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Equip Global’s infrastructure conferences and training courses will provide you with technical and strategic know-how to gain competitive advantage in today’s market. By attending our events, you will receive information about the latest project case studies, technical & technological updates as well as build connections that matter in the infrastructure space.

Key areas of focus includes

  • Port Infrastructure
  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Power Infrastructure
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure investment and finance

Conferences (6)

Our Speakers/Trainers

  • Marini SaariMarini Saari
    Head of Corporate Strategy,
    Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)
  • International PPP ExpertInternational PPP Expert
    Over 40 Years of PPP Experience!
  • Jamshid MolavipanahJamshid Molavipanah
    Chief of Airports Master Plannng
    Iranian Airport & Air Navigation Company
  • Julius ValenzuelaJulius Valenzuela
    Procurement Manager,
    Light Rail Manila Corporation, Philippines
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