8th Small-Scale LNG and Bunkering Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Carlos GuerreroCarlos Guerrero
    Global Market Leader Gas Carriers & Oil Tankers
    Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore
  • Keith HutchinsonKeith Hutchinson
    Senior Consultant – Whole Ship Design and Naval Architecture
    Safinah Group
  • Saunak RaiSaunak Rai
    General Manager, FueLNG Private Limted & Deputy Chairman, National Technical Committee for LNG Bunkering
  • Emmanuel GrandEmmanuel Grand
    Senior Managing Director
    FTI Consulting
  • Chung Ho KwakChung Ho Kwak
    Gas Entec
  • Valeria MangiarottiValeria Mangiarotti
    Board Director
  • Capt. Nilendra Kumar Capt. Nilendra Kumar
    DGM, Port Operations
    Petronet LNG Limited
  • Steve EsauSteve Esau
    General Manager
  • Cees BoonCees Boon
    Senior Safety Advisor
    Port of Rotterdam
  • Johna GahnstromJohna Gahnstrom
    Principal Consultant
  • Aldworth MbalatiAldworth Mbalati
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    DNG Energy
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Be at the World's Leading Small Scale LNG and Bunkering Summit

Small-scale liquefied natural gas (ssLNG), a niche but nascent industry that is already profitable and scalable, boasts significant potential. It is well placed to meet the growing demand from the shipping and trucking industries for fuels that are more environmentally friendly than oil and diesel. ssLNG also enjoys advantages in addressing off-grid power generation for industrial and residential needs in remote locations

Limited LNG bunkering infrastructure has long been seen as the key barrier holding back the shipping industry’s adoption of LNG as a fuel. This is where and why the adoption of small scale LNG has become a viable solution in tackling this challenge. Small-scale LNG and bunkering vessels represent a significant area of opportunity for ship owners and operators and other project stakeholders in the LNG value chain.

While large LNG carriers can carry up to 266,000 m3 of cargo – with 174,000 mbeing the most standard capacity – small-scale LNG vessels typically transport no more than 30,000 m3. These ships take small parcels of LNG from import terminals – a process known as “break-bulk” – and transport them to areas with no access to natural gas. This enables users in remote locations and on small islands to obtain LNG without building expensive or impractical infrastructure, and thereby benefit from lower regional emissions.

While the small-scale LNG industry is niche and nascent, it represents great potential to be scalable, profitable and technically viable and marine & LNG stakeholders are deeply analysing how it can help accelerate the take up of LNG as a marine fuel.

That said there are numerous challenges and uncertainty in achieving the desired outcomes. There is significant financial & economic feasibility uncertainly when investing in vessels for this as-yet underdeveloped section of the LNG market. The expenses of building small-scale LNG and bunkering vessels, as compared to standard LNG carriers. An LNG bunkering vessel with 7,000 m3 storage capacity can cost upwards of $58 million USD, with a long return on investment (ROI) period. Plus LNG transportation technology is still not uniform across manufacturers, making it difficult to efficiently, new-build, safety & compliance standards and regulations are still unclear, conversions into small-scale LNG and bunkering vessels could be significantly costly & technically challenging, technical requirements are complex and the adoption of small-scale LNG & bunkering requires huge amount of strategic planning and project evaluation to ensure it achieve its desired outcomes

This is why you need to be involved with Equip Global’s 8th Small-Scale LNG & Bunkering Summit 2022 where we will gather in one place the major players from the entire supply chain: infrastructure operators, shipping companies, port operators, Small scale LNG project owners, LNG suppliers along with technology providers to discuss how to overcome technical, safety, commercial, economical and project related challenges associated with Small-Scale LNG & Bunkering projects to accelerate the growth of the industry. Don’t miss it!!

10 Key Reasons to Attend!

  • Overcoming technological & technical challenges of small-scale LNG & bunkering
  • Evaluating how you can ensure the economic feasibility & viability of small-scale LNG & bunkering projects including how to overcome OPEX and CAPEX hurdles
  • Gain insights into safety, compliance and regulatory standards aspects of small-scale LNG & bunkering
  • Learn about key trends impacting the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel including LNG supply and delivery, and the role small-scale LNG and bunkering can play
  • Optimizing the gas management process and cargo transfer operations to ensure enhanced efficiency, lower costs and deliver sustainable operations
  • Develop solutions to challenges including road-transportation, off-grid applications, storage and liquefaction for small-scale LNG and bunkering
  • Mitigating investment and financial risks of small-scale LNG & bunkering projects
  • Gain insights on conversions into small-scale LNG and bunkering vessels
  • Understand Small scale LNG vessel designs, containment systems and limitations
  • Hear case studies and latest project updates globally on small-scale LNG and bunkering

Who Should Attend:

C-Level Executives, LNG Leaders, Maritime Operation Specialists, Business Development Leaders, Project Managers, LNG Fuel Specialists, Fleet Managers, Marine Efficiency Managers, Technical Specialists, Engineers, Environment Managers from across the following:

  • Ship Owners/Operators/Builders/Designers
  • Ports, Port Authorities & Terminals
  • Oil & Gas Companies
  • LNG Suppliers & Utilities
  • Bunker Suppliers
  • Classification Societies
  • Technology & Equipment Suppliers
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Finance/Law

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8th Small-Scale LNG and Bunkering Summit 2022
28 September 2022 - 29 September 2022
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