Airport Operational and Recovery Planning Masterclass - Live Online
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

Your Expert Trainers

  • International Expert in Airport Operational and Capacity PlannngInternational Expert in Airport Operational and Capacity Plannng

  • Airport Planner with Extensive ExperienceAirport Planner with Extensive Experience

About Your Expert Trainers

Ensure Your Airport Restore and Recover Operations and Revenue Post Covid 19!


In the wake of COVID-19, to stay competitive,

You will need to plan for a complete overhaul of past practices and have a robust strategy to restore and recover airport revenue and operations swiftly. Register for this Airport Operational and Recovery Planning Masterclass, taking place LIVE ONLINE! There's no time to waste as airports globally compete for passengers and business! 

Program Overview

What are different stages of operational recovery? How do you restore revenues? What processes need to be changed, implanted or reinvented? How can you more effectively design and plan your operations across the airport in light of COVID 19? How do you more effectively manage your resources, finances, stakeholders to ride the recovery? All these and more will be discussed in great detail at the upcoming Airport Operational & Recovery Planning Masterclass in October!

This masterclass will be jam-packed with global case studies, best practice strategies, practical exercises and real industry practices, so that attendees can put in action proven techniques and practices that will accelerate your airport operational and recovery planning process in order to restore operations and revenue as as soon as possible

10 Reasons Why You Must Attend this Masterclass!

  • Understand how you can optimize your airport processes and process flows as part of recovery planning for baggage handling systems
  • Plan for and evaluate multiple scenarios post COVID-19 and be fully prepared for recovery
  • Improve operational planning amidst new constraints and requirements
  • Find out how you can effectively restore airport revenues
  • Learn how you can redesign operations and infrastructure in light of passenger/staff healthy and safety concerns
  • Find out how you can manage and work with various stakeholders to optimize your airport recovery
  • Ensure your airports recover quickly whilst ensuring your passengers are satisfied and customer experience is optimized
  • Digitalisation – Learn how you can evolve and make the airport experience seamless and contactless
  • Learn how you can reopen your terminals and zones gradually and effectively without disrupting operations
  • Hear what other airports are already doing in preparation of the recovery – learn from case studies, what to do and common mistakes not to make

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Airport Operational and Recovery Planning Masterclass - Live Online
21 October 2020 - 22 October 2020
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