Community Engagement Masterclass 2022
12 November 2013 - 14 November 2013
Manila, Phillippines

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  • International Community Engagement & Development ExpertInternational Community Engagement & Development Expert
    Extensive Experience in Providing Community Engagement Expert Advice
  • International Expert in Infrastructure & Public Sector Community Engagement & PlanningInternational Expert in Infrastructure & Public Sector Community Engagement & Planning
    Worked on over 200 projects globally!
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Program Overview

Engaging and working collaboratively with your community builds capacity, resilient relationships and strengthens the planning, decision making and project implementation process.

Have a well-planned community engagement & outreach strategy can identify emerging issues enabling you to proactively position your organisation to address the situation. This means better outcomes for your communities as you take a strategic approach to the relationships, communication and interactions between community members & leaders and an organization to influence outcomes for both and making everyone feel invested in a project Or government initiative.

Community engagement is critical to a project success. It is a key project risk if not done properly and can derail OR cancel projects, challenge government policies & initiatives. As an organization, when you engage with communities, you’ll make better, more informed decisions, and additionally you will see the big picture and the full impact of your projects and initiatives. When community engagement is done right, it can help you develop a more socially responsible organization and achieve the best possible project outcomes.

This is why gathering the feedback from industry players & government stakeholders, we have developed this Community Engagement Masterclass where we will deep dive into best practices and solutions around community engagement & outreach challenges in and around design, planning, implementation and measuring the performance of your community outreach channels and strategies. We also look at the lessons learned from various community engagement programs, what worked and generated ROI, digital community engagement techniques and how you can develop a suitable and sustainable community engagement process that is aligned to your project requirements and interests.

Through case studies, practical insights and actual project experiences, Equip Global’s interactive 3 day masterclass on Community Engagement Masterclass taking place 7-9 March 2022, Live Online, will cover all of the above and more to provide you with information that can really help you grasp practical knowledge and develop and implement a robust Community Engagement Strategy



This masterclass is aimed at all industry professionals with an interest & responsibility in improving community engagement & outreach from across project developers & owners, infrastructure industry players, transportation companies, government agencies & ministries, civil servants, land, housing & real estate companies including from the following departments:

  • C-Level Executives & Government Officers
  • Community Management
  • Community Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Public Affairs
  • Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Digital & Online Channels
  • Social Media
  • Project Management
  • Policies
  • Planning
  • New Initiatives

10 Key Reasons to Attend

  • Lear how you can identify and engage various stakeholders including advocates, community leaders, community groups, citizens, landowners and influencers with varying interests and needs
  • Gain insights into how you can align your community engagement strategy with your business/project objectives
  • Hear in-depth market knowledge on the how to plan & implement a Robust Community Engagement Strategy
  • Hear lessons learned, case studies and best practices on planning, organizing and executing key strategic community engagement and outreach activities
  • Learn how you can create and manage public involvement plans and activities including marketing collaterals, reports, community & town hall meetings, newsletters and special events
  • Improve your coalition and relationship building to achieve your project & community engagement outcomes
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of various outreach programmes and concepts & learn how to measure them to generate ROI
  • Improve community empowerment, collaboration and development sustainably
  • Digital Community Engagement – find out best practices and techniques to engage your community & stakeholders through digital channels
  • Hear case studies globally on how community engagement is planned and executed for various projects including transport, infrastructure, construction, disasters & crisis-related, government initiatives & new government policies 

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Community Engagement Masterclass 2022
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