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Equip Global conferences provide you with practical and implementable solutions to your day-to-day business challenges. Our conferences are designed in interactive formats that will see fellow industry peers and global experts giving you the latest information and best practices to help resolve the issues that keep you awake at night and have your questions answered. You will receive proven case studies, insights and experiences that truly help, so that you can return to your organizations enriched and equipped with the knowledge and expertise to improve productivity and performance.

We also incorporate multiple opportunities for you to network and exchange ideas with your peers and industry experts so that you not only are inspired but also build connections that matter to your career & business growth.

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Equip Global offer a full spectrum of practical performance improvement and tailored in-house training courses across industries and subject matter which help you and your organization develop competencies and capabilities crucial to your business needs and essential to your competitive advantage.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend Equip Global Training Courses:

  1. High knowledgeable and experience expert course leaders

    Our expert course leaders are pre-qualified and possess a combination of tremendous practical experience and deep industry knowledge. They are carefully selected and have to ability to adapt to your needs and ensure your individual problems are addressed.

  2. Research-led course curriculum

    The content and structure of all our training courses are thoroughly researched with professionals like yourself. We want to condense the most vital information in the training course to equip you with a valuable resource which you can practically implement in your day to day operations

  3. Excellent Course Delivery

    Through a variety of formats including group and pair work, case studies, live demos, self and group evaluations and debates, Equip Global training courses provide hands on trainings that will hel you understand how you can apply knowledge in your organizational setting.

  4. Attendee number restriction

    We restrict public training course participants to 25. This will provide you with maximum face time and ample attention with our course leaders.

  5. Comprehensive Documentation & Certification

    Participants will receive comprehensive notes you can refer to after the training course. Also, upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement as a record of continuing professional development.

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