators, informal roundtables with topical agenda and sectoral agenda are carefully organized for your flexible selection.

Leverage your conference takeaways and networking experiences throughout entire event via learning and sharing opportunities with decision makers from major players including:

  • Saudi Energy Efficiency Centre,
  • ASHGHAL (Qatar)
  • Dubai Carbon
  • Pakistan Capital Development Authority (CDA)
  • Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, Urban Planning Council (UAE)
  • Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (Egypt)
  • Qatar Cool
  • UNDP
  • ASHRAE-At-Large
  • DEWA
  • ENOC
  • Marafeq
  • Kharafi National
  • Ministry of Housing, Utilities & Urban Communities (Egypt)
  • Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
  • World Alliance for Decentralised Energy
  • Ramboll
  • Tabreed,

and many more.

3. Workshops and Site Tour Visits:

Workshops are specially organized based on public enquiries, focusing on various topics including sustainable designs of district cooling incorporating innovative technologies, urban planning considerations, energy efficiency and power & resources consumption management. Site tour visit is dedicated for

Workshops and Site tours are significant resources for key real estate developers, district cooling plant operators who are targeting unrivalled cooling service efficiency, reliability and power security and cost-saving practices; as well as regulators who are developing benchmarks for national building energy efficiency criteria & benchmarks. Site tours will include visit to power plant and energy plant at cooling site.

Who will you meet at District Cooling Summit – Middle East & Africa 2017

District Cooling Summit – Middle East & Africa 2017 will feature technological, project, regulatory, lgal and commercial perspectives from

  • Government Authorities & Ministries officials in Energy, Utilities, Water, Electricity, Natural Resources and Renewable Energy
  • Government Authorities & Ministries officials in national capital investments, public infrastructure, Housing & Urban Planning sectors and infrastructure fund and investment fund
  • Energy & Utilities Companies supplying Power & Energy including District Cooling energy, water, wastewater
  • District cooling plants developers and district cooling operators
  • Real-estate developers
  • Companies specializing on waste-to-energy, cogeneration, chillers manufacturing, CHP, trigeneration
  • EPC and MEP contractors
  • International energy agencies

More Details!

If you like more information about the summit agenda, please email enquiry@equip-global.com 


  • DCCE
  • ConstructAfrica
  • GreenEmirates
  • Energy Egypt
  • HBRC
  • UTI
  • Pollution Equipment News
  • Alternative Energy Africa
  • Airconditioning-systems.com
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District Cooling Summit Middle East & Africa
06 March 2017 - 09 March 2017
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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