ORAT World Summit 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Jaimi TappJaimi Tapp
    Director of Strategic Planning,
    Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (US)
  • Antoine ThebaultAntoine Thebault
    Head of ORAT,
    Paris Aeroport (France)
  • Robert GilbertRobert Gilbert
    Chief Development Officer,
    Los Angeles World Airport (US)
  • Stephan SchwolginStephan Schwolgin
    Senior Project Engineer & ORAT Project Manager at New Istanbul Airport (Turkey),
    Copenhagen Airports (Denmark)
  • Maju CherianMaju Cherian
    ORAT Project Manager,
    Bahrain Airport Company (Bahrain)
  • Paul SchenkPaul Schenk
    Terminal Development and Activation Manager,
    Greater Toronto Airports Authority (Canada)
  • Henrique BelliniHenrique Bellini
    Planning Analyst,
    BH Airport (Bazil)
  • Sudipta BhowmikSudipta Bhowmik
    Training Manager,
    Hamad International Airport (Qatar)
  • Karima BenadryaKarima Benadrya
    Chief of Department Planning and Evaluation,
    Moroccan Airports Authority (Morocco)
  • Pedro StochiPedro Stochi
    Project Coordinator,
    Floripa Airport (Brazil)
  • Andrea CastellanosAndrea Castellanos
    Technical Manager,
    ODINSA (Colombia)
  • Pradeep SangalPradeep Sangal
    Assistant Vice President – Projects,
    Bangalore International Airport (India)
  • Pierre LoyerPierre Loyer
    Vice President – Planning, Engineering and Construction,
    Aeroports de Montreal (Canada)
  • Javed MalikJaved Malik
    Chief Operating Officer,
    Bangalore International Airport (India)
  • David CiceoDavid Ciceo
    Managing Director,
    Cluj International Airport (Romania)
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There are numerous challenges associated with setting up a new airport or terminal that is designed to accommodate double or triple the capacity the current location is holding. The management of these issues has led to the formation of Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer (ORAT) team to bridge the gap between planning, construction and achieving perfect operational readiness before the airport opening date.

Join us at ORAT WORLD SUMMIT 2018 if you are:

  • Planning to construct a new airport
  • Planning for a terminal expansion project
  • In the midst of preparing for your Airport Opening Date (AOD)

ORAT WORLD SUMMIT is taking place in London, UK on the 26 – 29 June 2018. The four-day conference will focus on newly completed airport projects and terminal expansion projects happening around the world. Renowned airport operators who have been through ORAT process and successfully prepared for commencement of daily operations at the new airport facility will be sharing with you the lessons learned on the different stages of ORAT and the best practices to ensure you plan for a successful transition with minimal problems with real-life examples on how they managed the most challenging issues faced during the two years before the Airport Opening Date. 

What makes ORAT World Summit 2018 a Must-Attend

  • The ONLY conference globally that focus on all aspects of operational readiness and airport transfer
  • ORAT Summit in 2017 featured regional and international airport development projects from Airport International Group, ARUP, Avinor, Bahrain Airport Company, Dubai Airports, GMR Group, GVK, Malaysia Airports Holding and many others – Expect to exchange insights and network with ORAT decision makers from across airports and authorities globally!
  • Completed Airport Projects – the only platform to learn from airport operators across Asia, Middle East, Europe and US on lessons learned from recent completed projects
  • ORAT Timeline – critical components required to plan for the successful inauguration  of a new airport or terminal
  • Construction Handover – working with construction delays and ensuring construction readiness in a timely manner
  • Stakeholders Management – involve, engage and coordinate all airport stakeholders to work together for a smooth transition to the new facility
  • Training and Familiarisation – ensuring airport employees are able to operate effectively and confidently in the new facility with new technology and systems
  • Trials – best practices to track and conduct trials to examine processes and simulate real life scenarios
  • Airport Transfer – proven strategies to streamline complex relocation scenarios and minimise impact to customer service during the entire relocation process
  • Latest ORAT Methodology – achieving operational excellence with the latest technology or process
  • Comprehensive Workshops – discuss and debate real-life challenges encountered by global ORAT experts to prepare you for your ORAT process

Who Should Attend ORAT Summit 2018?

Directors / Heads / Managers / Planners / Officers / Specialists of

  • Operational Readiness/ ORAT
  • Airport Readiness
  • Special Projects
  • Development Projects
  • Project Delivery/ Project Planning
  • Transition/ Expansion/ Transformation
  • Airport Management/ Airport Operations
  • Construction/ Building/ Terminal

Enquiry for More Details

If you wish to hear about a specific topic or from a specific speaker, please email us now at enquiry@equip-global.com.


  • Airport Suppliers
  • Momberger
  • Fire Middle East
  • Asian Aviation
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ORAT World Summit 2018
26 June 2018 - 29 June 2018
London, UK
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