5th AI and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Our Speakers

  • Irene ChoiIrene Choi
    Senior Director
    Verge Genomics
  • Dr Sucharita DasDr Sucharita Das
    Global Director Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance and Compliance
    Surgenex LLC
  • Dr Xiong LiuDr Xiong Liu
    Director, Data Science and AI
  • Istvan (J) EnyedyIstvan (J) Enyedy
    Senior Director Computational Chemistry
    Theseus Pharmaceuticals
  • Marcin von GrotthussMarcin von Grotthuss
    Principal Scientist, Investigative Toxicology
  • Ed AddisonEd Addison
    Director AI Solutions Delivery
  • Martin AkermanMartin Akerman
    CTO, Co-Founder
  • Noor ShakerNoor Shaker
    Senior Vice President & General Manager, London
    Glamorous AI
  • Philippe MoingeonPhilippe Moingeon
    ead of Therapeutic Area Immuno-inflammation, Application of AI to drug development
    Servier Pharmaceuticals
  • Manu GuptaManu Gupta
    Vice President IT
    Cadila Pharmaceuticals
  • Bhupathy AlagiriswamyBhupathy Alagiriswamy
    Clinical Trial Manager
    Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander HillischProf. Dr. Alexander Hillisch
    Vice President & Head of Computational Molecular Design
    Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals
  • Gabor Purman MD MBAGabor Purman MD MBA
    Scientific Solutions Director, Patient services and medical education
    NextGen Healthcare Communications
  • Rithesh PhalakshaRithesh Phalaksha
    Director, Technology Acceleration (Digital Solutions)
  • Preetaman WadhwaPreetaman Wadhwa
    Chief Marketing Officer
    GATC Health
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Looking into Implementing Efficient and Cost-effective AI and Machine Learning Solutions? – 5th AI & MACHINE LEARNING DRUG DISCOVERY AND DEVELOPMENT SUMMIT 2022, COMING TO YOU LIVE ONLINE!

Historically, for a new medicine to be brought safely into the market, the time taken to discover a new drug and develop the new drug, starting from its initial discovery to clinical trials and finally to the marketplace, takes about at least ten years. A study in 2020 has also estimated that the average cost of getting a new drug into the market cost $1.3 billion.

Apart from the long, expensive progress of drug development and discovery, it is also labor intensive and often unsuccessful. With the recent advancements in technology, adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning and / or partnerships with AI & Machine Learning Drug Discovery Companies, today, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical & clinical research organizations are able to significantly speed up their drug discovery and drug development process whilst ensuring lower costs of development and higher probability of drug development success. By effectively tapping on AI & machine learning, the industry would be able to help make accurate predictions such as finding out the compounds characteristics inside a drug. These technological systems can also allow for quick identification, increase the accuracy of safety and efficacy of drugs and more, generating an overall improvement in the return of investment in any drug discovery, research & development efforts.

Despite the number of benefits that AI and machine learning could bring to improve the progress of drug development and drug discovery, utilizing these technological tools also comes with their own set of challenges. Some of these challenges include the unfamiliarity with the usage of technology, lack of proper IT infrastructure, break down and streamline of data that can be analyzed easily with AI and machine learning and more. There is also a lack of proven case studies in the market and a significantly low number of drugs / products that have successfully undergone clinical trials, thus increasing the risks and uncertainty involved in this process.

Equip Global is delighted to announce the dates for the 5th AI & Machine Learning Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2022, LIVE Online. This annual summit is an exclusive platform for industrial experts coming from these relevant industries, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, clinical research organizations, as well as AI & machine learning drug discovery companies to gather together and acquire as much learning and networking opportunities about how the current AI & Machine Learning challenges that the industries face can be overcome during the drug discovery & development process.  

Through case studies, presentations, panel discussion and workshop sessions, the 5th AI & Machine Learning Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2022 will provide an extensive range of information on the ways to effectively and efficiently identify, analyze, plan and execute and perform the best practices and using AI and machine learning to their optimal ability. Plus! Our conference will see pharmaceutical, biotechnology, AI and machine learning industry experts and decision makers come together to share their expertise and experiences and present lessons learned throughout their career on the different ways applied to reduce the cost and time required to discover and develop a new drug while maintaining the highest regards of operational efficiency and many more! How can companies use AI & Machine Learning to operate more efficiently during their drug discovery & development process? How can companies bring a drug into the market by passing clinical drugs at higher rates of success than traditional methods? How to overcome challenges posed by lack of interoperability? What can companies do to use AI & Machine Learning to make more accurate drug development and characteristics predictions? All these and more will be feature at the 5th AI & Machine Learning Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2022!

Join us today and not miss out this one – of – a kind Global Summit!!


Why This is a MUST ATTEND for You & Your Team:

  • Address your most pertinent challenges faced in AI & Machine Learning during drug discovery & development including interoperability, how to mitigate the challenges posed by lack of data, lack of knowledge in how the use of AI & Machine Learning can be better planned, algorithmic interpretation & analysis challenges amongst others
  • Participate in panel discussions to talk about the challenges faced, lessons learned, and proven techniques used to plan and resolve situations & common barriers when incorporating AI & Machine Learning into your drug discovery process
  •  Engage with the regulators and hear their guidance when leveraging machine learning and AI in drug discovery and development in your drug discovery and development
  • Explore the latest technologies in AI & Machine Learning from industry leaders and how they can accelerate your drug development process & reduce your overall costs of development
  • Discuss the potential risks of AI & Machine Learning Implementation and its impact on drug discovery and development process
  • Learn about the new breakthroughs in the use of AI & Machine Learning within clinical trials and treatment of diseases
  • In – depth workshops – Attend 2 pre and 2 post – summit workshops led by leading industrial experts from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, clinical research organizations, as well as AI & machine learning drug discovery companies focusing on case studies, how companies can get themselves familiar with AI and machine learning, and successfully apply AI and Machine learning within drug development
  • Networking Opportunities – Tap on the aplenty of networking and strategic discussions opportunities to discuss best practices in implementing AI and machine learning to drug discovery and development. 

Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the early bird discounted prices! Do not miss your chance to be involved in the 5th AI & Machine Learning in Drug Discovery & Development Summit 2022 and engage in in-depth discussions on global strategies to further develop and upgrade AI and machine learning for your drug development and discovery process, get first – hand updates and discover new technological solutions.

Who Should Attend:

This event has been developed and will benefit the relevant industries that plan and deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning in their drug development and discovery process and is tailor – made for the following:

Head, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Chiefs, Scientists, Senior Executives, Analysts, Decision Makers:

From the following departments:

  • AI                                                                            
  • Machine Learning
  • Drug Discovery
  • Drug Development
  • Clinical Trials
  • Informatics
  • Drug Delivery Innovation
  • Data Management / Strategic Data
  • Data Science
  • Translational Informatics
  • Data storage and analysis
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Computational and Systems Toxicology
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Digital Transformation
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Molecular Modelling
  • Molecular Design
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Chemical Sciences
  • Therapeutic Technology
  • Information Scientist
  • R&D
  • Computational Science

From the following industries including (But not limited to):

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Biopharmaceutical
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Diagnostic Companies
  • Ministry of Health 

Like More information?

Email us today at enquiry@equip-global.com for the full agenda and speaker lineup.

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5th AI and Machine Learning in Drug Discovery and Development Summit 2022
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