Pharma/Biotech Project Portfolio Management Masterclass 2018
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Your Expert Trainer

International Project Portfolio Management Expert23 Years Industry Experience

23-year veteran of the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology industry at Merck & Co., Bayer Corp. and AG, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Developm..

About Your Expert Trainer

Course Overview

Declining R&D productivity and Loss of Patent Exclusivity has led to the need to maximize the value of its core assets under ever constrained resources for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industry. An integral part of strategic and business planning, the portfolio management process influences decisions that directly impact company fortunes — especially when advancing the right compounds under risk and uncertainty to create the potential for billions of dollars in long-term revenue.

Effective portfolio management hence becomes critical as top-performing companies review, refresh, and execute their portfolio strategies on a continual basis through the application of excellent process, methodology, analysis, and decision making. For many organizations, however, numerous obstacles make it difficult to adopt a sustainably successful approach to portfolio management.

This 3-day, practical Biotech/Pharma Project Portfolio Management Masterclass has been specially developed for Heads, Managers and Senior Executives of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies in charge of strategic planning & development, strategic marketing and business development, new product development, project and/or portfolio management and R&D who are looking to get a more coherent, efficient and comprehensive view of the project portfolio management process and strategy, in order to gain market success.

This Masterclass is your roadmap to maximizing portfolio value in accordance with management’s strategic and financial goals. Designed to improve companies’ abilities to progress compounds from the pre-clinical stage to commercial brand management, it showcases benchmarks and best practices for teams managing investments across the entire value chain – pre-clinical and clinical projects as well as marketed brand products.

Don’t Just hear from us!

“One of the most memorable masterclasses I have ever attended. The trainer brings a wealth of experience, superb strategic and technical expertise, and boundless energy to the training forum and leaves you with processes, methodologies, and tools to implement. I have seen, first hand, the world class Portfolio Management team he built at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development.” Vice President, R&D, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Group

“This Portfolio Management masterclass is an outstanding and excellent course that is highly relevant to the Pharma & Biotech industry. The trainer uses his vast experience to help attendees acquire and build the right strategic and analytic skills for organizational success” - Global Head of Project Management, Vifor Pharma

“When first signing up for this course, I had expected to brush up my portfolio management tool box. I did that, but moreover, I left the course with customized tools especially designed to the market conditions I work with. Not only did I receive these tools but I also gained tremendously by sparring with a capacity like him to see issues from a different angle”. – Portfolio Manager, Actavis A/S

Key Benefits of Attending This Masterclass:

  • Find out key factors that drive portfolio management strategy and use the company’s strategic plan and business goals to align your team’s behaviours
  • Learn how you can become a practitioner of CREOPM™ – a unique, holistic framework for business unit and enterprise portfolio management
  • Adopt a step-by-step guide to position your portfolio for short-, medium-, and long-term success
  • Differentiate between discretionary and non-discretionary R&D investments and maximize your ROI
  • Quantify project, program, and portfolio risk and create effective risk mitigation plans
  • Evaluate risky assets with uncertain future value and learn how to decompose complex investment decisions using Decision Trees
  • Maximize portfolio value using powerful optimization techniques
  • Prioritize investments using models based on quantitative and qualitative criteria
  • Manage stakeholder expectations and facilitate timely executive decision-making by knowing what questions to ask, which analyses to conduct, and how to present data and information
  • Improve your organization’s portfolio management capabilities and position your organization for success by exploring best-in-class approaches.

Who Should Attend?

This exclusively developed course is designed for professionals in the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry who are involved in Research & Development, Project Management, Portfolio Management, Strategic & Business Planning, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development 

Learn More!

Like a copy of the masterclass brochure? Email us today at for more information! 


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Pharma/Biotech Project Portfolio Management Masterclass 2018
11 December 2018 - 13 December 2018
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