9th Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2023
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Bhawana ChhetriBhawana Chhetri
    Chief Urban Planner,
    Ministry of Works and Human Settlement (Bhutan)
  • Blake OlafsonBlake Olafson
    Founder & Managing Partner,
  • Christine YogiamanChristine Yogiaman
    Assistant Professor,
    Singapore University of Technology and Design
  • George WongGeorge Wong
    BIM Manager,
    Construction Industry Council (Hong Kong)
  • Matteo ZallioMatteo Zallio
    Marie Curie Senior UX Research Fellow / Chairman,
    University of Cambridge/National Standards Authority of Ireland
  • Mohan RaoMohan Rao
    Principal Designer (Landscape Architecture),
    Integrated Design
  • Naveed AnwarNaveed Anwar
    Vice President / Profesor of the Affiliate Faculty in Structural Engineering,
    Asian Institute of Technology
  • Stephen HoStephen Ho
    Assistant Director - Industry Development & Estates Office,
    Construction Industry Council (Hong Kong)
  • Simon WelchSimon Welch
    Head of Land and Affordable Housing,
    Galliard Homes
  • Sussie KetitSussie Ketit
    PRESIDENT, Singapore Institute of Building Limited; CHAIRMAN Construction Industry Joint Committee Singapore
  • Swee Wei LeeSwee Wei Lee
    Expert in Real Estate and Urban Solutions
  • Vineet ShrivastavaVineet Shrivastava
    Contract Manager (Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit Project),
  • Vineeta HariharanVineeta Hariharan
    Chief - Externally Aided Missions (Public Policy Leader),
    Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (India)
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Let’s Improve Housing Affordability!

The rapid urbanisation of Asia in recent years led to the surge in demand for Affordable Housing. As a result, Government Agencies and Ministries have been actively working together with Developers and Financiers to ensure the housing and residential developments in their country remain affordable and accessible for their citizens. However, their current efforts are not enough to meet the growing demand for Affordable Housing. Therefore, this year’s Affordable Housing Summit will share the latest trends in Affordable Housing Development in order to accelerate its progress including Optimising Collaboration Strategies between the Public and Private Sectors, Regulatory Policies that Truly Promote Affordable Housing Development, Proven Frameworks & Mechanisms that drive Affordable Housing Planning & Development and various Cutting-Edge Technologies & Construction Techniques that can be Incorporated to Optimize the Affordable Housing Development Process.

Equip Global is pleased to announce the dates for the leading 9th Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2023 that will be happening LIVE Online. Back by popular demand, this annual summit is the best platform for global industry experts across the Public and Private Sector involved in the Affordable Housing value chain to gather for invaluable networking and learning opportunities on the strategies to reform your plans and housing policies to enhance Affordable Housing Development.

Renowned industry experts will be sharing insightful knowledge on Best Practices to Facilitate Quality Collaboration between the Public and Private Sectors, Incorporating Latest Construction Technologies & Techniques into your Development Plan, Relevant Frameworks to improve your Development Plans to Enhance the Efficiency of your Design & Construction Process, Leveraging on Research and Feasibility Studies to Ensure a Smooth Process in developing Affordable Housing.  The industry must now tap into new opportunities and overcome new challenges to improve the Affordable Housing Development within each country & city.

This is a conference truly worth experiencing for Affordable Housing & Urban Development professionals! You will gain an immense amount of information and knowledge that cannot be found elsewhere on Affordable Housing Planning, Development & Construction.

Why This is a Must-Attend for You and Your Team:

  • Gain Targeted Knowledge on Affordable Housing Development– Understand the latest development strategies of affordable housing, best practice frameworks and mechanisms that accelerate affordable development and how to make use of these proven strategies to roll out successful affordable housing projects
  • Comprehensive Presentations by Industry Experts - Gain insights on the major collaboration, coordination, and execution challenges, and issues faced across the industry and how you can overcome them
  • Get Inspired by Real-life Case Studies in the Affordable Housing industry Globally – Learn from their success and mistakes, to make sure your future affordable housing development plan is feasible socially, economically & technically
  • Hear about the Best Practices of Affordable Housing Projects done by Key Industry Players and Understand how other successful Government Agencies and Ministries operate, develop effective partnerships, and use it to benchmark your organisation against other successful organisations, highlighting areas for improvement in your organisation
  • Interactive Panel Discussions – Gain new perspectives on Industry Best Practices and ask any burning questions or opinions you have for Affordable Housing including Latest Construction Technologies & Techniques and Useful Frameworks that Optimise Affordable Housing Construction
  • In-depth Workshops - 4 expert-led summit workshops for you to gain a deeper understanding of the critical issues and trends in Affordable Housing Development, and learn how to overcome and leverage them
  • Networking Opportunities – Connect and converse with like-minded people and industry peers, build and expand your professional network

Who Should Attend:

Tailor-made specifically for the top decision-makers (Chiefs/ Heads/ Managers/ Executives) of the following divisions:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Building & Construction
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Housing
  • Livelihood
  • Planning & Development
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Special Projects
  • Sustainability
  • Urban Planning
  • Architecture & Building
  • Building
  • Building & Infrastructure
  • Building & Research
  • Construction & Planning
  • Housing Development
  • Housing Policies/ Infrastructure
  • Human Settlement/ Resettlement
  • National Development
  • Planning & Land Administration
  • Public Housing
  • Strategic Planning & Policy
  • Urban Development

From (but not limited to) these industries:

  • Ministries/ Government Authorities
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Construction & Engineering Contractors
  • Construction & Housing Research Institutes & Think Tanks including Universities

Take advantage of the early bird discount and reserve your seat today to not miss a chance to be involved!

Endless opportunities for first-hand updates, networking, and discussion on global strategies and discover new innovative solutions from only the best in their field to further develop and incorporate new methods and technologies to enhance your organisation’s affordable housing development process!

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Email us at enquiry@equip-global.com for more information!


  • Singapore Institute of Building Limited
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9th Affordable Housing Asia Summit 2023
13 February 2023 - 16 February 2023
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