4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Ivan DuranIvan Duran
    Director of Security,
    Mexico City International Airport (Mexico)
  • Hanuman Singh ShekhawatHanuman Singh Shekhawat
    Deputy General Manager of Security,
    Bangalore International Airport Limited (India)
  • Alp Er Tunga ErsoyAlp Er Tunga Ersoy
    General Manager Operations,
    Skopje Airport (Macedonia)
  • Sanad HabiSanad Habi
    Head of Security,
    Amman Civil Airport (Jordan)
  • Franck MartinFranck Martin
    Security Project Manager,
    ADP Ingénierie (France)
  • AlMukthar Al-HoqaniAlMukthar Al-Hoqani
    Security Quality Control Senior Specialist,
    Muscat International Airport (Oman)
  • Andrew PalmerAndrew Palmer
    Border Security Manager,
    Gatwick Airport (UK)
  • Diego CabralDiego Cabral
    AVSEC & Emergency Response Manager,
    Floripa-Airport (Brazil)
  • Lorenzo MantegazzaLorenzo Mantegazza
    Security Manager,
    Milan-Bergamo Airport (Italy)
  • Martin KlucMartin Kluc
    Security Manager,
    Prague Airport (Czech Republic)
  • Sheriff AlaaSheriff Alaa
    Airport Safety Specialist,
    Egyptian Airports Company (Egypt)
  • Anil KumarAnil Kumar
    Landside Security Manager,
    Kempegowda International Airport (India)
  • Iain ScottIain Scott
    Security Operations Manager,
    Ports of Jersey (Jersey)
  • Sidhique MVSidhique MV
    Security Manager,
    Kannur International Airport (India)
  • Ladislav KasparLadislav Kaspar
    Member of Airport Security Committee,
    Prague Airport (Czech Republic)
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The Leading Platform on Airport Security Optimization Globally Is Set To Happen in Singapore, on February 2020!

Airports are regarded the national hub of countries, seeing millions of individuals travelling in and out of the country through its institution annually. Bearing the weight of a nation’s image and paramount importance of ensuring public safety, securities within the airport perimeters are constantly under heavy scrutiny and not to be taken lightly.

In recent years, the aerodrome industry has been seeing a significant struggle in aviation security with a series of hard-to-keep-up technology advancements and sightings of unexpected threat sources, leading to undeniable danger possibilities amongst passengers and airport operations, leaving behind long-term recovery phases to the concern of airport authorities. The rise of threats coming from all ends of different sources have blatantly challenged the security measures drawn up by global aviation authorities and airport operators.

With myriads of intimidating reasons backing the reason for airports to come up with proven and best practice airport security processes and strategies in securing the safety of passengers and mass public within airports, the 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020 is making its annual comeback as THE MUST-ATTEND SUMMIT for global airport operators, airport authorities and airport law-enforcement agencies to hear and learn from the very best how you can optimize airport security without impacting operations and customers experience.


Through case studies, presentations, panel discussions and workshop sessions, the 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020 will provide an extensive range of firsthand information on the most applauded ways to effectively and efficiently identify, analyze, plan, execute and perform the best countermeasures against existing physical and technological security management challenges. Our conference will see airport industry experts and security decision-makers to share their expertise, experiences and present lessons learned from proven case studies on the different methodologies applied to ensure optimum airport safety and security whilst maintaining the highest regards of operational efficiency.

Why The 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit Is A MUST ATTEND:

  • Address your most pressing present-day challenges faced by airport security and authorities including screening, scanning, landside and airside security
  • Listen to how leading airports improvise risks analysis and assessment frameworks through the combination of traditional physical means, proven methodologies and modern technologies
  • Discuss and learn about airport security technology development and how airports are implementing these technologies to create a seamless and worry-less experience for passengers travelling
  • Join in on sharing sessions as Firstline Security Enforcers talk about challenges they have faced in the aviation industry, lessons learned and proven techniques they have used to plan for and resolve extreme situations
  • Learn how you can effectively plan against countering uprising drone threats, managing the impacts caused by unauthorized drone operations, as well as mitigate the ‘unknown’ possible levels of dangers that have yet to be unleashed by drones.
  • Devise strategies to develop and upgrade screening facilities and processes, including the detection of dangerous liquids and chemicals without disrupting daily ongoing operations at security checkpoints
  • Understand how biometrics are implemented within airports operations to generate optimum efficiency in screening, scanning and boarding procedures.
  • Understand the latest regulations and compliances issued by IATA and ICAO pertaining to airport security operations and how you can adapt your security measures.
  • Understand how airports and aviation authorities are coming up with proven methods to detect, prevent and counter Insider Threats, a long-term ongoing risk to airport operations and public safety.
  • Incident Management and Command – Gain insights on how Airport Operators and Law Enforcers can better respond, manage and secure dangerous sites and situations within the airport vicinity.
  • Security Exercise Planning, Simulation and Conduit -  Find our how you can plan and simulate large-scale airport security exercises and drills based on different possible scenarios in preparation of any future incidents.

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the early bird discounted prices! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to further develop and upgrade your security systems in airport, get first-hand updates and discover new technologies solutions.

Who Should Attend 4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020:

This event best suits has been developed for Airport Operators, Airport Authorities and Law-Enforcement Agencies and will be attended by:

Heads, Directors, Managers, Specialists, Planners, and Officers of the following divisions:

  • Airport Security
  • Aviation Security (AVSEC)
  • Security
  • Passenger Security
  • Airport Operators
  • Operations Management
  • Risk & Resilience

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4th Airport Security Optimization Summit 2020
04 February 2020 - 07 February 2020
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