Pharma/Biotech Pricing and Market Access Masterclass 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Your Expert Trainer

International Pricing and Market Access Expert12 Years of Pharma/Biotech Pricing & Market Access Practical Experience

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About Your Expert Trainer

Course Objectives

Pharma/Biotech markets are extremely complex with each country governed by vastly different healthcare and regulatory policies, reimbursement schemes, pricing models and tremendous risks involved in penetrating markets, especially for high priced and speciality drugs.

In the competitive pharma/biotech world, understanding proven concepts and techniques in gaining market access and pricing is key for optimal access and driving successful and profitable market entries for orphan drugs, high priced therapeutics, generics, biosimilar amongst others. Also, recurrent economic budget restrictions in healthcare, new ways of healthcare management, demographic shifts coupled with newer and more expensive drugs have also contributed to bigger hurdles in securing market access and making informed reimbursement decisions.

This 3-day Pharma/Biotech Market Access & Pricing Masterclass will provide you with the latest insights, effective techniques and proven case studies on pharma/biotech market access, reimbursements and pricing.

As with all Equip Global Courses, the emphasis is very much on the practical and interactive exercises and real life case studies. In addition to detailed presentations of the subjects, participants will be challenged in actual case studies to apply the principles discussed. It will also encourage the attendees to develop the tools to implement change upon returning to their work place.



Who Should Attend:

This masterclass is aimed at the Directors, Heads of Departments, Managers, Specialists, Senior Executives & Professionals in charge/involved in the following:

  • Market Access
  • Pricing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Commercial
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Medical Affairs


Top 7 Benefits of Attending this Masterclass:

  • Gain insights on market access strategies, key concepts, marketing trends and how you can optimize product launches in a competitive market landscape
  • Improve your value creation process whilst understanding the role of clinical trials, real world evidence, life cycle management and health economics
  • Enhance stakeholder management, their perspectives and how you can improve your engagement with payers whilst predicting payer behaviours
  • Implement effective Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies and Systems across markets
  • Learn how you can successfully incorporate patient centricity in your access strategy
  • Adopt effective Out Licensing, Partnership and Collaboration Models
  • Build competencies which are necessary for cross-functional, pricing and market access teams


  • Pharma China
  • LifeScienceWorld
  • GBI
  • Chemical Search
  • ChemExec
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Pharma/Biotech Pricing and Market Access Masterclass 2018
28 August 2018 - 30 August 2018
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