3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Islavath Mayuri Islavath Mayuri
    Urban Planning Specialist
    Ras Al Khaimah Municipality Department
  • Imogen Thompson Imogen Thompson
    Transport & City Planner
    Transport for London
  • Ali A. AlraoufAli A. Alraouf
    of. of Architecture and Urbanism. Head of CB, Development, Research & Training Unit
    Urban Planning Dept., Ministry of Municipality Environment (MME)
  • Xiaoqing LiXiaoqing Li
    Technical Director, Smart City & Sustainability Planning
  • Moen AzmiMoen Azmi
    Head of Infrastructure and Traffic Department
    Arab Engineering Bureau
  • Misha MittalMisha Mittal
    Project Manager (Urban Planning Consultant)
    Abu Dhabi Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities
  • Dr V.K. GahlotDr V.K. Gahlot
    Urban Transport Expert, SMART City & Sustainable Transport Adviser
    Department of Public Works
  • Dale Bracewell Dale Bracewell
    Manager, Transportation Planning
    City of Vancouver
  • Johan Sammy Johan Sammy
    Head of Outreach and Director
    Neuron Mobility
  • Ebru AlarslanEbru Alarslan
    Sustainable Development Working Group Member
  • Dr Tony Rajan MathewDr Tony Rajan Mathew
    GIS Expert
    Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board
  • Milena SuarezMilena Suarez
    BRT Planning and Infrastructure Expert
  • Stephen AlbinStephen Albin
    Managing Director
    Urbanised Pty Ltd
  • Surya PrakashSurya Prakash
    Senior Manager, Integrated Urban Development
  • Mona NoureldinMona Noureldin
    Senior Urban Planning Specialist - Project Manager
    Ministry of Municipality and Environment
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The Leading Transit Oriented Development World Summit!

While the development of cities has been historically linked to investing in urban regions, the concept of Transit Oriented Development has emerged as a response to traffic congestion and the prevention of urban sprawl. Transit Oriented Development has proven to help integrate modes of transport to save time, dependence on cars and improves physical health. It has also been seen a major solution to the serious growing problems of climate change and global energy security by creating dense, walkable communities that greatly reduce the need for driving and energy consumption, whilst driving urban and economic development.

Equip Global’ s 3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019 returns in June and will gather various Ministries of Transportation, National Development, and Infrastructure, Housing Authorities, Urban Development Authorities, Rail & Transport Operators, Investment firms and City Planners across Asia and globally to discuss their experience and knowledge on successful masterplans for today and tomorrow’s Transit Oriented Development Projects around the globe.


  • Equip Global’ s Transit Oriented Development Summit Series is globally recognized as the premier networking and learning platform to resolve issues and project challenges associated with transit-oriented development. The 3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit will continue this tradition and will assemble industry leaders in sharing leading industry solutions, best practices and innovation
  • Understand key factors of Successful Transit and Land-use Integration as it serves to be the most promising means of reversing the trend of motorized dependent sprawl.
  • Learn Best Practices of the Implementation of mixed land-use developments near railway stations which would improve accessibility and drive the concept of “Live-Near-Where You Work” for people
  • Reviewing Land Acquisition Strategies for Transit Oriented Development Projects for both densely built urban areas and in cases where land ownership is widely scattered
  • Evaluation of the Implementation of Transit Oriented Development Projects in Brownfield Areas
  • Understand how Transit Oriented Development Projects can be used to provide walk-able and cycle friendly infrastructure while reducing the dependency on private vehicles
  • Understand how to plan Sustainable Strategies for filling the gap between urban expansion and infrastructure investments.
  • Learn the best practices to tackle Legal mechanisms for successful Transit Oriented Development implementation.
  • Evaluation of the implementation of Pedestrianization Strategies to enforce Transit Oriented Development Projects.
  • Best ways to understand Key strategies for making a socially Inclusive and equal cities

Key Benefits of Attending!

  • LATEST INSIGHTS!! Plan and Execute Successful Transit Oriented Development Projects by Being updated with key TOD elements including land acquisition strategies, mixed land use developments, pedestrian strategies land pooling, sustainable urban development, public transport usage, pedestrian strategies, project delivery best practices, FAR and land value capture/ value uplift etc
  • BEST PRACTICES!! Discover effective communication strategies/channels/tools to enhance quick & accurate internal and external communication with government agencies and amongst project stakeholders during TOD projects in ensuring successful project delivery
  • CASE STUDIES!! Hear case studies from leading transport planners, strategists, project managers to understand and implement the latest technologies, strategies and ideas for successful TOD projects
  • EXPERIENCE SHARING!! Learn practical experiences from Transit Oriented Development experts globally, to enhance the strategies to be implemented in the field of Transit Oriented Development.

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the early bird discounted prices!


This event is tailor-made for top decision makers, Heads, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers, and Project Managers and Senior Executives of

  • Ministries of National Development
  • Ministries of Infrastructure
  • Ministries of Transportation /Transportation Authorities
  • Urban Development Authorities
  • Housing Authorities
  • Rail Operators/ Metro Operators
  • Bus & Other Transport Operator
  • Property Investors/ Investment Firms
  • City Planners

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3rd Transit Oriented Development World Summit 2019
24 September 2019 - 27 September 2019
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