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The fast pace the technology sector is evolving at means that technology professionals need to constantly update with what’s happening in the market. It is crucial that technology professionals receive the latest information in the space and to be equipped with practical information on how to leverage technology to boost their business performance.

This is exactly what Equip Global’s technology conferences and training courses will provide as through our events and the experience of CIOs globally, we ensure you are receiving only the best strategic and technical information on technologies which you plan to implement in your organization.

Key areas of focus includes

  • Security
  • Banking & Financial Services Technology
  • Shared Services Technology
  • Data Analytics
  • Information Governance
  • Technological infrastructure

Conferences (5)

Trainings (3)

Our Speakers/Trainers

  • Manoj Agarwal Manoj Agarwal
    Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management
    Metro Brands Limited
  • Chapman LamChapman Lam
    Head of Customer Engagement & Life Administration
    FWD Life Insurance
  • Biju Nair Biju Nair
    Chief Auditor Officer
    Eradah Capital
  • Syed Wajahat Ali Syed Wajahat Ali
    Senior Advisor, Cyber Security & DevSecOps
    National Telecom Firms in GCC
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