5th Human Capital Management for Airports Summit 2019
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Deborah KearnsDeborah Kearns
    Operations Performance & Development Manager
    King Khalid International Airport (DAA International)
  • Emilia GeorgievaEmilia Georgieva
    Civil Aviation Authority Bulgaria
  • Dr. C. Namada OumaDr. C. Namada Ouma
    Human Resource Practitioner
    Kenya Airports Authority
  • Tina Kemala IntanTina Kemala Intan
    Director of Human Capital
    PT Angkasapura II
  • Venkatesh PalabatlaVenkatesh Palabatla
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    GMR Hyderabad International Airport
  • Mirjana StojanovskaMirjana Stojanovska
    Leadership Development Expert
    Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Gelban Al GelbanGelban Al Gelban
    Vice President
    Riyadh Airports Company
  • Krasimira KaradzhovaKrasimira Karadzhova
    Deputy head of HR Department
    Fraport Twin Star Airport
  • Ronaldo F. TurlaRonaldo F. Turla
    CHRP Management Consultant
    Transport for London
  • Adnan Abu MarjoubAdnan Abu Marjoub
    HR & Admin Director
    Airport International Group (AIG)
  • Sundeep MalikSundeep Malik
    Vice President
    Zurich Airport International Asia Sdn Bhd
  • Nerissa CalmaNerissa Calma
    Corporate Planning/HR Manager
    Clark Airport Support Services Corporation
  • Ahmed Yousif Al-BannaAhmed Yousif Al-Banna
    Senior Manager Human Capital
    Bahrain Airport Services
  • Ajay SharmaAjay Sharma
    Human Resources Superintendent
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The Must-Attend Human Capital Management Summit for Airports!

  • Learn how you can develop solutions to the biggest challenges in meeting people demand, coping with future human capital needs of the airports industry including digitalization and present innovative solutions of developing and planning competency & talent development programs.
  • Understand key factors in attracting and preparing talentwho aspire to take on senior leadership roles within the airport organization.
  • Gaining insights on how you can strategically plan and build a strong and capable airport team in line with industry, “own employees” and “contractors” needs while developing an effective succession plan
  • Understanding employment legislation relating to the aviation industry and how you can adapt
  • Effectively Up skilling the Millennial Employees in Your Airport.
  • Empowering Women within Your Airport - Tapping onFemale Talent/Managers/Executives in driving the performance of your Diversified Airport Workforce Environment


  • Applying analytics tools & solutions for improved understanding of workforce performance & engagement
  • Maximising utilisation of workforce skills and expertise across operational units and employees’ experience levels.
  • Developing Talent who can reap the benefits in adopting Artificial Intelligence & Robotics within Airport Environments
  • CASE STUDIES!! Align your HR practices with long-term airport’s business objectives.
  • Gain strategies for improved talent retention    
  • Enhancing roles of training, organizational structure, communication and performance analyses in developing high-performing teams
  • Developing the chances of digital transformation success and internal technological capabilities through human capital management
  • Gaining insights on the trends and challenges in employee mobility to thrive the mobile-ready future in Airports.

Exclusive Workshops!

Workshop A: Improving Airport Organizational Performance: Adapting “People Policies” to Meet Airport Needs Can Yield Real Improvements

Workshop B: Developing a Strategy to Ensure Effective Collaboration and Cooperation Among Airport Stakeholders

Workshop C: Effectively Embracing Gender Diversity in Airport Workforce:

Workshop D Building Your Human Capital to Successfully Adopt Artificial Intelligence within Your Airport

Workshop E Talent Management, Leadership Development & Succession Planning Strategies for Your Airport

Workshop F Tackling Today’s Big Compensation & Benefits Challenges: Strategies for Successful Employee Value Proposition in Airports

“This Summit is one of the greatest events in the Aviation field and I am looking forward to meeting international professionals who put together their experiences, up to date topics and interesting presentations. If you are looking for inspirations and experience exchange, great international practices and creative ideas in the HR field, this is your conference! I highly recommend this Conference to all airport professionals.”



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  • Chief Learning Officer Middle East
  • Human Resources Management
  • 50skyshades
  • Airport Suppliers
  • Momberger
  • Asian Aviation
  • HR in Asia
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5th Human Capital Management for Airports Summit 2019
19 November 2019 - 22 November 2019
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