5th Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit LIVE ONLINE 2020
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Raj MenonRaj Menon
    Senior Manager – Senior Manager Airside Compliance Assurance
    Dubai Airports
  • Rotash Kumar SinglaRotash Kumar Singla
    General Manager (ATM), IGI airport and Delhi TMA
    Airports Authority of India
  • Kakhaber AbramishviliKakhaber Abramishvili
    Main Specialist / Aviation Safety Inspector (AGA)
    Georgian Civil Aviation Agency
  • Mohamed Abdelhakim Galal AbdelnasMohamed Abdelhakim Galal Abdelnas
    Head of Compliance and Safety Sector
    Egypt Airports Company
  • Tony BrownTony Brown
    Systems Engineer (Safeguarding),
    Airport CNS Safeguarding Consult Ltd
  • Reem Hussain Ismail Al SaffarReem Hussain Ismail Al Saffar
    Aerodrome Ops Inspector
    UAE General Civil Aviation Authority
  • Dionysios NtampakisDionysios Ntampakis
    Wildlife Hazard Manager
    Fraport Greece
  • Mohammad Saeid SharafiMohammad Saeid Sharafi
    Director-General of Aerodrome and ANS oversight
    Iran Civil Aviation Authority
  • Herbert NgobiHerbert Ngobi
    Chief Engineer Aerodrome Planning & Development
    Civil Aviation Authority – Uganda
  • Walid MhamdiWalid Mhamdi
    Aerodrome Safety & Certification Inspector of Aerodrome Safety
    Department Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA OMAN)
  • Binu GopalBinu Gopal
    Dy.General Manager/Head-Operations
    Adani Airports Ltd
  • Marlene SingsonMarlene Singson
    Group Division Chief III of the Aerodrome Division
    Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
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Join us at the Leading Aerodrome Safeguarding and OLS Summit!

Equip Global’s leading 5th Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit will take place in October 2020 digitally. Backed by demand from global airport operators, Air Navigation Service Providers and civil aviation authorities, the annual summit will provide the chance for both networking and learning opportunities for Aerodrome Safeguarding & OLS Experts globally.

Join us, at this exclusive LIVE ONLINE platform to share insightful experiences and knowledge about leading industry practices such as the key upcoming trends for Aerodrome Safeguarding as they share their experiences and case studies on Aerodrome Safeguarding, Aerodrome Safety Management, Risk Management & Obstacle Limitation Surface Surveying on a wide range of Safeguarding functions including Physical Safeguarding, Technical Safeguarding, Bird-strike/Wildlife Control, Aeronautical Lighting & its Impact on Safeguarding, Usage of Cranes in Construction Works and Wind Turbines amongst other key issues.

Expect to hear discussions on wide ranging and pertinent issues such as balancing the requirements of flight safety and capacity against the interests served by the new development, techniques to obtain accurate and OLS mapping, CNS Safeguarding, Balancing Wildlife and Bird Strike whilst preserving biodiversity, Management of Obstacle Assessment Tools such as Collision Risk Modelling, mitigation solutions as well as experiences of managing stakeholders with varying interests and many more!

Key Highlights: Why you should not miss the Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit 2020

  • Hear from Esteemed Guest Speakers: Learn from the perspective of Aerodrome Safeguarding Experts leaders from Airport Operators and Aviation Authorities around the world as they seek to protect Airspace in the face of challenging circumstances.
  • Understand the importance of safeguarding in today's aviation environment and Legal obligations, the various aspects of safeguarding and the ability to apply the knowledge on aerodrome safeguarding.
  • Hear how Airports Operators and Aviation Authority work with stakeholders and developmental authorities in managing Development Plans and Construction Works in and around airport and within Public Safety Zones (PZMs) at the end of runways
  • Best Audit and Assessment Practices to limit Discrepancies and ensure that your Aerodrome Safeguarding Design and Operations is ICAO Compliant and fulfil local AOC Requirements.
  • Develop an effective Wildlife Hazard Control & Management to reduce wildlife hazard and Bird-strike risk while preserving biodiversity, and hear about various Perimeter Surveillance Technology to prevent intrusion into runway and protected space.
  • Conducting CNS Assessment and Technical Safeguarding to mitigate risk of interference of surrounding development such as radiation/electromagnetic interference on CNS Equipment.
  • Best practices for CNS Safeguarding of Navi-Visual aids and mitigating lighting as distractions around Aerodrome.
  • Establish a system that includes audits, processes, criteria, and analytical tools to enhance the accuracy on reporting and analysis of Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) infringement surveys as well dealing with Obstacles Outside The Horizontal Limits Of The OLS
  • Learn about various tools utilized by Airports around the world in assessing Impact of Breach of OLS such including Aeronautical Study and Obstacle Assessment Tools such as Collision Risk Modelling
  • Hear how other Airports Maintain Air Operations During Construction Works Or After An Incident, deal with FOD debris and obtaining knowledge of the technical and operational requirements for re-declaring runway distances and displacing thresholds.
  • Modernizing the OLS Evaluation at your Airport by hearing about the latest OLS assessment software and data collecting requirements to better refine the airspace protection requirements for modern Aircrafts

Who Should Attend:

Directors, Heads, Managers, Engineers, Inspectors, Surveyors and Specialists of:

  • Aerodrome Operations
  • Aerodrome Safety & Standards
  • Airside Operations
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Engineering

From (But not limited to) :

  • Aviation Authorities
  • Airport Operators
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Engineering Contractors

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5th Aerodrome Safeguarding Summit LIVE ONLINE 2020
19 October 2020 - 22 October 2020
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