7th Digital Utilities Summit Live Online 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Abhishek RanjanAbhishek Ranjan
    Senior Vice President of Strategy (Utilities & Retail)
    Renew Power
  • Hatem AlShafeiHatem AlShafei
    Senior Digital Transformation Specialist
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
  • Aravindan PremkumarAravindan Premkumar
    Program Manager
    Sydney Water
  • Dr Mark StephensDr Mark Stephens
    Associate, Water & Adjunct Lecturer
    Aurecon Australasia & University of Adelaide
  • Mukesh DadhichMukesh Dadhich
    Head of Sustainability & Clean Technology
    BSES Yamuna Power Ltd
  • Ekeoma Vincent NwosuEkeoma Vincent Nwosu
    IT Specialist
    Abuja Electricity Distribution Company
  • Lee Yau KeiLee Yau Kei
    Operational Excellence Senior Manager
    Sarawak Energy Berhad
  • Sayyed Zakir Ali RizweSayyed Zakir Ali Rizwe
    Head IT Systems, Cyber-Security & Power Generation Audits
  • Subhra K BhaktaSubhra K Bhakta
    Head of Enterprise Architecture
    TAQA Group
  • Sean MurdochSean Murdoch
    Technical Director, Industrial Digital & Former Manager SCADA & Telecommunications
    Energy, Queensland
  • Mel T MigriñoMel T Migriño
    Vice President and Group CISO
  • Martin Lim Martin Lim
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Abdullah AlBannay Abdullah AlBannay
    Lead Digital Project Engineer
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The 7th Annual Digital Utilities Summit is back, LIVE Online!

Digital is Transforming many industries, and the Energy, Power, Electricity and Water industry is no exception. With the rapid adoption of Digital Technologies in the Utilities Industry, coupled with heavy investments  put into Digital Transformation, the Digital Utilities Industry will reach a value of US$381.38 billion by 2027. Pressures from Remaining Competitive, Boosting Operation Efficiency and Meeting Increasing Customer Expectations within the Utilities Companies are undoubtedly present.

The Global Pandemic has since proven that transforming digitally is not only possible for the Utilities Industry, but Necessary. Digital Transformation is the answer to Increased Productivity, Better Management within Companies, Robust Security, Enhancing Customer-Centricity, and overall becoming a more Agile and Effective Organisation. Thus, it is important for Utilities Companies to Understand how to Effectively Integrate Digital Technologies into their Business and Learn the best practises in Leveraging these Digital Tools Efficiently to ensure Maximised ROI!

Intrigued? Come Join Us at Equip Global’s 7th Digital Utilities Summit 2022, where we will be covering highly sought-after topics such as ways you can Leverage Digital Technologies Constructively to Improve Operational Efficiency, How you can Successfully Engage with Your Customers Digitally, Gain Tangible Value from Utilising Digital Tools, Key Strategies to Conquer Technical Difficulties around Digital Adoption, and Overcoming Regulatory & Compliance Issues around Digital Transformation. Additionally, get Inspired from Global Utilities Companies on their Success Stories in Embarking on a Digital Roadmap and Business Integration.


Taking place LIVE ONLINE from 3 - 6 October 2022, don’t miss this chance to be Inspired by Success Stories, Bond with Global Industry Leaders and Experts, Defend the odds of Digital Transformation, and most importantly Grow Together as an Industry. Successful Digital Transformation not only requires the right set of tools, but also expertise and guidance to drive the process to best results.

Equip Global’s 7th Digital Utilities Summit 2022 look forward to seeing you there!

What you can GAIN from attending?


Having a functional and effective digital roadmap & strategy that well aligns with your business goals is the backbone of a successful digital transformation journey. Learn to BUILD a strong digital strategy roadmap to turn business vision dreams into reality.


Businesses with a customer-first attitude are said to generate higher profits than companies who do not put their focus on customers. Learn to CREATE customer-centric business models whilst transforming digitally to enhance customer experiences, drive new business opportunities and ensure you Maximise your Return on Investments.


Constructive integration and innovation of technologies to strive for operational excellence. Learn to DISCOVER  how you can leverage digital tools & innovation to deliver real value to the future.


Business advancement is crucial to the long-term survival of the organisation. Learn to GROW together as an industry from acquiring relative skill sets to develop strategies that aids in overcoming challenges faced in the digital transformation journey.


Key BENEFITS of attending the 7th Digital Utilities Summit 2022:

  • Be Involved & Intrigued at the industry’s leading Digital Utilities Conference which will feature FIVE key themes specially curated for you
    • Your Digital Transformation Journey & Business Goals
    • Striving for Operational Efficiency through Technology
    • Customers, the new MONARCH
    • Data Analytics & Data Science
    • 5G: The Second Wave of Digital Transformation
  • We will be Diving Deep into Your High-Priority Challenges in adapting to Current Crucial Digital Transformation Trends, Helping You Develop Proven Techniques to Overcome them so that you stay connected and ahead of the industry curve!
  • Hear from Respected Speakers in the Industry where they Share their Experiences in Overcoming Technical Obstacles in Embarking on to the Digital Roadmap
  • Gain Insights in Methods to Leverage Digital Tools in Enhancing and Improving Customer Experience in order to Fulfil Rising Customer Expectations
  • Meet Industry Experts to Gain Perspective and Best Practices with regards to Planning & Implementing Digital Transformation within Your Company
  • Learning ways to Effectively Integrate Digital Transformation into Your Current Operations in order to achieve Business Goals
  • Strive for Operational Excellence by Leveraging Digital Technologies and Innovation such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Automation that opens doors to New Business Opportunities
  • Explore ways on Building Successfully Sturdy Frameworks that Drives IT-Business Alignment
  • Discover the Latest Technology Innovations & Trends in view of the rapid acceleration of digital transformation - How can you keep up?
  • Uncover Techniques in fostering a Superior Digital Engagement Process with your customers in the post-pandemic world to Maintain Business Continuity
  • Evaluate the Approaches and Best Practices in Mitigating Cyber Security Threats & Risks amidst Digital Transformation to ensure Utmost Protection
  • Find out how to Achieve True Digital Transformation by focusing on Leveraging Data Analytics
  • Establish Meaningful Connections and Networks with industry colleagues during Presentations, Panel Discussions, Q&A Sessions, and Networking Breaks to gain perspective from various global companies. Plus! Get your burning questions answered!
  • Engage in 4 Beneficial and Resourceful Workshops led by Promising Industry Experts where they share their Experiences and Expertise on How to successfully embark on your Digital Transformation Journey

Who Should Attend?

From across Energy, Power, Utilities, Gas Supply and Water companies,

Chiefs, Head, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Engineers and Specialists of:

  • Technology
  • Information/ Information System
  • Digital
  • Digital Innovation
  • Operations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Network Operations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engineeering & Maintenance
  • Operations
  • Planning 


Like more information?

If you wish to hear about a specific topic or from a specific speaker, please provide your feedback to: enquiry@equip-global.com



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7th Digital Utilities Summit Live Online 2022
03 October 2022 - 06 October 2022
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