Advanced Heavy Lifting and Transportation Techniques  for Onshore & Offshore Projects
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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David HartiganPrincipal EngineerFIELD Engineers

David is a mechanical engineer with 20 years’ experience with cranes and their applications in construction, mining and engineering.  He is a Principal Engineer of FIELD Engineers, a professio..

About Your Expert Trainer

Course Overview

The transportation, lifting and installation of equipment for the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy projects ashore as well as at sea is among the greatest challenges faced during the project construction. The trend towards increasingly large modules, reactors, boilers, Tanks, coke drums, platforms, pressure vessels etc. requires you are capable to transport loading and discharging the tonnage in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.


Equip Global’s 4-day Advanced Heavy Lifting and Transportation Techniques for Onshore & Offshore Projects is a perfect training course to improve your technical know-how, minimize the operating risk, get your staff certified and provide better quality to operate extremely heavy lifting and transportation projects.


To make this training course more flexible and cost effective for you and your team to attend, we have arranged it into 2 separately bookable sessions.

•        Session 1: Onshore Transportation and Lifting (2 Day)

•        Session 2:  Offshore Shipping Lifting and Installation (2 Day)

Course Objectives

•        Learn how to improve and execute the lifting process from an expert with over 25 years of experience with heavy lifting operations

•        Get an insight view on modern techniques and equipment for heavy lifting and transportation

•        Know how to impress your customers by improving the technical ability of your workforce

•        Learn the technical skills on lifting of loads with two or more cranes

•        Have a deeply understanding the technical specifications for offshore operations

•        Develop methodologies and procedures for the most challenging projects in difficult environments

•        Hands-On Case Studies from the trainer‘s and attendees experience

Who Should Attend

•        Lifting Engineers

•        Lifting & Rigging Specialist

•        Structural Engineers

•        Project Engineers

•        Project Managers & Planners

•        Construction Managers & Engineers

•        Operations Managers

•        Transport & Lifting supervisors

•        Project Cargo Specialist

•        Marine Warranty Surveyors

•        Cargo Superintendents

•        Marine Risk Engineers

•        Freight Forwarders

•        Sales Engineers

•        Offshore Installation Engineers

•        Naval Architects / Marine Engineers

•        HSE Managers & Engineers

•        CEOs and Company owners

Training Agenda


Session 1: Onshore Transportation and Lifting (2 Day)

·         General Knowledge & Introduction

·         Forces, Mass and Center of Gravity

·         Heavy Lift Cranes and Equipment

·         Ensuring Stability in Heavy Lifting Operation

·         Heavy Transport with Hydraulic Platform trailers

·         Lifting of loads with two or more cranes

·         Skidding, Jacking & Moving Techniques

·         Load-outs of extreme Heavy Lifts

·         Casestudies


Session 2:  Offshore Lifting and Installation (2 Day)

·         Methods used for offshore load lifting

·         Choose the right Heavy lift vessels and cranes for your project

·         Challenges of offshore heavy lifting

·         Technical specifications for offshore operations

o   Load dynamics calculations

o   Wave - induced motion during offshore operations

o   Handling and attachment of slings

o   Other environmental influence on heavy lift

·         Hydrodynamic Interaction between Floating Structures during Heavy Lift Operations

·         Multi Vessel Lift Operations in Different Weather Conditions

·         Casestudies



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Advanced Heavy Lifting and Transportation Techniques for Onshore & Offshore Projects
27 April 2015 - 30 April 2015
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